Fears returning and health anxiety

I was feeling fine for a while besides always being constipated.

I went for a colonoscopy back in late June because I was having blood and mucus in my stool.

My colonoscopy came back "normal" and was prescribed to take 1 tablespoon of miralax daily because of constipation.

I'm a very busy person between college and working so I never tried the miralax because I was unsure of what kind of effect it would have on me.

Since then I have been experiencing daily constipation (I have had constipation issues since I was a child), mucus in my stool as always, lower back pain, stomach pain, anal pain (almost like a spasm or sharp stabbing pain), vaginal bleeding after straining for a bowel movement (pap test came back normal), and occasional bloody stringy mucus which is very minimal but it really concerns me because I know that is not normal and something must be wrong. It worries me so much because I have read about tumors and these are the kind of symptoms tumors can bring. I'm so scared because I fear the doctor missed something in the colonoscopy, even though he gave me the pictures. I'm so young (20) and I just want to be able to live a long healthy life. I am making an appointment with my GI doctor hopefully in January. I was okay for a while and now I'm having blood in stool I know that is a really bad sign. Could this just be ibs? Any comments or thoughts are appreciated.

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  • Look to your diet,include figs prunes and probiotic yog,ginger tea and porridge

  • Hi,

    try taking magnesium citrate tablets they work great for constipation,best taken before bed,I take 400mg in one dose but you can take more or less to suit you,start of low and work up untill you find correct dose,x

  • Sorry to have read your post. To be only 20 n have this to cope with 💓.

    A lot if your symptoms are very similiar to IBS. Have had this condition since 1993 when I had a hysterectomy, no problem before this, all kicked off after the op. n you do find things that help, but it is individual. Not everything helps everybody.

    Please experiment with good fibre foods n suggest lactulose to help u go to the loo. Wos prescribed this by the hospital to help soften the poo n push it along.

    The sharp stabbing pains in the anus I also had - saw specialist - it is nerves going into spasm - called proctalgia fujax ( check spelling). Prescribed suppositories, only have it once in a while , so did settle down.

    Be positive, try different things but it's not going to be an overnite solution.

    There r a lot of us out here who can relate to how you feel.

    Let us know how it goes.

  • Hi For what its worth, Ive found high fibre diet works me and in particular oats, porridge and flax seeds, Look on line, I do think a natural

    solution is preferable, that you can fit into your normal diet, and plenty of


    Take care and dont despair.

  • Hi,

    Is the blood actually in your stools or is it only on the outside and is it bright or dark red in colour?

  • Im pretty sure its inside but who knows. It is bright red in color.

  • As the blood is bright red, chances are that it's coming from haemorrhoids or an anal fissure - particularly if you're finding it on the toilet paper. Mucus is extremely common with IBS and you shouldn't worry too much about it. Ask your GP for a stool test to determine whether the blood is in or on your stools.


  • See your Dr again with the symptoms you're experiencing and say you're really anxious about it. Somethings causing it. A colonoscopy can only show a small part of the bowel. You need answers.

  • It could be fissures...or there are other conditions that cause bleeding in your intestines. I know a person always fears cancer...but chances are you have developed either fissures on a gastrointestinal condition... Take care.

  • i have fibromyalgia and not IBS. You can read a lot about my medical past in my bio. But I can tell you a few things to help you. One, constipation has numerous causes such as dehydration. Medications (especially with IBS that have meds to calm the colon which decreases the peristalsis (movement) can cause constipation. Medicines can be changed to something else equally as effective. Low fiber diet that is high in carbohydrates causes constipation. All of the above can be corrected. You did not mention if your rectal bleeding is red or black. A lot of times red blood is from the low colon, rectal area, and polyps in the colon. If your constipated frequently and straining a lot then it's most likely hemorrhoids . There are rectal meds to calm this down. Your colonoscopy was normal and that's great. I was a bit confused by the vaginal bleeding you mentioned you had when straining. If you are on your period then I wouldn't be concerned. Your Pap smear was normal so you have been to a gynecologist and all is well. Therefore it is not likely vaginal bleeding. Let's work on the constipation problem. I went to an alternative medicine doctor in Myrtle Beach, SC and she recommends Magnesium 500 mg in the morning and at bedtime. What's nice about Magnesium is you can never take too much because it is excreted naturally. Also you can titrate the margnesium which means you can increase or decrease the magnesium until you get.comfortable results. Also avoid caffeine because it is a diuretic which removes too much fluid. Drink lots of water especially distilled water which has the impurities removed from it which is good for the colon. Avoid sodas or anything you have found irritating to your colon. All changes will be more difficult for you but you have to choose to have fun with the crowd or stick to a rigid diet for awhile until you body quits fighting you. I have 4 autoimmune diseases so I know what it's like. Physically, my best recommendation is gentle yoga. Avoid difficult exercise because you don't need anymore stress. I think yoga is great for a number of reasons. It lowers your blood pressure and pulse, decreases anxiety, strengthens muscles (especially when you have constipation and need strength to move things along.) . It also gives you endurance so you can handle the long run, gives you friends to talk with and they can become a support group for you. You are very young and haves some major worries. You must use your meditation when you are anxious. Find a quiet place and be by yourself. Stay focused and meditate until you are calm. Now here's some advice from someone who been through a lot and now, considering what all I went through and am still going through, I am calm and happy. Besides yoga, I love to sing in the church chroir. I found that with singing you learn to control your breathing just like in yoga and it has a very calming effect. The spiritual effect of being so close to God is amazing, uplifting and very comforting. My Lord Jesus is close to me and guides my every move. I could never, never have gotten through this life without Him. He is my love, my strength, my peace. As His child I have nothing to fear because I am in His Hands always, every second, during every joy and during any medical problem that could scare me and during every grief and pain. It took me years to learn and understand this. Now I only focus literally on today, and I am thankful for the day God has given me. I make it the best possible day that I can have and try to make it the best possible day for all those I meet. It's only 24 hours to handle. Do not worry! Please read in the Bible: Phillipians 4: 4-7. This is how I handle any problems and it works! Hope this helps. Let me know your progress. (PS, I feel like I wrote a book but I sensed you needed someone whose been through similar things and has come out victorious even though I still have medical issues and my husband has end stage Alzheimer's and is an assisted living place I can still find joy and peace!)

  • healthunlocked.com/theibsne...

    This thread might be helpful in regards to the vaginal bleeding.

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