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Who is having successes with Aloe Vera to ease symptoms

Hi, have been a sufferer for several years since Campylobacter food poisoning had a grip on me, tried various from the doctors, like fibre gel, peppermint, buscopan, but as I was not having bleeding, mucus or weight loss that was all they were prepared to do.

Could my IBS be stress related ? Don't know as haven't had the determination to battle through a FODMAP diet.

Went to a local High street health food shop and they advised Aloe Vera juice, allegedly made from the gel of Aloe, with a probiotic, both had good reviews on the internet so tried them.

Took about three weeks to take effect and the results were great, no pain, good BM.

Am now taking the tablet form and apart from Monday morning, which may be a combination of excess over the weekend, large Sunday dinner and going back to work, I feel good.

Anyone else getting results from Aloe Vera ?


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