Morning nausea/pains

I have had the symptoms of IBS for a year and a half now, diagnosed for a few months. In recent weeks the cramps, pains and nausea (which were always uncomfortable).have grown increasingly worse especially first thing in the morning. As I am in final year of university and have class at 9 on a monday-wednesday, my usual option of taking a hot water bottle to bed and hoping it goes away doesn't work. Can anyone recommend anything for this?

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  • hi, try crystal ized ginger , for nausean windease for cramps , regards val136 burnley lans uk , where are u ,,, in america , !!

  • Many thanks I'll definitely try that! I'm in the UK

  • Diamonchick - have you asked your GP to test you for coeliac disease (antibody + enzyme blood test). I also had nausea and felt dizzy a lot (yet didn't have the typical stomach problems that a large majority of coeliacs do). It's an auto-immune disease which necessitates a gluten free diet (only after a proper diagnosis or results are fake). Well worth asking your GP about see here:

  • Hi FionaGFG. Two coeliac blood tests, carried out 6months apart came back positive however the endoscopy came back negative. I then had a colonoscopy and it came back negative. After this my specialist told me he was going to diagnose it as 'just IBS'. One of my doctors is still convinced that I am coeliac and every few months wants me to go for the blood test and she hopes to send me back for another endoscopy!

  • Aha - well keep up the tests and continue to eat gluten (even if you drop down on the amount so it's still in your system). It's annoying as some Gastros take a good selection of biopsies some just take one. The official diagnosis of coeliac appears to be totally flattened villi but there's obviously a stage before that so maybe you're just ahead of the game. Good job you have a Dr on yr side doing regular checks.

    You might find these interesting reading - but keep eating the gluten or the tests will never show a true story:


    I know it's American but they are leading the way in a lot of coeliac research

    Good luck with it hope you get it sorted. It takes on average 10yrs + for a coeliac to get diagnosed so you're not alone. Our group - Gluten Free Guerrillas here on HealthUnlocked sees so many members fobbed off with IBS for years only to be diagnosed eventually.

  • Thanks!! This is the only doctor who has given me the time of day since the very beginning so I'm lucky on that respect!

  • Very lucky - hang onto that one ! They are very rare. Good luck.

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