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Morning everyone, I think we had our Spring yesterday. It was lovely in Derbyshire until the rain came at 4 pm. Today is dull and cold.

Hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend and those that are just starting on their smoke free journey can get as much support from this site as I have. I have only been a member for a few weeks but have many friends who have supported and advised me through my quit.

The picutre is off my eldest dog who sadly died last year name of Simba and that is why I use the name Simba196 in his memory. He was camera shy if he saw a camera he went under the coffee table but managed to get this one on my phone.

if you want a laugh and didn't get on the site last night read the daily blogs there are some great jokes, thanks to Jillygirl, Sue and others.

Just off to see my youngest son (I have two sons and a daughter) and his two children this morning and then over to my daughters who lives 40 miles away to stock her up with food as she returns in the early hours of tomorrow morning from Tenerife with her three boys.

Take care everyone, have a lovely Sunday smoke free and keep smiling. suec x

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Hi Sue, You did it managed to put the daily chat on without that jillygirl interfering. : D

You have a busy day today. enjoy. I shall be seeing my daughter this afternoon. They have a motorbike so if its fine we look after the 11 yr old. whilst they go for a ride. Granddaughter doesn't mind as she isn't bothered about going in the car either.

Have a lovely day. xxxx :)


Thanks Jillygirl, yes managed it thank you. It is lovely to go and see grandchildren isn't it, my eldest is 6 and then they go 5, 4 3, 2 and two babies. Have a great day and speak later. suec xx


Good morning everyone,

We had a spring day yesterday as well, today it's heavy rain, we're starting to get a swimming pool in the street :D

I hope you both have a lovely day with your grandchildren, I'm not venturing outside in this weather so my 10 minute walk will just have to wait

Take care :) xxx


Morning Sue, Sorry your having to miss your 10 min walk. have a lazy sunday. feet up and video. :)


keep you going this aft. :)


That's okay Jillygirl, thank you for the bath though, just what i need today, feeling a bit under the weather

i705.photobucket.com/albums... :D :D


It was supposed to be choccies don't know how that pic got there. :D


:D :D :D we'll i still enjoyed that thank you :)


Good morning each and everyone one of you beautiful SMOKE FREE people!

Just checking in but have got a stitch in my side still from yesterday due to laughing out loud so much - where did all them come from they were such a tonic to me and hopefully everyone else!

We had a nice day until 4 pm then rain but this morning although very, very windy we do have some blue sky and clouds but they are white ones as opposed to grey/black rainy ones. Will send the sun and blue sky to you all so hopefully it will get there before too long.

Just wanted to let you all know that I am working on my next masterpiece - so you have been warned - but changing the bed and washing plus ironing take priority at the mo with the dogs going in the bath this afternoon! Hey ho - guess I'm going to be a pretty soggy person this pm!!!

Whatever you do today hope you all have a great day and will catch up with everyone later.




hi Kath, just thought you could always take the dogs for a walk through the car wash.

let them go at one end and greet them at the other. :D save you getting wet.

then hang them out to dry. :D :P



Now why didn't I think of that! I'll let you know if it got them clean (and me come to that!).


hi Kath, I hope the rain goes off for your walk, if not you can always do Jillygirls idea :D :D

Have a great smoke free day :) xx


Thanks Sue Luckily for me I walked the dogs at nearly their usual time (6.30am) and although there were dark clouds there was no rain thankfully.

You and everyone have a souper douper 'clear' day and I now know why monky wasn't ask to do the morning blog!


Hey Simba Sue

Forgot to say that Simba is extremely handsome and he must have brought you a lot of joy and love. I got one of my dogs from a police dog handler and you say that Simba was camera shy well his police dog, who was called Tyson, was the exact opposite. As soon as he saw a camera he sat down and looked at it with the most dopey expression on his face and by all accounts he did this once at a police show half way through his routine because someone on the front row got a camera out ready to take pictures of the next dog to go!!

Enjoy your day everyone!



Morning Jillygirl, kath, Sue's and all.

