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Please help me....Constant stomach pain, functional bowel disease and acute constipation

Hi, I've not been diagnosed with the above for over a year now, I was on a high amount of Tramadol, as it is the least constipating and effective pain relief, as the doctors found I was morphine intolerant, no matter how much I was given it did not kill the pain. I have also been on Buscopan and Domperidone. I found a few months back I didn't need to be on all this medication, Tramadol was the worst to come off being on 400mg a day. I think I was in a bed for a week, but feel better now for being off it. I feel less tired and more alert.

I have been back to the doctors because I have this terrible, constant upper stomach pain in the middle at the bottom of my rib cage. I explained that I had been in hospital around 12 times due to impaction and the only thing that cleared me was Klean Prep, being tube fed into my stomach - 4 litres. They tried around 20 enemas over the year, which just came back out. Picolax sachets, but nothing would clear it. Now after klean prep treatment back in May, I am on regular Movicol 2 sachets a night and 2 senna.

The doctor wanted to check for food poisoning as I had it previously, but came back negative, so put me on Mebeverine 135mg x3 a day, It did kill the pain for the first few days, but back to being in pain still in the same place. The GP told me to stop all Movicol and Senna, due to the diarrohea, but I explained I think this is over flow.

The consultant used to do an x-ray to see if impacted, but my GP seems to think this won't show the impaction. I am under a new consultant who has put me on a waiting list for the FODmap diet, but I have a year and half to wait. The consultant saw me in a good way a few months back, but now I am worried I am imapcted again. Going to the toilet every time I eat, going to toilet around 15 times a day Food un processed is also coming through, when I explained, she said I have an over active bowel?? I know this feeling and I feel impacted, but she does not want me to go back to the consultant. I have another appointment in February to see the consultant, but feel this is too long to wait. I am also bleeding from the back passage, when I go to the toilet or in between, I am burning and I have to wipe alot of blood away. I think this might be hemorrhoids from the constant diarrohea, but I just want to be checked out by my consultant before February. The burning and bleeding is really uncomfortable, I am now also incontinent and have to wear pads, due to leakage. I take 10mg of amitryplyne for the pain, at night.

so all together I am on Amytriptlyne, Mebeverine. The Gp also said there is nothing in the rectum to block me, but I have never had that it has always been upper.

I don't want to go back on heavy medication, for pain as I think the pain, is showing there is a problem? I so wish I could be checked. When I get pain, i then get anxious, as I don't know what is going on inside. So then this becomes a vicious circle. Going to toilet is not normal and what is happening is not good.

Can anyone help.....I don't like lots of medication. Many Thanks

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why wait to go on FODMAPs. The online site was very helpful. I went gluten free (I have IBS-C and PD) and it was very binding, but for you it might slow down the diarrhea. Also my sister said probiotics saved her life -- Natural Trinity I think she said. good luck


I think you've posted this question twice... here's the older thread and the replies.



Hi PatV I have been told to go on Probiotics by my consultant, but I have recently been told about a better one, so going to be buying this. I also eat a lot of pure greek yoghurt, this eases things.

Thank you xx


Hi, I Agee, I've just seen a dietician and about to start my FODMAP diet like many it appears that IBS is not usually the only issue one has! The FODMAP diet is a few booklets which is very useful and the website has lots of this on it. I am usure why GPs do not have access to these books while your waiting.


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