Aloe Vera?

Can anyone advise me with regards to using aloe vera to help with IBS? I've seen it mentioned on many websites however nowhere seems to specify if it's suitable for IBS-D, C, or both. I suffer mainly from D with occasional bouts of C that seem to be linked to my menstrual cycle. Is aloe vera something that might be worth a try? Also, what is the most effective way to take it? I've seen people mention gel, capsules, juice...are they all much the same or is there one in particular I should try to find? Thanks.

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  • I've been taking Aloe Vera from Holland and Barrett its in a juice form I was taking about 20ml a day , I took it for about 3 years (I have IBS-d by the way ) but about 4 weeks ago I ran out and kept forgetting to pick some up but do you know I don't feel any different with out it and I am thinking perhaps my stools seem less frequent without it !!! I do think that sometimes in the day if my stomach felt upset I used to take a shot of it and it did calm it a little but did it I don't know !!

    God sorry this really is no help other than I think sometimes us ibs sufferers will take/try anything to live a normal life !!!

    Good luck it can do no harm , I was told thou that you are best never to get one sweetened or with anything added to it natural Aloe is better it tastes disgusting and 3 years after taking it I never got used to it !

    Good luck xx

  • I had the same experience. Used a very expensive brand, and when was unable to order saw little difference. Mine was flavorless which made me wonder if I was drinking very expensive water :D

  • Aloe Vera was the first thing I tried but it didn't help at all,ive had IBS and diverticular desease for almost 20yrs,I find Lepicol or Regucol(holland and barretts brand) to help with both D & C.

  • I forgot got to say I mix it with cordial to help dink it better x

  • Which would help the d are they a tablet or juice ?

    Many thks

  • It's certainly worth trying. The evidence behind it is a little mixed at the moment but it's worked for some people. It's best to go for the gel that's not mixed with anything else. Try and find one that's been made through cold pressing as this will make sure it still contains all the nutrients.

    I'd probably advise against taking it with cordial as this is just adding sugar and another variable to the mix.

    Best of luck and would be great to hear how you get on

  • Well I took a trip to Holland and Barrett's, couldn't find much in the way of aloe vera products and after seeing most people say they noticed little difference, decided to give something else a try. Spoke to the lady working there who suggested Regucol, so I've got some of that to try out. Thanks to Cassie17 for mentioning it here else I would never have heard of it before!

  • You really have to try different variations and see which suits you best. If you go to Holland & Barratt they will advise you there. I have just bought 90 tablets for £9.00 of the Aloe Vera to see how they work. But I also take Probiotica 7 from Holland & Barrett and these are far, far, more use than anything I have found so far for IBS, they are fabulous, try them, you won't be disappointed. They're £22 for a box of around 70/80 capsules, and I take 2 a day, fabulous.

  • Hi - I've used Forever aloe Vera gel for flare ups. It's incredibly expensive but a small glass about half an hour before eating my rice and banana (my flare up diet!) does help. However it's different strokes for different folks! I've been doing the low fodmap and that is the only thing that has worked!! I try and take a lot of natures best probiotics as well. Cider vinegar, organic from the mother Apple, is supposed to be good. I hate vinegar so I dilute in warm water but yuk!! Also coconut oil, the Virgin one, good for frying and all sorts. I put a desert spoon in my quinoa flakes and banana with coconut milk is a good way of getting it down. I wish you luck after 25 years of suffering its a very hit and miss process.


  • I've heard good things about Aloe Vera but always tend to go for peppermint tea. It works within 10 minutes of drinking to soothe my tummy, alleviate nausea, deflate air and generally feel much better (IBS-D).

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