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Constipation... HELP!!!


Hi... I suffer much for constipation in relation to my ibs. I can't eat fruits and veg much as the sugars irritate me and I can't seem to drink or eat enough to help my constipation due to early fullness... it's horrible it makes me feel so sick.

I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to help constipation.

I read 15ml of aloe Vera juice every morning could help? (If taken for an extended time) Is this true? Has anyone tried the Holland and Barrett one... does it help? I don't like tablets so anything else would be great.

Any tips are appreciated as I'm fed up :(. Thank you

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I know you mentioned you don’t like tablets, but fish oil pills have helped me the most out of everything I’ve tried without discomfort. (if you can take them that is) that’s really all the advice I have 😕

Hello. I was just thinking about that. I’ve had IBS constipation for years with bloating and exhaustion. I tried everything. My gastro sent me to a dietitian. I have been on the FODMAP diet for 6 weeks now and it’s a miracle. I go every morning first thing and it’s normal. No more piles. I also have a fissure and a rectocele after years of struggling. They don’t bother me either. It’s the only scientific research to help IBS. There is a group on fb called IBS and FODMAP full of tips. It would be better to see a dietitian as it can be complicated. I am quite happy following it as I live on my own. Success rate is 75%. Worth a try. Don’t spend your money on pills etc.. I did to no avail. Good luck.

Memimck1 in reply to Idalmis

Hi thanks for the reply but I already basicly follow that kind of diet... my sensitivity to foods and sugars is so severe I only consume a very small variety of food. With my diet being limited to plain products gluten free rice krispies cereal, shortbread, bread, yogurts and potatoes.

Was really just wondering if aloe Vera juice can be good for constipation... as heard people's digestion can I prove from it.

Thank you for all your help

Melinaplum in reply to Memimck1

I started taking colon cleanse from Holland & Barrett, its been about a month now and ive noticed a difference, I get horrendous constipation as I take codeine for my ibs pain, the colon cleanse contains Aloe vera and its a liquid, I really empathise as its a misery! Good luck x

Memimck1 in reply to Melinaplum

It is terrible I don't take any medication but my constipation gets so bad so much bloating and pain and days without bm... I'm underweight so have to keep forcing myself to eat no matter how I feel and makes me feel so sick just want something to make me more regular so I can manage the other problems better :(

I emphasise with you too. Good luck with you condition

Pat1 in reply to Memimck1

Please see my detailed reply regarding magnesium.

Melinaplum in reply to Memimck1

Have you tried movicol sachets off the gp, they might help you, I have spent many hours on the loo crippled with pain, its so scary, but I do understand that eating makes you feel sick, its the toxins in your body because you cant go to the loo!😕

I am so sorry. Do you not eat any protein? Have you seen a gastroenterologist?

I have tried aloe Vera in the past but it didn’t do anything for me.

Hi I was using aloe vera for 19 months. The holland and barrett had no effect on me. Then I started taking forever living aloe vera ( more like a gel) which definitely helped and for a good few months was really dependant on it. Not a cure but made a big difference to me at the time and helped with transit as I was permently constipated. I was given laxatives from the doctor but the side effects are dire. You can give it a try but it is expensive. I suggest if it works for you to move onto something else eventually. Apparently it blackens the bowel with long ti

dipsy14 in reply to dipsy14

Sorry, ending should say long term use. Good luck!

Memimck1 in reply to dipsy14

But the reviews of the Holland and Barrett seen so good people say been taking for years surely one or two 15ml a day couldnt be that harmful???

I don't know

Thanks for your help

Aloe Vera does nothing for me. You need to take a high amount of magnesium citrate or oxide. About 800 to 1200mg. I have had Ibs c almost my whole life and am now in my fifties. This is the best natural supplement to take for this condition and I have tried many. Even my consultant recommended it. I take it every day. You must take it on an empty stomach just before bed with lots of water. I would start with a high dose initially just to clear you out. Even if it means taking a few capsules. I sometimes take 6 200mg capsules. Capsules are the best not tablets and it has to be citrate or oxide as these are the ones that work for constipation. There is a lot of information about constipation and magnesium on the internet. There is a site called Ibs tales that discusses this. The ones I take are either Now foods Magnesium citrate, Solgar Magnesium Citrate or Life extensions. I get mine from the US on a site called iHerb, but you can get them on Amazon. There are other magnesium oxide products specifically for colon cleansing called Mag 07, Colosan and Oxypowder. They are a bit expensive but are amazing. I use these in between. No cramps no bloating, just relief. You can get these on Amazon as well. If you don’t like tablets you can open up the capsules. Also Colosan comes in a powder as well that you mix in water. Don't suffer any longer. By the way I also follow a low fodmap diet through a dietician but this alone does not help constipation.

Memimck1 in reply to Pat1

Hi thank you for this but I'm about confused... so magnesium citrate can help constipation? Is it that I need to take a tablet each day in order to raise my magnesium levels to help my regularity or I can take it to relieve me momentarly...

Is there a liquid form I can take as I don't like tablets?

Is it safe for long term use?

