any natural remedies for nausea????

do other IBS sufferers get constant nausea? I have been diagnosed with a functional bowel disorder following numerous tests which all showed up clear - sigmoidoscopy, endoscopy, barium enema. My main symptom is nausea especially in the morning which often results in dry heaving. so far I have only vomited a few times but I suffer from this every day regardless how my bowels are behaving. Luckily I only suffer from morning diahorrea,( with no cramping,) fatigue and headaches. I am on various prescribed medications for nausea and drink peppermint tea but I would love to know if others have these symptoms also.

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  • Highly recommend good quality peppermint tea and a colleague said that sucking polos helped with her maternity nausea so don't know if you want to give that a try? My nutritionist has also prescribed me several probiotic nutritional supplements to slow my digestive system down but I don't want to recommend the specific ones without you being recommended them. They have mostly cleared up my morning diarrhoa unless I don't follow her nutrition plan to the letter. So my recommendation is to see a nutritionist. Hope this helps.

  • I know one natural solution for nausea, which is to put a slice of raw onion in a glass of hot water, leave for a minute or so, then remove the onion and sip the water until you feel better. Sipping the equivalent of a couple of gulps should really help. Onions are very potent, and I found this a really effective cure. This is a tip from the herbalist Dr Voegel, whom I read about in a book on diet.

  • You could try pine nut oil - that's been used for centuries to relieve nausea and gastritis. You may have to order it online, and take a teaspoon three times a day. The only other thing I can think of is to try ginger tea. Ginger is a known anti-nausea agent. I think seeing a nutritionist is a good idea too - you might be deficient in something. I had constant nausea too but after a lot of research and keeping a diary I discovered that mine was very much related to my menstrual cycle (I'm in my mid-forties, so entering perimenopause!). I started using a natural progesterone cream in the luteal half of my cycle (the two weeks before your period), and my nausea settled within a few days. This is unlikely to be your problem if you're young, but even so it might be worth asking to have your hormone levels checked if you're not obviously in the menopause or if you have trouble with your monthly cycle. :)

  • I suffered from vertigo last year which left me feeling sick most of the time. I found ginger really helpful. Cook with the fresh stuff, have ginger tea or biscuits. People used to laugh at me for carrying a bag of crystallised ginger round with me every where I went but it really helped. It's supposed to be good for the digestion too. If sugar triggers your ibs then obviously the crystallised ginger is not a good option for you.

  • I feel for you, you're not alone. I felt constantly sick for 18 mth. Keep a food diary and write how you feel each day too. See if there's any links. I did an exclusion diet as was at my wits end and finally made the link to wheat, cut that out and wasn't sick n bloated anymore or as tired but still had terrible bouts of diarrhoea, then I linked milk as the cause of that. 95% better now but a complete upheaval of my fave food is pizza/pasta sod's law :-(

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