Daily chat Saturday 28th June 2014

Daily chat Saturday 28th June 2014

Good day to everybody and I hope you had a lovely nights sleep and have charged your batteries up ready to fight Mr nic off when he shows his ugly face :)

Well its the weekend again, yippeeeeeeeeee :D :D :D and its lovely to see our Jillygirl back on here and on the mend :) :)

Just a point about this new site, I emailed Pepa Gonzalez who is one of the tech people on here, to make this site easier for us :) 1 suggestion that I made to him was the ''news feed'' soooo, all you have to do now is go to ''Health Unlocked'' at the top left of the screen and click on that, this will take you straight to news feed where you can find out the latest comments and see who's on line :)

Well I've got the lawns to mow today, oooo I'm so looking forwards to that :P :D :D plus looks like am off poncing over them fields again to catch a new 8 Month Winners Badge for Kaprin ermmm, perhaps not in my shorts though eh, cos its a bit cool today :o but it keeps me out of mischief eh :D :D

I hope you all have a lovely smokefree day and if you need any help, then come a shouting, see's ya all soon :) :)

Pete :)

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  • I should hope you're not out in your shorts Pete. I have on a cable knit jumper plus a coat when I went out. 13 piggin degrees. It's freeeeezin :o

  • :D :D

  • Afternoon all, glad to see you're keeping busy Monky :)

  • Hellooo peeps. Does anyone know on what channel I might find some decent coverage of Glastonbury. All I can find is some owd bugger Robert Plant? singing something I've never heard of. All I can find is flimmin tennis and football on the usual channels. Soo excited for Kasabian tomorrow night, hope it is actually on telly.

  • Don't watch the TV - watch the BBC online coverage.

    Metallica are on BBC2 at 9:30 though - and Jack White is on BBC3 now.

  • Thanks Chris - umph, don't really like either. Where is all the dance music. I think I missed it, it was on Radio 1 last night. ah well over to spotify.

  • Try BBC Red Button - Daptone Soul now, Goldfrapp and others to follow....

  • oooh, thanks. Hubby was watching football but he's gone to sleep so I'll sneak on the red button.

  • Sooooooooo, what you been putting in hubbies tea to make him go to sleep then :D :D :D

  • hehee. He woke up, said it was half time and now he's disappeared altogether. Tsk.

  • Job sorted gal :D :D :D

  • The owd bugger did good sin! :D

    Different dancing here, me and hubby ready, shame he lost his hair, but its kinda cool :) :o :D. Need some exercise :)


    I'm waiting for Metallica too :D

    Oooooh! They're nearly on!!!

  • haha. Who lost is hair? Looked like he had plenty to me :D I don't like Metallica either. I said to hubby you might as well watch football. Oh would you look at that Uruguay are losing now. Oh well I'll just wait for Kasabian tomorrow.

  • Hubby's hair, or not! :D

    Did you see some of the Brazil Chile match?! So hard!! Extra time then penalties. So much emotion!

  • It was on. I don't watch it. I was waiting for it to finish. 6.00pm and I said ooooh I think I'll watch tennis. Hubby - uh there's a match on I wanted to see :x

  • I'm at the 1Xtra party at Glasto - some old skool. Michael Jackson yay

  • Gottit, but not MichaelvJackson. Girlrap. OK.

  • umph, its all gone a bit 1Xtra now :(

  • Aup monky!

    You've been busy! Hope you are OK, and the rain held off for that lawn mowing. It's been a real wet one here, walking the streets of Manchester in the rain earlier.

    As for shorts :o !

    Have a good relax and tinnie now? :)

  • Aup Betts, naghhhhhhh no shorts today gal, like Sinfree said, its flippin freeeeeeezing here, had to put a jumper on :o :(

    Yep, just slurping on my cannie now Betts :P slurp :P slurp hic :D :D

  • Enjoy it pete. :)

    I'm chomping an ice lolly. Nice. Feeling thirsty. Did my drinking earlier :)

  • Really? Flipping eck, its not rained here at all today and only 10 miles from Manchester. Looking a bit black now though.

  • It was following me then.... Thought as much....

  • :D

  • :D :D :D

  • Aup Sinfree, you bin out on ya bike today then :o

  • No, not been on my bike since about Monday or Tuesday or something. I went out to get my Dad a pressie cos its his birthday on Tuesday.

