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Daily Chat Saturday 26th January 2013

Daily Chat Saturday  26th  January  2013

Good Morning everybody, I hope your all well and staying focused on your quit :)

We have about 8'' of snow here in Derbyshire, huh cant find my sledge :o just when I want it eh.

No thats not my cat in the picture, she's tooooo fast for me to bury in snow although we have had a bit of a snowball fight this Morning :D :D

Jillygirl its nice to hear that your on the mend and getting back to your old self :) come and have a chat gal if you feel up to it eh

Andi, I aint half missing you gal, just like a trapped finger :D :D I hope your enjoying your holiday Andi, take care now and speak soon :)

Rite am off out to clear snow :( You all have a good day and take care

Speak soon Pete :)

Please use our daily chat to let us know how you are doing with your quit attempt, at whatever stage you are at - Planning, preparing, quitting, staying stopped and even relapsing....

However, if you have any specific questions, then please still post in the questions section, or if you want to blog separately on your quit story then please do so.

Remember, that any questions that you have may help others wondering the same thing.

Soooo..... chat away! :)

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Good morning JC :)

It sounds as if your all prepared for what ever the day throws at you pal :) :) you stay positive.

Hmmmm not seen any cakey about yet :o :(


Good Morning Pete and everyone else,

Sorry I went off so quickly last nigh Pete, I just got so tired all of a sudden, I hate that I have to go to bed so early :(

I love your picture, it made me laugh, don't know how the person managed to do that to their cat, any cat I've had would have run a mile before I even started :D :D

Wow, you've got 8 inches of snow, we've got about an inch, if that, although about a mile away from me, still in Dundee, they probably have that, there building snowmen there :D :D It is chilly though so I hope you keep warm when your snow shoveling :), have a cuppa when you get in to warm up

I second what you said about Jillygirl and Andi, hope you doing great Jillygirl, and your enjoying your holiday Andi, playing in the snow

I'm going to visit my daughter and her hubby this afternoon :) so i'll be away for a while, got shopping to do as well,

Keep warm and safe everyone, hope you all have a great smoke free day :) xxxxxxxxxxx


Here's some cake Pete, better get it quick, before JC :D :D



Dont worry Sue cos i grabbed some before JC got hold of it :) yum yum in my tum toooooooo see JC :P :D


Well you've got more Pete cause i sent one to you in a message :D :D


good Morning John, hope you have a good day, sounds like Amor and Vida are enjoying the sun :) wish I had some sun here, could do with warming up :D

I'm glad your keyboard is working again, computers are great until they stop working properly, then I usually end up wanting to through mine out the window :D :D


Good Morning Sue :) :)

Dont you worry about going to bed early gal, it just means you need the sleep :)

Enjoy visiting your Daughter this afternoon, but you keep warm eh :)


Hi Pete,

I know, it's just that I'm sleeping too much, sometimes I'm not waking up till after 11am, it's so annoying cause I'm missing half the day, then I'm playing catch up with everything I need to do, maybe it will change soon, hopefully :)

How are you doing today? I hope your dong great :)


I'm off out to do shopping, then to my daughters, see you later everyone, have a great day :) xx


Hello Pete, and all those followers.

Hope you managed to clear the snow. My hubby just finished clearing ours. Glad when its gone then I can attempt to go out. I am so bored being stuck inside. Never mind hopefully get out a bit more soon. My daughter calling in soon so will catch up later.

:) :) :) xxxxxxx


Auuuuup Jillygirl, ohh it's lovely to see you gal :) :)

Ave cleared the paths and dug my van out :o just come in for a warm :) Yes I bet your bored stuck inside :( from your windows you could plan your garden out for this Year :) as in what plants and colours you have now, would they look better somewhere else, or do you want new plants, different colours !! draw a plan of how you would want it :) :)

Am not sure whether you are still going to sell your house or not ? but a nice colourful garden will open the eyes of new prospective buyers maybe :) :)

Speak later Jillygirl, and enjoy the time with your Daughter :) :)


Good idea Pete on planning the garden. Yes house is back on the market. I wouldnt mind I got an offer on it the very day I was going in for my surgery. Unfortunately the lady wouldnt wait a few weeks to see how I got on. Never mind at least we had some interest.

Yes I still after a bungalow as I find the stairs hardwork, soon get out of breath.

