Constipation help please

I'm new to this site can anyone help me? I was diagnosed with IBS in my teens (I'm now 48) but have been chronically constipated all my life, apparently on medication as a baby. I completed drug research in 1992 at Hospital & was given manevac which worked for 12 years. When it stopped working I had to have a spinchterotomy and then I was given manevac. This worked well for another 12 or so years but now I have been struggling for the last 18 months again. Doctor has given me bisocodyl but they gripe me and bloat me-does anyone know any other medication which might help me?

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  • I don't know if this will help,but it has helped me

    There are 2 kinds of fibre. Soluble and insoluble. For many years the medical profession has given me insoluble fibre,including fybergel . These have made me worse,bunging me up for days

    So I investigated SOLUBLE fibre. Low and behold,after 3 weeks of putting myself on healthy eating I have had a breakthrough,so to speak. Instead of a bowel motion of anything up to 10 days or more,I now go every day and the stools are softer and no straining

    Type in soluble fibre on your laptop/iPad etc and you will get a list of foods to eat. Canada has a great web site for soluble fibre. It may not work for you but I am 74 on Monday,and the last 3 weeks have been the best as far as my IBS-C is concerned. Check how much fibre you actually eat,you may be surprised how little you do eat

    Hope you give it a try

  • Thank you, I will

  • Hmm, I ll try that, thanks for the advice. I ve got a little bit of Flatulence too, and it can seem so hard to control!!!!! I ve tried windeze and other chemist items, but they don t seem to control it !!

  • Movicol works for me or I try and have flaxseeds everyday which definitely helps.

  • If you need any more help just shout julieleesly68

    I wish medication had helped me,but have had bad side effectes,so back to nature for me

  • Sounds awful.i have senna pills 3 times a week before bedtime now.sick of being taken to hospital to be uunbloced!! Very painful!! I have i b s & thickening of the bowel wall through 3 ops that has left me with nerve damage that apparently they can.t treat!!

  • I'm shocked to find how many are suffering like me- I wish you lots of luck - I hope they can find some new treatments to help us soon.

  • It can be very uncomfortable after you have been to the toilet!!!!

  • My grandmother used to give me a spoonful of liquid paraffin, an oil or some kind, when I was young as I was born with lazy bowls and was always constipated. This old remedy worked for me then, and as it is non-medicated, you could only try it. Or other natural remedies like strong orange juice as well as the oil. As your doc see what he/she says. I always try natural first before going to the doc.

  • Yes I had liquid paraffin too as a child. I might try it again though thank you. I have tried all the diet techniques already, but nothing helped

  • I had that many years ago, my grand mother gave it me too. It worked, for a while, like everything else. I've just run out of things to try now

  • try taking magnesium citrate tablets I take 400mg (2x200mg tablets) before bed you can take more or less you just need to find correct dose that works for you.

  • Thanks

  • I've been trying magnesium for around six months now but no improvement so far

  • is it the magnesium citrate tablets you've tried,this is one that works for me solgar magnesium citrate.

  • Hi,

    Yes, those are the ones I have, from Holland & Barrett

  • A good site for soluble fiber is The woman who manages this site has IBS. It's a great source & pure products.

  • Thank you

  • Smooth Move tea by Traditional Medicinals. It has senna which is a natural laxative. I drink it every other day. It works in 24 hours and like a charm. I take it along when I travel too. It's wonderful!

  • Thank you

  • The best is magnesium citrate. I take between 600 to 800mg capsules mist nights before bed on an empty stomach with lots of water. This is by far the best natural supplement for constipation. The fibre alone won't help. Look it up the benefits of magnesium and constipation. There is no cramps and bloating. You should really give it a try. You will be relieved!

  • Thanks. A few people have suggested it so I'm definitely going to try it

  • Hi, me too really, I have problems with my bowel transit for some time now, I have been taking Laxido, (orange), for a few months, and it has eased things a lot, but I still want to go and see a gynocologist???? about it

  • Laxido worked well for me for about 12 years- good luck!

  • It son and off for me, I don t know when to take it really, it s too much, or not enough!!!! Think I have a weak bowell????

  • I found around pm was the best time, followed by a hot drink then it worked over night and I went to the toilet next morning. If I ate after taking it, I found it didn't work so well.

  • If you have constipation or flatulence, try Ginger, in quite a few forms too, I am told on an online site, it is the answer to all your problems Xxxx ;-)

  • Hi,

    I tried that mid 90's but unfortunately it didn't work for me, thanks for the suggestion though 😀

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