Found something that helps!

Hi everyone

I thought I would share this in case it can help anyone else :)

I went to Holland and Barrett to try and find some kind of natural remedy as I don't like taking medication all the time. I bought aloe Vera juice which you take two to 3 tablespoons a day, acidophilus plus ( carry 2 billion friendly bacteria) which stops bad bacteria forming on food in your gut which can cause pain - these are taken 1 tablet a day and peppermint oil tablets which can be taken as 1 or two tablets after each meal.. Sounds like a lot of things to take but it's all natural so won't have any long term side effects on your body. I've been taking these for a week now and I'm now in my third day of being symptom free ( doesn't sound like much time but better than usual!)

Definitely worth giving it a try as it might help :)

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  • Very good luck to you and thanks for sharing. The probiotics seems a common theme. It's still a shame that we all have to find our own solutions as I don't think they realise how many are affected and how debilitating it is.

  • Thank you whoopedoo. Ever where I'm looking I'm hearing about Aloe Vera so I'm taking this as a message to me. My symptoms aren't too bad at all right now but I had a really stressful morning yesterday and I'm waiting for the aftermath of that to hit.

    Keep on feeling well & best wishes.

  • You may also consider taking Aloe Vera Juice as a liquid - can be bought on Amazon

  • The aloe Vera from Holland and Barrett that I take is in liquid form and you can mix it with juice as well if you don't like the taste :)

  • Yes - my daughter takes it for her psoriasis

  • Thanks for sharing this with us and good luck for it continuing to work for you :-)

  • Glad they are helping I also take aloe vera but take the high strength tablets probiotics seem to cause me problems but I also find the peppermint tablets good as we'll I still have to take mebeverine at times but on the whole it has definitely improved things

  • I've read that Aloe Vera acts as a laxative and your body can get used to it and therefore need more. It might be an idea to research it. Just a thought.

  • Thank you will try !

  • Hi Paige,

    I also take peppermint pills but they are enteric coated. This apparently stops them being broken down in the stomach but pass through to the middle & lower gut where they care needed. The instructions clearly state that you should take 1 before eating, not after. They are called Heather's Tummy Tamers.

    I'm also trialing a new probiotic by Clever Cultures called Bowel Calm. My symptoms are much improved.

  • I might have a look at those peppermint tablets you take they sound like they get to the right place better than mine thank you for sharing :)

  • thanks for the input! I have also found something that I just started buying because I like yoghurts anyway and those little bottles with good bacteria in them since I have been having 1 every morning the cramps are non-existant but if I run out of them I can feel the cramps buillding up again so like you Paige 92, its helps others,thanks sharing your breakthrough and I thought I would also share what helps me with the cramps but it only helps the cramps my bowels are still up and down from 1 day to the next but I have a referral to a clinic cause my gp has found something in my sample that was sent to lab I got a bit worried and asked him straight out "its not the big C is it?" he said no but something s not right,dread to think what just waiting for appointment to come through its on my mind every day

  • Just read your reply elvisfan01 and hope that your tests turn out to be something common and treatable - best of luck

  • Always better to share as it might help other people :) good luck with your appointment I hope everything is ok :)x

  • Congrats! Yes It does work, I use to take it along with a probiotic in the morning, it also helps keep the flora in the intestines healthy. But I kind of fell off the wagon on taking it because I take so much of other things that I forgot about the aloe. But make sure its a good quality, one that hasn't had the aloe thinned out with other ingredients, I read different brands have more & some have less aloe in the bottles. You'd have to ask your salespeople which is the best. Thanx for the info on the peppermint oil, will have to try it, if its something I can carry in my purse.

  • Thanks Paige92, I will definitely have to try the Aloe Vera as I have read about it so many times. And elvisfan01 thanks for sharing re the little bottles of yogurt, I will have to give those a go as well - my stomach seems to have got bigger, more bloated and the pain has returned of late so I need to do something

  • I swear by aloe juice. I feel like a new woman since Iv been taking it. Iv found the best quality is Forever Living it come with a 60 day money back guarantee if you don't feel improvements. Holland and Barretts cost less which is reflected in the quality but it is an acceptable alternative if you can't stretch to Forever Living Aloe. After being on the Fodmap diet since February which helped loads too Iv only been able to start adding high Fodmap foods back into my diet science taking Aloe juice. My hair, skin, energy levels and overal wellbeing has improved so much too, to the point that I'm getting comments on how well I'm looking.

  • well done, coco365, can someone please explain more about this "Fodmap diet "? please,I need to know more about it can anyone help as I have only heard the name?

  • Put very briefly, FODMAPs are carbohydrates that are sometimes or always poorly absorbed. They are all rapidly fermentable by gut bacteria and they can all disrupt the fluid balance in your gut. The FODMAP diet eliminates all high FODMAP foods for a period of time which allows your insides to heal and rebalance. You then, one at a time begin to re-introduce these foods to see how well you personally tolerate them. You can google FODMAP diet to get a list of foods to avoid. Iv found this book helpful; IBS free at last by Patsy Catsos.

    Hope that's helpful :-)

  • Very, very well explained,,, thankyou,.

  • I am thinking of trying Aloe Vera but I note it claims to help constipation & diarrhoea. Can anyone explain that? I asked my GP but she just shrugged her shoulders. I would guess she's not a fan of it but didn't advise against it either. Lady in Holland & Barrett said it was wonderful stuff but then she would wouldn't she! Confused.

  • I got my aloe Vera juice from Holland and Barrett and it works a dream it helps your digestive system so give it a try as it might really help :)

  • I'm happy to try anything but when something claims to help constipation & diarrhoea I find it difficult to get my head around. How can it do both? I'm glad it works for you but I'm still thinking about it.

    Can anyone explain it in simple Janet & John terms I can understand?! Thanks :)

  • In the book I have on Aloe written by a doctor with over 30 years experience who studied The medicinal qualities of Aloe Vera for 2 years it stays that taken daily the Aloe regulates and smooths out the guts peristaltic movements, thereby reducing pain and regulating the bowel habit. Gut flora is regulated and it is also know to balance the immune system.

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