Think I need winding up. :D



Ha ha ha Jillygirl just loooove the pic gal :D :D mind you I think i could do with being wound up now and a gain :)

Hey you flippin lot, dont even think of trying to wind me up, cos i can do that myself :D :D :P

Jillygirl, you keep nice and warm gal and take it easy, do you flippin hear me Woman :) :D

Take care Jilly, loves you to bits gal, any way I can help you I will :)


Where did you come from then :o :D


Ha ha ha nice one gal, love it :D :D


Happy Saturday everyone!

Hi Jilly, Pete, Sue and John and anyone else who pops in!

Gosh, what a lot of snow we had! Although the main roads are okay, our cul-de-sac was thick of snow! My daughter had to collect her glasses from Specsavers, so we went on the train! She had a bit of a whinge! The car park at the shopping centre was snowed under, not worth the risk parking on it! Anyway she's whinging even more now...lol I cleared hald the drive of snow and I've sent her out to do the other half! I don't think she's very impressed, but tuff...if she wants to go out in the car later she can do some snow shovelling :)

It made me laugh on the news when it said build snowmen to prevent floods. We aint got snowmen, we got snow towers from the snow on the drive, ha! Our lovely neighbour cleared the road and the footpath outside our house, bless him! It does seem to be thawing quite well!

Went shopping whilst we were out, goodness knows how people manage without a car! 5 shopping bags and we struggled. It was a giggle though.

What a good idea that is Pete, garden planning! I might plan out what pots go where, and swap them round a bit, I can't wait to get my propagators out, so to speak :)

Hope everyone has a great day, enjoy your visits with family @ Jilly and Sue.

Am away to see what's on telly this afty!



Aup Chicken, long time no speak gal :( ha ha ha let her whinge gal, cos it will do her good, if she wants carting about in your car, then she must help you :)

Yes I heard that on the news as well :D :D just wondering why there isnt any snowWoman about :o :D :D

hmmmm I think you had better explane what a propagator is :o cos other wise Mad might get the wrong end of the stick, cos I am a man and have got propagators as well :D :D

Take care now Chuckles and enjoy your tv :)

Mind you i didnt hear you mention what your having for dins, erm does this mean your flippin slimmin gal :D :D am outa here, whooooooosh


Hello everyone, we're snowed in today. Well only because we're not doing any snow shovelling when its supposed to rain tonight, no point creating work. I've had 1 ciggie today, my last ever? and NO nicotine lozenges yaaaay. Well it would be yay if that dam Champix would work, my poor tongue is hanging out for a lozenge now but am not having one. Went for a walk in the deep snow this morning and had a mess with my new camera this afternoon, I can make a collage of pictures actually on my camera - well impressed. Here's a link to 1 collage from this mornings pics and a picture of the bench in our back garden this morning.




Hey sinfree, Thats brill. Modern technology eh. My phone must be really really really dated. Like me I suppose. :D


Hi ya Sinfree :)

A massive well done to you gal :) :) as for champix, I rang my adviser this morning, cos I cant get my van out of the drive cos of the snow :( and she said that it can take 2 weeks before the champix kicks in, and to keep taking it, it does and it will help :) :) so I have deferred my quit date, cos if i put a patch on, or have a spray from the mouth spray, they contain nicotine, and this time i want to quit without it :) erm does that sound rite :o

I see your getting used to your new camera :) ha ha that snow shot is about the same amount of snow that we have here in derbyshire :) Stick with it Sinfree, am sure the champix will kick in soon gal :o :)

Speak soon Pete :)


Okay all, getting tired now, so off for my bath and then settle down for the evening.

See you all tomorrow. Love ya!

:) :) :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Aaaaaaah am sorry Jillygirl a missed you gal :( :( you enjoy your bath now eh :) :)


See you tomorrow gal, and luvs ya loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :) :)


Hi everyone, just got back from visiting my daughter and her hubby, had a really nice time :)

Good for you Chickles, your daughter has to help if she wants out in the car, I'd make mine do it too :D :D I was just wondering how snowmen can prevent floods, what about when they melt :o :D :D

Well done sinfree on having your last ciggie :) your on your way to a smoke free life now :) I love your pictures, I'll need to learn how to do that, might take me a while though :o :D

Have a lovely night Jillygirl, stay warm, hope you get a good nights sleep:) xxxxxx

Well I'm starving......again, so I;m away to get my tea, will speak later :) xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Thanks John, I just couldn't see how that would help. Enjoy your lovely tea :)


Had not too bad a day, we were away for lunch today (niece's birthday) it was nice to get fed rather than feed! Lol

Got a film watched and read for a while, got some washing out and dried.