  • Ahhhhh happy b'day to your dad :D

  • Aww thank you. How is your Dad now, are his eyes feeling a bit better?

  • They are thank you, still very swollen but he reckons why anyone would have this procedure as cosmetic surgery is beyond him...... he said it was v v painful! :(

  • Oooh, bad enough when you just get something in your eye. What did he have done?

  • He has droopy (no pun intended) eye lids which is effecting his sight so they removed the skin above and below the eye.... :o we keep teasing my mum that dad's gonna look 20 years younger than her now.... :D :D

  • Oooh, that does sound very painful. Aww.

  • Thing is I have the same eyes as him so gawd only knows what's gonna happen to me when I get a bit older.... :O

  • Oh dear, maybe it won't affect your eyes though

  • Im gonna start pegging my eyes when I go to bed ..... ;) :D

  • Just keep walking around with them shut like you do now gal :P :D :D

  • hehehehehehehehe :D

  • The are on! Time to rock!!!!!

  • Hi guys

    Well you all seem to be Glasto experts.... Im waiting for Dolly tomorrow :D

    Hope you've all had a good smoke free day today :D

    I really hate the way this site is now set up, its driving me nuts :)

  • Why, helloooooo there :) :)

    Whats up with this site now then :o :P :P

  • Hi Mrs Droopy. I am still using the old version of this site.

  • Sin, I'm using the new version on my comp, but still have the old version on my mobile, cos it wont download to my mobile for some reason :o

  • I don't know. I thought that was the whole point, so it would work better on mobiles.

  • Yep, sooooooooo did I :o

  • I just don't like it.....mister monky I cant see the posts down the side.... the print is too big....... the quit support logo covers your face....... mmmmmmm that's all for now :(

    Im also back on the old version today ..... ????

    Hiy Sin how you doing today :)

  • Hey, I thought it best to have my face covered with the quit support logo any way :D :D :D

    How do you get back to the old version then ??

  • Not sure..... it keeps happening ?????

  • I am very well thank you. It has been cold all day but I think it must be warming up again tonight as I am getting rather hot in my wooly jumper :D

  • Errrrr Ive been in a t shirt all day..... its been well warm even when it chucked it down :(

  • Its only been 13 degrees here today. According to weather it said it would drop to about 5 tonight :o haha, best drag that electric blanket back out again.

  • Blimey.... it's about 20ish degrees in town today and its still v warm :D

  • Yeah, it was only about 14 here in Derbyshire too :o

  • Well, take your wooly jumper off then gal, tut tut, do us blokes have to do everything for you gals :o :D :D

  • Blimey you blokes are all the same, always trying to get us gals to undress :D :D :D

  • Sin said that she was hot, sooooooo, I thought that would be the best thing for me, ermmmm for her to do see :P :D :D

  • :D :D :D

  • Hey Monky, you heard from our Chrissie lately??

  • No not for a while now, but she did say that she had a lot going on at the moment, so when she gets 5 mins I'm sure she will be here :) :)

  • Cool..... just a wee bit worried about her :D

  • :D :D

  • Oh well I will have to go now. I have stuff open on my tablet that I have to find on my laptop to save and I need to stop going to bed just before its time to get up :o So night night Droopy and Pete and Betts if you've finished rocking along to Metallica. Sleep well everyone. haha, don't forget to peg your eyes Droopy :)

  • bite nite Sin, pleasant dreams hun :) -x-

  • oops nite nite..... :D

  • Sooooooooo you've been on the red milk tooooooo then :P :D :D

  • certainly looks that way ;)

  • :D :D :D

  • haha, hey my names not Suarez :D :D

  • LMAO..... :D :D :D :D : D

  • Didn't know Suarez was on this site ha ha :D

  • Nite nite Sinfree, you go get some lovely sweet dreaming zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz gal and see's ya tomorrow eh :) :) x

  • you too, byeeeee :)

  • I'm sorry Julie but I will have to go tooooo, cus am nodding see :o so I will bid you a lovely nights sleep full of sweet dreams and goodies :) :) and see's ya tomorrow if you let me :o :D :D

    Good nights sleep huggs on there way to you :) xx

  • Nite nite lovely monky, sweet dreams hun -x-

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