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Daily Chat : 22nd May 2012

Good Morning everybody.

My names Pete and i think i have made a blunder with the Daily chat!!!!

I'm trying to help Emjay out because the poor gals worn out, so i thought that i would open the Daily Chat for her, buttttttt I've posted it on the community blog, and not on here!!!! :o I do apologise, for any inconvenience that i may have caused you.

I assure you that the Daily Chat will be back to normal tomorrow, sorryyyyyyy.

Pete :)

8 Replies

Maybe 3rd time lucky Pete!!! (Hehehehe!!)


Andi --- Helppppppp


yerrrr you can ( HeHeHeHe)


Sorry mate, don't ask me - I think it's time to get on yer bike before you start to think of other things!! See if you see some flying pigs!!!! (Hahahehe)


Andi!!!!! you've got a right cheeky s__ erm so and so do you know that gal!!!!

I thought you were a ''Lady'' huh dont flippin know now!!!! (Haha hehe)

As for flying pigs, dont know, cus i dont look up, cus i'm scared of hights. :o


Yerrrrr thats it you kick an old boy when he's down, you know what you are dont you???? a ''bungalow''


I live in a bungalow but don't know what context you've ysed the word in - is it some strange north country saying?? :P


A bungalow means that you havnt got note upstairs gal !!!!! :P (tehetehe) sorryyyyyy. I'm glad you had a good day 8-)

Pete. :)


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