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Trapped wind and nausea, what helps??!


Hi everyone!

Does anyone else suffer from trapped wind and nausea and also sometimes find that you can stop burping? Is it normal to feel sick with this? My main question is should I still eat when I have a lot of trapped wind and if so which foods are good to eat when you have a lot of gas? I don't want to add to the issue so not sure whether to eat or not! Thanks for reading!

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My daughter suffered from similar symptoms. Have you been given any meds from the GP. Try mint teas they helped . And colpermin can be bought over the counter. If you are able to eat , then try small amounts. Brown toast with Jam or crackers with black pepper seemed to help. As we trying dairy free for a few days . Then thin scrapings of butter were introduced. Seemed fine .

Try ginger tea that helps me

Eat plain foods such as rice, potatoes and bananas. Try to work out what food may be triggering it. A lot of people with IBS follow a low FODMAP diet. I have cut out wheat, gluten and dairy. When I cut out wheat I saw a difference straight away. X

Hi have you had your gallbladder checked? I had these symptoms and that's what the problem was

missymo in reply to KATRINA74

My sister had hergall bladder removed& she.s twice as bad as she was before the OP!😢😢

Emmy. Ihave it everydingle day.i always keep deflatine or windeze in my bag. But i.m still stuck with the nausea😢😢 sometimes i can walk the nausea feeling last around half an hour.

Tomfin13 in reply to missymo

Try Ginger tea and how you get on with that I have a cup just before bed

CRYSTAL11 in reply to Tomfin13

After reading up I have now started with the ginger tea. I just put slices of fresh ginger into a mug and pour on boiling water leave for 5 to 10 min and drink I think it’s helping


Tomfin13 in reply to CRYSTAL11

That's good it works for me let me know how you get on

Buscopan for wind, Gaviscon for nausea. If it doesnt resolve, go to the GP

I take Buscupan for the wind and travel sick tablets for nausea. I have been eliminating certain foods from my diet and I am better than I was but still get tummy pain and an awful lot of wind. I am convinced that wheat is a problem for me, I just need to try and think what to eat instead of sandwiches at lunchtime.

If you like sandwiches at lunchtime, you could try using SPELT flour bread. I’ve found it helps.

All the best, Angus

Thank you Angus and that's really helpful. I have spelt pasta in my cupboard so will now get the SPELT flour.


...and you can buy spelt loaves from Waitrose or Sainsbury’s ( and probably others too!)

Thank you Angus :)

I am gluten free so have gf bread. The genius one is not to bad. Some local Baker’s also do gf x


Hi Emmy,

You may find this article of interest:


Hi emmy

Yep i have this probelm

Or i did...

Now i have a peppermint capsule , a probiotic and a digestive enzyme in morning the another probiotic and peppermint cap before dinner and it has gone.. not had it for 6 months used to have it every day.

Also gave up cowsmilk and gluten and that has stopped most of my ibs problems

Emmy-89 in reply to Lulububs

Hey thanks for your reply! It's funny because I do all the exact same things as you apart from the peppermint as I suffer from acid reflux which apparently isn't good for that problem! I've switched to almond milk and limit dairy in general, it's really awkward though because I'm vegetarian.

Cameron62 in reply to Lulububs

What is the digestive enzyme that you use?

Lulububs in reply to Cameron62

Cytoplan or naturesbest digestive enzymes

schaf in reply to Lulububs


Lulububs in reply to schaf

I use cytoplan or naturesbest digestive enzymes. I take one in morning before brekkie and one before big dinner. I take bioglan gut flora probiotics and i take one before dinner again.

I also take peppermint oil capsules just from holland and barratt there cheap

Thanks everyone for all the responses, it's much appreciated! I will be trying all things suggested. I've tired most already but there a few new suggestions here! Thanks again :)

I always have a mint tea , I carry sugar free mints at all times , Windeeze don’t work for me but they do for others ! Also a walk get the wind moving x

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