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Ok I shall try and explain how to put pictures on and smileys on the blogs etc.

Firstly putting a picture on is easier if your on google chrome.

Go into images pick your picture. Then right click on the picture you will see copy image url

click on that. Now go back to your community blog and where you want to place the picture

right click and click on paste. (hopefully job done).

When you open up the daily chat you pick the image and right click and go for the option of save image in :- You will probably have a folder with pictures etc. click on to that.

Then where it says image (optional) click on browse and find the file you saved your picture in. click on open. this should then be in the image bar. to check press preview, sometimes have to press preview twice. All being well you should have completed the job.


8-) :D :( :P :) :O :X

If you point your cursor over any of the smileys I have put on you will see what keys I have used to make the image. make sure you leave a couple of spaces after and before words otherwise they don't always work. . Good Luck! you can always delete if it doesn't work.

After that Pete is probably the expert. :D

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Thanks Jillygirl.:-)

Will try picture tomorrow as google Crome keeps crashing on me while I try to set up an account!!:o


should be able to do it without chrome , but not sure. xxx


Thanks Jillygirl I may try to put a picture on now, didn't know where to start. I don't have google chrome so we will soon see if it works. suecx


just tried it without chrome get image then right click . click copy. then paste on your blog.


Hi Jilly

I right click on pick but when I go to blog box and right click will not allow me to paste. This was how I was trying before. Still can't get it to work :-(


Aup Bunny :)

If your trying to put a pic on your '' own '' blog post, then go down to the box which says - Choose file - left click on that, then you can pick a picture from one of your files on your computer :)

Find the pic you want, left click on it once, then down to open, left click on that, it should transfer it to your blog post :)

To check, just click on preview, and your blog and pic should appear :) :) then you can have a little dance :D :D if not, throw a wobbly :o but not in my direction eh :D :D


Thanks Pete. Mastered the own blog but still am unable to add a pic link when replying to someone elses blog like sending you all some cake


Hmmmmm this is a tough one gal :o erm erm

When you pick a picture, dont use the top few rows, cos sometimes they dont work !!!!

You must right click on the pic, and left click on copy image URL !!!!

Right click on your blog, then left click paste :)

If that dont work, then I'm Compo :o :D :D



Jillygirl, you missed a smiley out gal :P :P :D :D



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