Really sorry to hear that you have rain :-( We had it down here all yesterday and it looks like you have it now :-(

Not to make it worse but it's fab here today...warm, sunny and DRY. Woo Hoo. :-) :D :D

Going to talk Barney for a long walk and do a little more in the garden :-)

Have a fun day whatever you do :)

Stay strong and catch up later and I'll post some more jokes



OOOPs senior typo. Going to take Barney for a walk, not talk.


Morning Suex, glad you have a better day. we have very strong wind rain and sun all at the same time. So don't know how the day will be.

Enjoy your walk and talk with Barney. :D

Hope it stays fine for you to do the garden.

Have a lovely day. xxx


Morning Suex, I'm glad your having better weather that us, it will make your walk with Barney much more pleasant :)

Have a great day :) xx


Morning folks,

Yep, "That Weather's" back again... The Jet Stream the weather forecasters talk of, needs hauling back up nearer to Iceland with a winch or something. Or, I'm going to have to consider moving!

One more week with the eCiggie, then I'm going to try... nothing. Need to keep trying to get the Nicotine out completely - and I haven't done that yet. Ah well, one day at a time I guess.

Will pop in later to night and have a wee catch-up of everyone's day.

Keep taking in "Fresh Air" folks! xx


Hi Gill, your doing great. enjoy your day. xxx


Morning Gill, I'm with you on the moving front, to some where sunny, might go live in California with my sister in law :D :)

One day at a time will get you there, your doing great :) Hope you have a fab day :) xx


Hope everyone has a great day.



Hi Sally , have a good day love.


Hi Sally, I hope you have a great day as well, and that your weather is better than mine.

Sue :) xx


What makes a tree noisy? Its bark

What insect is musical? a Humbug

What tune is sung in a car? A cartoon

Who invented fire? some bright spark.

What nut has no shell? A doughnut

What is a mermaid? A deep-she fish

Who tells chicken jokes? Comedihens

What pie can fly? A magpie

What has only one foot? A leg

What cow eats grass? A lawn-mooer

Why did the chicken cross the road halfway?

-She wanted to lay it on the line

Why did the chicken cross the basketball court?

- He heard the referee calling fowls

Why did the chicken cross the playground?

-To get to the other slide!

How does a farmer count a herd of cows?

-With a Cowculator

What's a cow's favorite moosical note?


Why don't cats play poker in the jungle?

-Too many cheetahs

What do cats like to eat for breakfast?

-Mice Krispies

A man was driving down the road with twenty penguins in the back seat. The police stop him and say that he can't drive around with the penguins in the car and should take them to the zoo. The man agrees and drives off.

The next day the same man is driving down the road with twenty penguins in the back and again. He is stopped by the same police officer who says, "Hey! I though I told you to take those to the zoo."

The man replies "I did. Today I'm taking them to the movies."

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Who's there?


Max who?

Max no difference to you, just let me in!

Knock knock!

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Vera Who?

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Funny Puns and One-Liners

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Dijon vu - the same mustard as before

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What's the definition of a will? (Come on, it's a dead giveaway!)

A backwards poet writes inverse

He had a photographic memory that was never developed

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Patient: Well, might as well give me the bad news first.

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1985 A.D. - "That pill is ineffective, take this antibiotic."

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Hi Jillygirl Love the jokes :D :D :D

Sue x


Thanks jillygirl and Sue. The weather here(London) is trying to be nice and recover from the rain of yesterday. White fluffy clouds with hints of blue sky. Fingers crossed.



Hi John,

Off out about 2.pm. Child minding whilst they go for a parrot they have seen for sale. only 6 months old. granddaughter doesn't know yet. So they will have a budgie, a cockatiel, and a parrot. Oh what fun. :)


Hi John, I hope your having a good day so far :)


Hi John, I'm glad things are a bit better for you today :)

I'm doing fine thank you, just 2 more weeks of not doing much, then i should be fine.


