I feel so much better

After having ibs for 4 years I'm always looking out on internet for different remedies. I've tried the usual.mebeverine, buscopan, colpermin, been on the aloe Vera gel for 3 years which does help . I do find that when I go on a gluten free diet it does help aswell.

Sick and tired of not enjoying going out for meals ,can't eat this , can't eat that. About 6 weeks ago we were going on holiday to gran canaria so I cut everything out so I had a flat tummy weeks before. The night before my holiday we had relatives over for an Indian I usually have an English dish because otherwise I look like I am 6 months pregnant. But my chicken was really dry and so I dipped my chicken into my husbands makhani sauce. Well, half hour later my belly swelled up like id swallowed a football great! All week on my holiday I looked like I was pregnant. I searched the internet and came across Symprove. It's a liquid probiotic , I read the forum and lots of people felt they had been cured. I was so desperate I thought I would give it a go . I have been taking it now for just over 3 weeks and last night I had an Indian and loved it no swelling belly and tonight I've just had a Chinese I'm loving it. It is still early days yet but I'm actually feeling alive and fantastic. It is quite expensive but I will pay it to feel this good. I'm not going to push it anymore yet just in case but early signs look positive .

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  • Glad it is working for you, unfortunately I am 7 weeks into my 12 week course of Symprove and so far is not working at all.

  • I would give it time it does say it can take up to 3 months to totally reset the digestive system depending on how bad it is. Don't give up yet . Hope you feel the effects soon.

  • Thanks, no I'm not giving up and will see the whole 12 weeks through.

  • Please comment again in a few weeks. I'm interested in Symprove, but it's very expensive, ta.

  • Very pleased somethong is working for you

  • Hi,

    Just to say, my consultant Gastro enterologist recently recommended Symprove to me! I haven't tried it yet but I will now, as I am getting very disheartened with trying other things which don't seem to help much.

    I took a liquid Aloe Vera but stopped because someone told me it would increase the diarrhoea. Should I try it again?

    So glad you have found something to help.


  • Yes it's the forever living aloe Vera gel that I use been on it for about 3 years but always had to avoid the forbidden foods that you find out you can't have over the years. But since being on the symprove aswell I feel so far that I can eat what I like again. Symprove supply a 3 month course as they say it can take up to 3 months to totally reset your digestive system depending on how bad it is . It doesn't taste very once though you can get original flavour which I have got or there is a fruit flavoured one but I thought it best to avoid fruit as that's part of my forbidden food list . Good luck with it let me know how you get on x

  • Maria 3 I'm told that with the aloe vera gel that it needs to be from the inner leaf and not actually the green of the leaf. There are chemicals in the green part that cause further upset to the digestion. I use forever living gel and find it works really well for me as long as I keep on top of my diet. FOR THE RECORD IM NOT ENDORSING OR PROMOTING ALOE AT ALL. Just saying. Best of luck to you :)x

  • Yes I take the forever living aloe gel too .

  • I am pleased it has helped in your case, though I have just started week 12 with no benefit at all. It is as you said expensive, but I was prepared to try anything!

  • I'm pleased for you.did nothing for me.trying low dairy m wheat free.been better on average but bad bloating today.buscopan windeze only helping a little.hot water bottle helping a bit.tried walking about.eating an rest but still bloated.supposed better than colon spasms.may be codeine try as last resortkeep well.


  • Hi So glad you have found something that works for you, someone on

    the site recommended a probiotic Sacchromyces Boulardii, which sounds

    like much the same thing but is in capsule form. I take it for extra insurance, as it were along with my A.C.V. Works for me.

  • Hi it was very interesting you're post and 10 years ago I tried probiotics and it worked. To be honest having had a big flare up over the last 2 years not having had IBS for over 15 years I never thought about trying this again. Can you confirm what site you purchased it from please? I have found it the past there are so many sites on the internet who do alternative remedies however they differ in quality and therefore the effect they can have on the problem. Thanks!

  • Hi , I. Bought it from symprove.com. You buy the first 8 bottles and get the last 4 bottles free. As they say it can take up to 3 months to do what it needs to do . Good luck let me know how you get on .

    Speak soon

    Jayne x

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