Sitting down again now, got the poor cat on my knee, he is lost without his brother, he has been following us round the whole day, poor boy, dont think ive ever had so many frecks from a cat in my life, he's been licking our hands all day and curling up with us (which he would usualky do with the other cat)


Hi Sarah, that was a nice treat for you :) to be fed instead of feeding :)

Ahhhhhh your poor cat :( he's missing his brother gal he is, love him, cuddle him wont you :) :)


Awww poor cat, but at least he's got all of you to cuddle, I'm sure he'll get over it in time

I'm glad you had a good day Sarah, I love getting fed too, it's much tastier :D :) I hope you have a nice relaxing evening :)


Yes Sue i know just what you mean about it being tastier when someone else cooks it :) :)


I know Pete, l love it when my hubby is off cause he cooks the tea :), can't wait till he retires :D :D


When he retires, you could be the Lady of leisure gal :) :D :D


Yeah it is so sad, the kids are giving him plenty of attention, he went missing 2 years ago for 2 months and fat cat was going round house meowing for all that time and stopped when he came home!

It was nice to be fed for a change, wish it happened more often, maybe should just appear at folks houses at meal times ;)

had leftover corned beef for my tea, shared it with the cat (not out of same bowl)

The kids and stew had curry, got plenty of leftovers for tomorrow too and for the freezer, and took soup out of freezer for lunch :)

Going to have a long lie tomorrow and maybe a lovly long hot bath with a candle on to see if i can get relaxed in the afternoon and mind off the ciggys.

My book seems to help, or it did this afternoon :)

Got a busy week ahead of me next week, got lots of housework that i really need to get done because heading to town on Saturday with Ruth for her netball and shopping (not been shopping since 12th January :)

We dont need that much really which is good, the freezers are full, the tin cupboard is looking pretty good so is the 'goody' cupboard

Only thing really is the fruit and veg and lunch meat needed so should be a cheap trip to town :)


Ha ha ha Sarah you make me laugh gal :D :D you can turn up at my house anytime you like gal, I will feed you :) :)

hmmm so you have a goody cupboard then, :) :) i wouldnt shout about it cos JC might hear you and think there cakes in there :D :D


Glad i make you laugh Mr Monkey

You might regret saying that, my daughter can eat eat and eat, she can polish off a 3 meal no problem and she is only 10, she eats the same portion size as her dad!! LOL

ohhh my goody cupboard is dwindling down now that the kids have realised what was in there! Xmas sweeties they forgot about.

Stewart has ate all the galaxy cake bars and im gabsing on a packet of peanuts, good job got veg soup for lunch tomorrow!

I havent had a bath in months, i usually have showers, have you had your knees seen too?

I had some bother getting in and out of bath when pregnant, had to get Stew to help me out, beeched whale alert lol


That's what I'll be Pete, if i get away with it :D :D

That's a good idea Sarah, think i'll try and have a long lie as well, can't have a bath though, can only shower, i can't get in and out of a bath because of my knees

speaking of showers i'm off to have mine, i will be back on soon :)


Enjoy Sue, you enjoy gal :) :)


Had my shower, in my Jim jams and cosy dressing gown, got a cuppa, heating is on full, i'm wrapped up in a duvet and i'm still COLD :o


Hold on Sue i will nip up there and give you a massage gal, :o that will warm you up gal, hmmmm maybe me tooooooo :D :D


:D :D :D :D


I don't think Mrs Pete would like that :D :D


She wont be getting it :D :D :D


Oh Pete that's terrible :D :D :D


Am sorry Sue, but am rite tiered tonight for some reason, so will have to call it a day gal :( I'm havin a job to keep my eyes open, so will go get some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz in :) I hope you dont mind Sue :) speak tomorrow :)

Sleep well and a luvs ya gal xxxxx :) :)


So our stopping smoking reunion may be at a wedding of 2 members if the massage grts done ;)

x) =) x) :-[ ? ?

Just found my icon thingy on my keyboard thingy lol


Nite nite Pete, you don't need to be sorry, sweet dreams, luv ya xx :)


I need to go to bed as well, it's way past my bedtime, unfortunately,

Nite nite all, sweet dreams, luv yas xxxx :)


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