Pat1 in reply to Memimck1

Depending on the dose you can take high amount initially as I explained in my message then take about 800mg daily on an empty stomach before bed with lots of water and this will work the next morning. There is no liquid that I know of for this type of magnesium but you can open up the capsules. Research on the internet. Look up magnesium for constipation and also look at the products I have mentioned. Also look at reviews.

Nicki1984 in reply to Memimck1

Hi I use a magnesium spray from holland and barratt and also use Epsom salts both are great. You mention sugar is s problem for you - you could have a candida overgrowth - it feeds off sugar and yeast. X

Memimck1 in reply to Pat1

Can you crush up the solgar ones they seem to be good and have good reviews... do you take them everyday...

I'm a bit worried they could make me feel sick or if have a reaction to them... is this possible? Have you ever?

Pat1 in reply to Memimck1

They do not make you feel sick. It is a supplement. I suppose you could crush them. You get them in capsule form as well. You can empty the capsules.

Pat1 in reply to Memimck1

And yes I do take them every day.

Nanny23 in reply to Memimck1

I take magnesium every day and it does help. There is a powder called natural calm which has magnesium in it. If I get really bound up I take that. You can get on Amazon. I take Pure encapsulation magnesium citrate daily also from amazon. Hope you get some relief.

Yes, I thought that too. Then I read a report on long term use. If you open a bottle and it takes a long time to use up you will see it goes black. That was enough for me to question if it was ok to take continously. I think you have to factor in that these aides are not necessarily tested long term in studies so we don't know just what it will do long term. As I said I used the h&b one and it did diddley squat for me. Much cheaper of course but whats the point of taking it if its not going to do anything? Dont get me wrong I take acidophilus from h&b and so far its been great. But I have been trying out remedies for a long time now. Bit by bit I've had improvements. Its trying to find what works for you. Its frustrating at best but no-one has a definitive answer and thats the greatest problem. How and why so many of us are now suffering from this awful condition is still to be amswered. It's all guess work so far.

Just seen another post about magnesium citrate or oxide. I take this too .... its also been very helpful.

I highly recommend the aloe drink. I took the one from Holland and Barrett for about a month and didn’t need it after that. Start on a small dose though and work up. Maybe a teaspoon twice a day at first.

Memimck1 in reply to A_IBS

I've been taking a tablespoon every morning before breakfast for 4 days... and it's not made me feel any different... I'm so constipated :(

I guess it's too early to tell if it's going to.

Do you think I should change to 2 teaspoons a day?

How long did it take to start working for you? Do you no longer take it anymore? Do you use magnesium citrate like others have suggested?

A_IBS in reply to Memimck1

Magnesium tablets didn’t work. Milk of Magnesium was way too harsh. One teaspoon of aloe with each of your three meals a day should be a good start. From what I recall I think it says tablespoons on the label. That was a bad idea! 😆 I was also on a Candida diet so cut out all sugars which made the condition worse. See if you can have just a small amount of fruit with each meal. I’d go with grapes, strawberries or kiwi. They’re low FODMAP. Perhaps don’t go straight in to fried fruits or ones with a lot of fibre like apples.

A_IBS in reply to A_IBS

lol dried fruits!! I definitely don’t advise you ever try fried fruit!!

Tesco prune juice at least a glass full every after a couple of days .just another suggestion as it's different for everyone .good luck

Thought prune juice was bad for people with one because of the fructose sugars...

Like I say it's different for everyone .obviosly if you can't tolerate sugars then will be a problem.

The thing I take, which guarantees to work every time is Sunsweet Californian Prune Juice ...I take a glass when I need to and it works wonders!

Memimck1 in reply to Jaycey62

Again I thought prime juice was bad for ibs suffers due to sugars... I'm not good with sugars

Has anyone tried Epsom salt baths as a way of helping relief... I read the sulphate and magnesium separate in the water and can is absorbed through the skin and this can help?????


Try drinking Smooth Move Tea from Traditional Medicinals. It works wonders for me. I drink a cup every other day.....constipation gone. It's the Senna in it that does the trick. Great answer and no pharmaceuticals!!

Try it!!

Memimck1 in reply to lynnfied

Thank you.. I thought senna was a stimulant laxative and so can weaken the bowel meaning your body can become addicted to it overtime so shouldn't be conumed regularly... but thank you

I use it a couple times a week. Keeps me regular and is certainly better than ANY pharmaceutical which cause damage to liver and kidneys. It's an all natural product which has been used for many years safely.

I did some in-depth research on something I came across 3 weeks ago, organic unfiltered apple vinegar. There is a lot of internet chatter on how it helps with constipation. So I started taking it 2 weeks ago. First thing in the morning on an empty stomach, one tablespoon of apple vinegar, one teaspoon of honey in a minimum of 8 ounces of warm water. To my surprise it works and it worked the first day I started it. I cannot speak for anyone else, but it solved all my problems. Now I take it every morning and I will continue this process. Where to find this unfiltered apple vinegar? The best I have come across is made by Braggs. You can normally find it in your local super market. It must be unfiltered apple vinegar. Check it out. Go on the internet and study the benefits from organic unfiltered apple vinegar.

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