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***** Daily Chat - Friday 22nd March 2013 *****

***** Daily Chat - Friday 22nd March 2013 *****

Good morning everyone

Have I slept through our summer :-( ??? I can’t believe the weather!! I skidded some of the way this morning, if anyone’s got to go out – be careful :-)

Buttons, I love your posts. Always put a smile on our faces, even in this weather ;-) Well done on 11 days, you definitely deserve a little treat. Go on spoil yourself ;-)

The nun – are you feeling poorly? :-( I hope you’ve slept well and managing those devil cravings!

Hi Elissa – Well done to you :D You didn’t buy any in the shop which is really good. Ok you got home to a little stress and one ciggy got the better of you but the main thing is you’ve got back on track and felt comfortable enough to talk to friends on here. We’re only human and making big changes to our lives when we quit smoking. Don’t give yourself a hard time. I’m glad you and hubby are still friends ;-)

Good morning Simba; how are you feeling today? I’m catching up (the best I can) with all the posts on here and seen a lovely post for you. Keep positive, there’s lots of support on here for you. :D

Hi Jojllou, how are things today? It’s funny; we have a lot of people who can struggle around day 3. Don’t forget like I’ve said earlier on; your making changes and breaking habits that you have done for a long time. Some people call it like a bereavement; losing a friend. Whether we’re happy, sad or stressed our ciggies are there for us. Your NRT will be working, if you’re using it properly, what are you using? A lot of it is psychological and understanding how to deal with cravings. I will re-post Emjays tips throughout the day for you. Breathing exercises are really good too.

If anyone’s got any other questions, I’ll be nipping in and out through the day.

Speak soon

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Hi ya Jarvo, its lovely to see you here gal :)

I tried waking you earlier, but have got a sore throat so couldnt shout very loud :o :P :D

Well I woke up this morning, bright and early, looked outa the bedroom window :o yep your pic summs it up, we had a rite dumpin of that white stuff :P so thought nah ! so i had another erm 5 mins kip :D :D

Dun dins, cleared paths now off to see the doc for my champix :) flippin snowing again now, speak soon :)


Aup JC, sooooo you've gone all high tech then :o :)

Well here's a treat for you to nibble at while your reading/watching your book :| I've sampled it to make sure it's yummy :) :)


Enjoy your read John, enjoy :) :)

Speak later :)


Yoo Hoo!

I hope that everyone is tickerty boo!

I hope that you're well on the mend after your op Sue! Big hugs for a speedy recovery!

Have been really busy, plus I did my back in! Dopey person that I am!

It's just started snowing again here- deep joy! I'm meant to be shopping for an old lady whilst my friend is on holiday. If it's thick with snow, I'm not driving! She has plenty of stuff in and she'll whinge like mad it she doesn't get her Gregg's Doughnuts and Vanilla slices, but I'm sure she can manage without for a day if needs be. I'm not taking a risk driving if the weather is bad! She has carers going in on a daily basis and I'm sure that one of them will pop to get her goodies and I'll pop shopping for her on Sunday!

Am away to sprawl on my sofa and watch some telly, am all snuggled up in my jim jams!

Laters all...



Hi ya Chickles :) hmmmm have I got your name right :o

yeah snows coming down here again too, like you say its just not worth driving somtimes, she will have to go without cakes for one day.

ha ha you flippin sprawl on your sofa gal and enjoy :) come to think of it Jan, I havent had a good sprawl on our settee for ages :o hang on a minute :o ooooooo thats better :) :) mind you it makes a rite mess of ya hair !!!! :D :D rite am off to get a cannie, cos I think the cat drank the last one while I was busy sprawling :o :| :D

Back later


Hi Chickles and Pete, it's very quiet on here tonight, where is everyone, I think you must all be secret football fans. I've had a nice quiet evening upstairs in a room I've found to be least draftiest (flipping wind, am sure this house is a sieve in disguise) on my laptop listening to my new Girls Aloud album a snip at £4 in a closing down HMV shop. Hubby is downstairs nursing the start of a cold (eeugh) and watching that dastardly football.


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