I used to be just Torchy

Hi everyone.i made a mess of my phone and lost all my messages.i dont know what i did at all.so i used to be called just Torchy.the people i kept in concact with i would love to hear from you.i also wanted to ask anyone if they have ever taken aloe vera for their ibs.my dr told me to try it so i wondered if anyone had any good or bad things to tell me.thank you.dr told me to drink it.

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  • I've tried it,done nothing for me,but don't be put off,what don't work for one,may work for you,we're all different .

  • Thank you for your reply Gemini.yes you are right we are all different but i think when we are desperate we will try anything.best wishes.

  • I have used aloe vera colon cleanse tablets for quite a while, i suffered ibsc and for the most part they kept me regular. So i guess its what you want it to treat.

  • Hi lisa.thank you for your reply.i have ibsc and would like to take aloe vera for that and the horrid stomach ache i have every day.best wishes.

  • Well you get yourself a bottle and see what happens.

    It seems like gps are offering the 'complimentary' medicines as alternatives today, as mine has for something unrelated, so maybe they are realising its not all hocus pocus afterall.

  • I think you could have a point there lisa.i.am going to get some and try it.i will let you know how it goes.good luck to yourself too.

  • Hope it works for you, lets face it, it cant be any worse than a load of synthetic tablets.

  • I couldnt agree with you more to lisa.

  • iv not tried it GP I HAD AS A FRIEND TOLD ME SOME PEOPLE IMPROVE FOR 6 MONTHS TRHEN GET WORSE. Guess we are all different.iv not tried ir but would be interested on any one who uses it long term who has ibs d.

    hope it works for you.


  • Hi graham.thanks for your reply.i was going to take it but i read something on google this morning and im definately not taking it.i put. Does aloe vera help constipation.the one at the top of the list was a write up about it.its awful.i hope you read it.best wishes.

  • Hi Torchy, I tried it, but Nothing, everyone is different, so you never know it may just work for you.

  • Thank you blue.ive told grahame who messaged me that im not taking it cos i put.Does aloe vera help constipation.what i read what it does to your bowels is awful.see you never know what we are taking or going to.my dr told me to try it.it sums it up what help i get.best wishes.

  • Oh shoot I was told it was good to stop u running, blinking Docs they haven't got a clue. Ha ha

  • Hi blue.no the drs havent got a darn clue.what i read on google was awful what it can do to your bowels etc.im not touching it.so glad i read it.best wishes.

  • Hi Torchy: I didn't have a luck with Aloe Vera. Go on Heather Vandoross's website, " Help for IBS". She has a wealthy of information. When you get to her website; she has an area where you can search anything on her website; put Aloe Vera in the search engine. Best to you!

  • Thank you jenny.i have got heathers website it is good.i read on google when i put aloe vera in,the read up of it on your bowels etc is awful.so i wont be taking it.best wishes.

  • Hi Torchy,

    I bought a bottle of Aloe Vera a few weeks ago, it's still unopened. I've tried many things none of which have made much difference. I think we sometimes try too many new things & we don't give our body enough time to change. We try it for a couple of days & think "it's not working" & stop. The trouble is there is not enough testing on all these different (often expensive) products so you don't know if you should just keep trying or just not buy the stuff in the first place!

    My physiotherapist suggested a properly qualified Medical Herbalist. I'm going back to my GP next week if she's not going to do anything I'm going to give the herbalist a try. I did ask the question if anyone had tried a herbalist on here but as yet nobody has replied to say they have.

    Sometimes I think the best "medicine" is having someone to talk to. This website is a great help as usually someone is listening. :)

  • Hi Mc89.i totally agree with you.i think also we sometimes get desperate for anything to help us.ive never tried a herbalist so i dont know much about that one.lets hope one day soon we will be listened to by the medical profession.yes this forum is good and helpful and all the people are so very nice.we all need someone to understand us dont we ? but im afraid some of us dont always get it,thats why these forums are good.best wishes and i hope you find out more about the herbal things.

  • Hi torchy its me! Hope all good. I've heard great things about aloe Vera. My friends ex had Crohn's disease and used good pure aloe Vera everyday. They split up (not because of aloe Vera!!!) and to this day even tho she doesn't have Crohn's (it was her ex gf) my friend still takes it for her healthy bowel as she calls it. Hope this helps.

  • Hi will.its lovely to hear from you my friend.i hope you are keeping as well as you can.ive bin feeling low for a few days now.i think everything is getting me down.my sister should have her op tomorrow and thats on my mind to.i hope to goodness they dont find anymore cancer.thank you for the bit about aloe vera.i hope to hear from you soon.i would like to keep in touch with you.take care will.xxx

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