Can snacking be healthy????

Yes I think it can!!!!

Peas in the pod, you have to open the pod and pick the peas out, so you are using your hands and then you eat them, a lot healthier than choc

Pomegranates-- also known as the Chinese apple, just slice one in half, find a pin!! sit down to watch tv, and pick the seed out with the pin, again you are using your hands and snacking at the same time, pluuuuus Pomegranates are one of the richest fruits there are,jam packed with vits, a very good one for you Ladys is that it enhances the beauty and life of the skin.

Just a couple of my ideas, i'm sure you will have more, come and let us into you secret!!!!

Pete :)

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  • Can't do better than your ideas Pete, i love both of these and used to eat them when i was young, my gran used to grow peas and i was always pinching them lol, brings back a lot of happy memories and a brilliant idea :)

  • Having chopped veg at the ready such as carrots, peppers of all colours, cucumber etc and kept in the fridge can also help at those peckish times.

    Or how about a few sticks of celery? Apparently, when eating celery - you burn off more calories digesting it than what is actually in it!


  • Your spot on Emjay, celery - only 16 calories per 100 grams, unless of course you put a load of phillidelphia cheese spread on it!!!! then the cals will rise somewhat.

    Did you know that celery is a herb!!!!

    Pete :)

  • I mentioned before sunflower seeds - very healthy say 2 handfuls a day but a bit difficult to eat one at a time. Maybe the concentration of eating only one at a time will take the mind off other things such as cravings.

  • Hi Andi, was it you that snacked on half a bag of pistachio nuts the other day???? i wander how many grams you ate!!!! Allthough they are a rich source of energy -- a whopping 557 calories per 100 grams, ''wow''

    Madmad if you want to put it on gal, go buy a big big bag of pistachio's gal!!!!

  • Falling off my chair laughing!!!! Just checking packet - 582 cals per 100g., packet size - 250g.


  • Aup Andi if you have any left, i should post them to Madmad gal, cus her needs them!!!!

  • Thanks, anyone can post any goodies to me, all gratefully recieved, I like eating.


  • I'm afraid Andi that sunflower seeds are about the same as pistachio nuts,---584 calories per 100 gms

  • I want to put weight on, any ideas? I eat constantly, anythink and everythink and never gain an ounce. I am hoping now i,ve stopped smoking I,ll get fat, ha ha. Doubt it though, then I,ve got a good excuse to buy new clothes. Have to stay away from celery now EmJay pointed out that pearl of wisdom, i,ll fall down the cracks in the pavements if I lose any calories. ( But maybe I could sue the Council then). Take care everyone, have a smoke free day,


  • Check out above comments!!!

  • Hey Pete have you been swallowing a Weight watchers manual or something?

    Perhaps you're on the wrong site and quitting smoking's not your real problem.

    Well, I think I'd better stop there!

  • Andi i will have you know young lady that i am 5' 6'' tall and i am 11stone in weight, not really that bad yet!!!!! but on some of the chat you ladys have said that you do not want to put weight on, but you snack!!!! cus of quitting fags, and that is the only reason, erm , i'm just trying to give you a substitute to snacking, thats all!!!!

    Andi may i ask you what you think my problem is???? then!!!!

    I came to this site to quit smoking, cus i knew!!!! that i would need help!!! because i am weak willed, and so far the help has been there when i have needed it, and i thank everybody for helping me, so i have got to help you if i can, no i want to help you!!!!

  • I think you're doing fantastically well and you sound very trim. Perhaps I'll find a corner and try to grow some peas - not sure I can wait that long til I can spend my evenings nibbling peas though. Must get down that gym!

  • Just a thought about nuts, i spend a small fortune on peanuts for the birds, they luv em, i know that there's about 550cals in 100grams, but surely if they were that fattening the birds around here would be walking around!!!! and not flying!!!! Think i will go and get some monkey nuts, see how much weight i put on in a week, maybe take them to work with me instead of my fruit pastilles, do you think it would be healthier for me ????

    Pete :)

  • You obviously like monkeys - better not try the fat balls though!!! (Hahaha!)

  • Aup Andi, thats great gal!!!! you have a laugh at my expence, can't fault you gal, as for the fat balls ermmm maybe some tomy sauce on them!!! what do you think??????

    Keep in there gal, i'm with you all the way, nice one!!!!

    Pete :)

  • I only wish I did healthy!!!! I'm afraid I'm a junk food junkie and eating for 20 in the evenings - after my evening meal that is. What was it last night - a magnum followed by a large bag of pistachios followed of a family bar of aero!!! I shall end up the size of a house!!!

  • Cor I am rubbish. I don't like peas, or celery, or peppers, or nuts. Wish I wasn't so fussy! I like leeks, they look a bit like celery... ? :D

  • Aup Lenne, you just crack me up gal, ya do!!!! :D hope your keepin ciggie free, there's just one question i would like to ask you, erm do you have philidelphia cheese spread with your leeks?????? ;)

    Huggs to you gal, Pete :)

  • Pete... I am going to go to the shops tomorrow, get some leeks, and some phili spread and give it a go! It's an epic plan oh yes! Absolutely keeping smoke free plus I signed up for Weight Watchers so now I can't work out if I am craving a cig, or if I want chocolate or crisps. As far as plans go this is probably the worst I have ever had but it's worth a go eh? You getting on okay? Big hugs to you, my friend! xx

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