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Does anyone else have right hand pain in the ribs?

Hi I was wondering if anyone has the same symptoms as me? When I was first diagnosed with IBS the pain was on the left I'm now getting severe pain in the middle of my right ribs I'm taking pain killers after pain killers as nothing is helping and the latest bout has been ongoing since Saturday. The pain is also in my right groin and is so bad its waking me up during the night. I've had the camera up and down and an ultra scan last year but apart from a small hiatus hernia nothing was found. I'm beginning to think that there's something sinister going on but the doctors just keep giving me more Mebeverine which isn't helping. I'd be grateful for any advice anyone can give me.


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Have had the same symptoms and all the tests along with ultrasounds, the latest results showed i had a fatty liver - hence the pain on the right side of the ribcage - told to reduce fatty food intake and no alcohol. - Have adopted this direction.

Interesting in that i only drink 3 - 4 pints a week and a very healthy diet - and attend 10 fitness classes a week- conclusion GP's dont have a clue so im now just doing my own thing.

Result - 49yrs old, body not as good as when i was in my 30yrs!!

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Hello. I found your post really interesting. I wondered if as part of your healthy diet you eat a lot of fruit? Or in the past are a lot of sugar? Each have fructose which I’ve read is part of a problem of “non alcoholic fatty liver disease”. Just thought I’d mention it if you wanted to research it. All the best.


Very interesting on the fruit front - never eat much fruit except for banana's but now eating pineapple, Kiwi, Melon - NAFLD was a shock considering ive always been a fit guy and looked after myself. One interesting topic is bllod group - mine is extremely rare AB RH+ when i researched this which is never a good thing - it came back with foods to eat and avoid, after reading this i decided to remove red meat and take supplements for the loss of iron.

But as i stated earlier ive come to the decision that age is a big trigger along with our live style/job. Having been in a sales role for 31 years, 22 with the same company stress is the main culprit, when im on holiday i have no real issues so is this the real route cause, i tend to think it is, so working hard to remove myself from this type of job.

I wish you all the best because we all have good and bad days.


Hi, when my ibs first started some 30 odd years ago it was always on my left hand side but gradually over the years it has a tendency to be on the right hand side, somewhere between the groin and the just under my right boob. It tends to move around on a daily basis. Sometime it presses on my groin and other days my hip, sometimes my waist and then other times up under my boob. I think it is because (and this is just my theory) that over the years it has gradually changed from diarrhoea to a more solid consistency. I don't know if that makes any sense to you?! Maureen. PS on days when it's more runny it can feel like it used to on the left hand side!!


Thanks everyone for your replies very interested in the fruit I eat loads and have a sweet tooth I'm now going to cut back on it. Thanks again


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