My bowels have become really stubborn for last few months, I have had IBS for over 15yrs now

I have tried aloe Vera colon cleanse which did nothing, senna tablets used to work but not as effective now. Saw my GP about it and she prescribed movicol, but just made my belly rumble. Have just started to take colpermin again as took them few years back, am so uncomfortable and fed up. Am considering fodmap diet, but can anyone who has tried this tell me if be beneficial and could you recommend best book on it please as a lot out now.

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  • Hi Lugsy12

    I've had IBS - C for many years too and have a lot of food intolerances. Over 13 years ago I devised my own regime which is very similar to FODMAPS which is now the latest band wagon.

    I wouldn't bother buying a bk, just google FODMAPs or GAPS diet or LOW CARB. You will find that you can tolerate things suggested as not and vice versa.

    As for the constipation I have several weeks when I need to use Movicol and then several when diet helps. I find I need to build up over 2 - 3 days space the sachet out - say i or 2 teaspns ist day then 3 then so on and once up to the full sachet use that 1/2 morning and 1/2 evening. You may need more than 1 sachet bit I find with the help of some extra fibre, but be gentle, things are reasonably OK> I grind flax seeds and cover with a little milk and add to my oats, plus Senna TEA as opposed to the pods.

    Take care.

  • Hi .fodmaps does what it says on the tin .however a gastro consultant told me it tends to reduce the liquid content of the bowel which is not good for IBSC slow gut motility leads to constipation so speeding up transit time is what is required . For me manganese citrate (600mgs a day in 3 separate doses am miday eve ,) plus caricol papaya pulp (1 sachet after dinner ) plus small portion of stewed apple on morning porridge with a teaspoon of flaxseed and a generally high fibre diet has kept things moving after several months of problems . Like you sennekot no longer did much .have now been able to cut back the magnesium citrate to 150 mgs at bedtime only and would like to stop it all together and just use foods and supplements to keep things regular . It's been a long process of trial and error and we are all different and I have to watch what I eat as things can stop quite suddenly and unexpectedly .too much bread or pasta or too little fruit and veg on a particular day and suddenly gut transit slows and IBSC kicks off again . You have my sympathy as I also became really down with the depressing situation but at the moment ,touch wood ,things are ok .

  • I'm the same as you,I have suffered almost 20yrs and the only thing that helps me with the constipation is taking magnesium citrate tablets I take between 200mg-600mg in the evening nothing my gp prescribed helped,I take charcoal capsules to help with bloating and buscopan to help with cramps when pain is severe I take co-codamol,I wish someone would come up with a cure for all ,I suffer one way or other almost everyday and it is such a depressing illness not being able to stick to plans you make.I have read that something called HTP 5 can help with serotonin in the gut that can help IBS and also help with depression so have ordered that and waiting in antisipation for it to cupboard is like a pharmacy as I buy almost anything recommended.hope this helps, x

  • Hi. I'm a newbie here. Just wanted to mention that taking magnesium tablets has had an interesting affect on me. I normally can't go anywhere without needing the bathroom however magnesium has almost eliminated my anxiety in this area. It also has a calming affect in me and speeds up my metabolism so I don't feel constipated unless my diet has really pushed the boundaries. I have reflux issues and just took myself off ppi meds. I'm currently gluten free, no acidic foods, no caffeine, no chocolate, no fatty foods, only olive oil for minimal frying. Pretty much nothing out of a can but salmon and tuna. Lots of fruit n veg. Chicken and fish.Only water or almond milk to drink. This may sound extreme but its working for me.

    Good luck

  • I have have coomentwd on a few posts here. I agree with the others that magnesium citrate either capsules or powder is the only thing that works without cramping, pain and gurling that you get from Movicol. I have had Ibs c for 30 years, been to gasto and have tried everything including expensive prescription meds. I take about 600 to 1000 mg at night or early morning on an empty stomach and it works.

  • I have been fighting with IBS - C for years myself and it got so bad recently that I have been taking 2 - Linzess a day, 4 - magnesium citrate, 6 - herbs tablets I got from a health food store and 2 sennokot s. And it acutlly took about a 2 weeks to really start working. I am going to slow down on some of these but I am afraid it will get bad again. Believe it or not the magnesium citrate I found at the store in tablets works really good. I just do not know if it is safe to take them every day for a long period of time. I have changed my diet also. I just cannot eat much anymore and when I do I keep it to healthy things. However, I am not perfect, I have screwed up along the way. But hang in there and keep trying different things until you find what works for you. I got the idea about the magnexium citrate on this site. And it does work well.

  • FODMAPS does not really help my constipation problem. I'm using it to treat IBS PAIN!!! I'm seeing a nutritionist who told me also to take sennoside daILY, prescribed levsin (but it's not in my drug plan), ground flax seed. Had a good week then ATTACK!

  • Thankyou everyone for your replies I have spent a fortune these last few months, but after reading your comments gonna try magnesium citrate tablets. Just so difficult as do shift work, and can't afford to be stuck on loo t work, unfortunately haven't got 2 days off together for over a week. So want to get rid of my IBSC feel so miserable with it and rough today. Am embarrassed when I go out due to bloatedness and flatulance. But will be about 11 days since I have had proper BM, been couple times. Was gonna try 8 sachets movicol other day but needed to go out most of day and was worried id need loo constantly!At my wits end now!!!

  • Thankyou everybody for your replies, massive help. I bought some magnesium citrate caplets 100mg from holland and Barrett, only ones could find, just wondered are these the right ones? Thanks

  • hi,yes I used to take them but they changed the shape and I found them difficult to swallow,I now take the solgar brand and get them from amazon,

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