Nausea in the morning

Hi Guys,

I was just wondering if anyone else had nausea in the morning like I do?

Most of time I'll wake up feeling fine but once I have breakfast that's when the cramps and nausea kick in. Sometimes I'll feel so sick that I struggle to get ready for work on time as I'll keep going to the bathroom to see if a bowel movement will make me feel better.

Other mornings I wake up feeling sick before eating but that's usually if I've had an acidic stomach all night. That feeling usually stays with me until after I've eaten lunch.

I was wondering if anyone had any tips of what to eat in the morning to prevent this nausea from happening? It really winds me up when I know I have to go out somewhere but I have to make myself feel ill by eating first. It makes me wish I didn't have to eat sometimes..

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  • Thank you for your earlier reply ..i have seen your post and wondered if you have these symptoms ..especially the morning nausea even on holidays and days off when you are free and don't have to go anywhere in the morning ??

  • No worries :) Yeah I still do get them on days off. I think it's worse on work days as I'm rushing about to get ready and I know I only have 20 minutes to get myself feeling as better as possible before I leave. Plus I think getting up so early and forcing myself to eat doesn't help. At least on weekends I can take time to eat breakfast but nausea on those days doesn't bother me so much as I kind of expect it. Do you get it too?

  • IBS is mostly the D (diahrrea) type ..Unfortunately and basicly i live on a very restricted diet containing only 4 types of food (white rice / white bread / boiled potatoes / plain pasta ) if i accidently eat something else i should be prepared for the horrid ibs attack 😨😳..but i asked about your nausea because i thought it could be of psychological origin with all the tension and stress of the morning work routine as i used to feel the same years before my ibs official diagnosis ..i used to skip breakfast just to avoid all the cramping / nausea /stomach upset in general ..and i only start eating during my break when i'm rested and settled in my desk ..Now, the nausea disappeared but is replaced with the diahrrea 😩 (Not a winner anyways ) ,But again every ibs sufferer is different and there is no one size fits all treatment in this disease or disorder as docs like to call it ..maybe starting the day with some crackers instead of a real meal could ease the nausea and gradually adding food throughout the day.

    I know it is a struggle with trial and error until you reach a management plan that best works for you as Meds alone will not do the job, and that the eating habits play a great role in aggravating or keeping IBS symptoms under control .

    Hope you feel better soon ..Best of luck 🌹

  • Nausea can be due to swallowing air as a result of breathing through your mouth

    Take rice or oat porridge for breakfast

  • Hi kweh123 I k ow just how you feel. I wake up feeling okay then 20 or so I feel sick,usually I am and this goes on till lunch time. So fed up with it. Seen the Dr again!! But now told to follow the fodmap diet. It works, I've been doing it since august and only had a few off days. I would recommend trying it , what have you to lose?

    Good luck

  • You wouldn't be the first person I've heard of who can't eat breakfast first thing in the morning. I know a few colleagues who have breakfast once they are in work for exactly the same reason as you. Is that something you can try?

    Have you also explored ways you can change your morning routine to give yourself more time? Would it help going to bed sooner, or doing some of the morning prep the night before (I know that when I'm feeling down or anxious, I often force myself to prepare my lunch and iron my clothes the night before - it gives me less to do the following day and means if I need to get a few more minutes' sleep, I can).

    What thoughts are running through your mind every morning? If anxiety is the culprit, understanding what these thoughts are, and how to handle them, using something like CBT, could help.

    Finally, what do you normally have for breakfast. Perhaps it's worth experimenting with different types of food then in case one of these triggers your symptoms more than most (you might even find that you can normally stomach the food but for whatever reason you can't first thing).

  • IBS is one of the illnesses I suffer from as I also suffer with fibromyalgia. But what led me too this link is that I too feel really sick most days to the point I almost can't move. So you aren't alone and I know it can take up so much time and also stop you from doing so much. I unfortunately haven't found anything for the sickness yet. But I do really feel for you having to go to work feeling that way. Hopefully you find something that helps soon :-)

  • Hi yes I get that but since lacto free milk I am ok; feel sick before breakfast every day.

    I have BM soon after waking-I can be despeate for a wee but BM comes first !

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