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IBS flare up or a virus?? Help!

Hi think I suffer from ibs-d, when I am stressed my bowel is affected and stool becomes looser. Normally just once a day in the morning. But last Wednesday evening I started with stomach discomfort that was bad also Thursday, had pains and a second stool in the afternoon. Was very stressed Friday and had stomach ache, very tender to the touch and felt inflamed. Saturday morning had 2 looser stools, very stressed and restless throughout the day with a bubbly tummy. This is where it gets weird, sunday tummy felt more normal and had no stool all day. But this morning woke at 6.30am with a sharp cramp and really loose stool, looser than whats normal for me. Very stressed by this and have had a 2nd looser stool again this morning. Is it a bad ibs flare up do you think? But my stool is never really this loose. Or a virus? Weird as I felt ok yesterday. Have been anxious the last few days. Not sure what to think / do and its freaking me out and worried it will happen again. Already had 3 immodium today.

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I think you should pay a visit to your GP, you can't self-diagnose IBS and neither can a doctor without tests to rule out other possible causes.


I have been to my doctor over the past 2 years, they say reflux and acid, stress and anxiety, my diet or ibs ect. Not really sure. I had the camera down my throat and results were normal. Just been to the toilet again and its really loud farty sounds (sorry) with a little very loose yellow stool. I am really anxious and cant focus on anything. I have a phobia of illnesses ect so this is my worst nightmare!


Okay, at least you've had the camera down, but have you been tested for coeliac and crohn's diseases and has a colonoscopy been mentioned? These all need to be carried out before any diagnosis is given. Perhaps getting a referral to a gastroenterologist, who will arrange for all proper procedures to be done, would be your best next move. Are you on any medication for your probs?

In the meantime you could try eliminating some highly-suspect foods from your diet, i.e. wheat, barley, rye, onions, stone fruit, the onion family and all dairy products as, some or even all of these, affect many people badly. There's a very good IBS diet called low-FODMAPs which works brilliantly for a lot of IBS-ers, but I don't think it would be right to challenge yourself with such an initially demanding regime until you have a clear diagnosis.

I can imagine how much anxiety this is causing you - most of us on here have been there, but as I'm sure you know, the more anxious you are, the worse things will get.



Hi are you feeling any better? I can relate to your anxiety as I suffer with health anxiety.. not got any suggestions but sympathy as it's horrid when you have a bad spell.


Please go on to my page shon48 and have a read to see if those symptoms are anything like yours and hopefully be able to help


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