Hi Sue , off out soon. Before I go something to go with the bath .


still trying to work out how the bath piccy came to be on here. :O xx


Hi Jillygirl, Just put it down to gremlins :D :)

have a great afternoon with your Granddaughter :), you'll need to get pics of the parrot, if they get it :) xx


Hi Everyone

Just thought that all this talking makes one thirsty so I've put the kettle on and the cake is ready cut and the biscuits are out if anyone cares to join me.



As long as you don't dehydrate on me through lack of liquid then just cake it shall be John - chocolate or victoria sandwich?


Hi Kath,

I'll have a cuppa thanks :) might have to leave the cake though, all this enforced sitting about has made me gain some weight :o :D

Hope your having a brill day :) xx


Hiya everybody, :) :)

I hope your all well and enjoying this lovely Sunday :) although its gone rather dull here now in Derbyshire :( :P but never mind eh, cos we cant have the sun alllllll the time can we :o :|

Well done dins and got the new house phones sorted out at last :o :) so am now going to do some pottering about in the garden, or garage if it starts to rain :P see you all soon :) :)


Hello everyone,

Sunday afternoon and another dull wet day in Cheltenham. Must of worn myself out at the gym earlier as spent most of the afternoon snoozing!!

Tend to drop in and out of the site most days, delighted to see so many people still non smoking! Eight weeks tomorrow for me... Or is it nine? Must check Fags last blog as exactly two weeks behind! Anyway delighted to have made it this far :-)

Busy arranging holidays, both Bank hols booked, Glastonbury, Greenman, but where should we take Lucy (my faithful old van) for the summer.... Ummm


Aup Suze, lovely to see you again gal :)

As for the drop in and out of the site, erm I think thats a Woman thing :o :P :D :D

Oy flippin Suze :o your on your 8th week :P :D huh typical flippin Woman, trying to add a bit on :D

Now then young Lady, can I ask you a question, erm is your old man called Lucy :o or is it your old van !!!!!


Hi all,

you've been busy Pete today, hey send some sun up here, and take take the wind away, went for a walk and nearly got blown off my feet :D :D

hope you have a great time in garage or garden :P :D :D :)

well done on 8 or 9 weeks Bella, that's brill :) :)

for that you deserve a cake

fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akamaihd.... enjoy :)

I'm off to get a cuppa to warm up, see you later :) xx


Hiya Sue, :)

I hope your feeling a bit better today gal :) :) well it looks like it cos of the smilies you've got on your blog :) :D

Take it steady Sue, eh '' please '' your doing so so well after your opp, just take it easy for a bit :) enjoy it :) :)


Hiya Pete, I'm feeling better today thank you, and i'm doing what i'm told, or at least trying :D :D i am behaving, honest :)

hope you've had a great day in your garden or garage :) and now gonna have a relaxing evening :)


Hi everyone, Grandaughter very happy with chico the parrot. photos to come later.

Still very windy up here but it didn't really rain.

Hope you all have had a good sunday. :) :)


Chico sounds beautiful Jillygirl, can't wait to see the pics :)

we've had high winds here as well, it's a lot calmer now thank goodness

have a great evening :)


Hiya Jillygirl, :)

Am glad you ad a good time with your granddaughter this afternoon :) :) just wondering if there was any scooting about :o :D :D :D


Hi Pete, no scootering just yet. What hours are you doing tomorrow. Hope not those horrid ones.

Going to sign off now so see you tomorrow. Night Night sweet dreams. To pete , sue and everbody. xxxxx :) :) :)


Hi all, i'm gonna have to go to bed now, my energy levels are going through the floor, i'll be lucky if i have enough left to Stand up :(

nite nite Jillygirl, Pete, John and everyone, sweet dreams, luv yas xxxxx


Nite nite Sue, you get tucked up in that duvet gal :) luvs ya ta bits gal, I do :) :) try to enjoy your sleep eh :) sleep well Sue, xxxxxx :) :)


Night Night all.

Sieep well ready to face another smoke free day. :-) Sorry I didn't post any jokes today. Had problems with broadband. It's 11pm now and I have to be up at 6am so take care y'all

Sue xx


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