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Daily Chat: Wednesday 6th March 2013

Daily Chat: Wednesday 6th March 2013

Good morning everyone,

Mid way through the week already and now back to normal British weather.

Make sure you're prepared for when those cravings kick in, don't forget Emjay's deep breathing exercises, go and shout them away, come and have a moan on here, pop whatever your choice is in your mouth, but don't let them get the better of you.

Have a good day. :)

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Good morning andi, still foggy up here. Hope your okay. Well its fingers crossed time again, as another couple have put an offer in on the house. Will find out more today, if its definate, and hopefully the flat is still ready for our offer again. This will be third time lucky. Glad I quit smoking as I think I would have given in over the last few days. :) have a lovely day catch up later going for my cup of tea now. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Well its a seriously horrid day here again :( got a basket full of dirty washing and havent been able to wash it coz of the weather and the kids are starting to moan

Jilly I hope that you get good news on the house front today..... it must be in a nice location coz that has been a couple of offers quite quickly ;)

I hope it goes well for you and your daughter tomorrow at your appointments........ you have obviously got the way to deal with stress sorted instead of reaching for the fag packet

HUGE incentive for me to stay off fags now.......... flights booked to go to Florida in October ;)

Going to look for the right hotel tonight, will depend on if the kids are ok to share a bed and of course the reviews and price......... kinda excited now, got something to look forward to


Morning All! Day 3 for me and Jan. Hope your'e feeling positive Jan?

I am, however I do struggle in the evenings while watching TV, but I just

push the thought away and concentrate on why I don't want to smoke anymore!

Have found a way to deal with keeping my hands busy - I massage hubby's feet,

he's happy and keeps the hands busy! Mind you if he had horrible feet I'd have to

find something else to do with my hands...lol! Have a great day everyone!



Well done Dawn, keep up the good work...

What is your reason for stopping smoking?

Maybe write a list of all the reasons for stopping and how it will benefit you and when huge urge comes on look at the list and it will maybe help you?

Good for you for finding a way to keep your hands busy, Im sure my hubby would be grareful for a foot rub but I hate feet!


Good morning everyone, the weather is dull and damp here, so normal service resumed

I hope you house sale goes through this time Jillygirl and you get your lovely flat :) and I hope all goes well at your hospital appointments, I'll be thinking of you both :)

That's a great incentive Sarah, you'll all have a great time in Florida, you must be getting excited already, I know i would be :)

Well done Dawn, you'll do this, I do crosswords in the evening cause like Sarah, I hate feet :)

I hope things are going great for you Jan :)

What you doin today Andi, whatever it is I hope you have a great day :)

I'm off to have a cuppa will chat later :) xx


Morning everyone, terrible weather here in Chesterfield. Foggy and rain at the same time. We need to see some sun!! soon be 21st March, the spring equinox and things should get better. Day one of cutting down, NIC is there trying to tempt me, would normally have had two cigs in first half hour but have kept strong so far. At hospital this afternoon so not going to stress myself up trying to leave have cigs until this afternoon which will be a milestone for me. Each of these will soon build up to make a wall to keep NIC out. Take care everyone and keep smiling x


Hi Simba, well done on keeping nic out this morning :) you can do this, take one day at a time, stay strong :)

Hi John, our weather probably isn't that bad but it's horrible here, i hate when it feels damp, i'd rather it rained, a bit warmer means i wouldn't have to put my heating on either, i'm such a cold tattie :D :D :) hope you have a good day whatever your doing :)


Phew, never thought about a cig till just now! Sitting watching the washing, cant forget about it in case it all blows off the line (had to save stuff already thats blown onto the road, frigging wind) tea is made (lasagne, salad and chips) and waiting for the next load of washing to be done to put out.

Wont be long till the kids are home and then homework, tea, showers and a enjoyable evening of tv, so many good things on at the moment especially on a Wednesday night, everything seems to clash!!!

Thankfully this Wednesday seems to be going quick for me :)


Hi everyone :) what a busy morning !! grouting,and filling..hands feel like sandpaper. Am about to run out of mt pain med and will have to manage till tomorrow eve..grrr. Did not get job at charity shop :( so looks like taking the evening job as i need something..just hope it does not make back worse..my ex thinks it will be too much..but we'll see. Terrible cravings and have run out of patches. See quit team tomorrow eve so hopefully they will help and keep me steadfast . Think Im going for a lay down as really over did it yesterday and am suffering.

The weather looks like I feel ,grey and overcast lol

Have a lovely afternoon all..well done Dawn..day 3 :)

And well done Simba :)

Jilly I hop eit all sorts out soon for you :)

Sarah will you have any room in your case when you go :) :)

Sue enjoy your cuppa,Andi hope youve had a run and John..keep cooking :)

catch you all later ..maybe x


Awwwwwww sorry you didnt get charity job, sounds like it would have suited you grand. Dont over-do things and make your back worse.

I will be packing lightly for going there, and the clothes we do take will be older clothes that are needing dumped so we dont need to take them home ;) so then we have more room for taking stuff home and its less washing for me!! When we went to greece I had 1 suitcase FULL of dirty washing and that was just a weeks holiday!!

I am very excited, nice to have something to look forward to and save for (desperate need for spending money now, oh and the hotel money too!)


Hi Jan, I was just about to put a blog up asking where you were and if your'e OK!

Sorry your'e having cravings but that's cos you have no patches, try and stay strong till

tomorrow or is there any way you can get some patches for now? It would be a shame

for you to give in to those cravings so keep going girl you can do it! Mind you I know that's easy

for me to say with a patch stuck firmly on...lol! Anyway good luck my love...just think

tomorrow is day 4 - not long and we'll have one full week under our belts!


Hi Jan, I'm sorry you didn't get the job, maybe something better will come along

Stay strong and kick nic out, you can do this, you just have the rest of the day to go then you'll get more patches, unless you can get some now, shout those cravings away if you need to. I hope your feeling better soon, i'm sure a lie down will help, that's what i did when i did the same thing, take care Jan and keep going strong, you've done brilliantly so far :) x


hi girls, sorry you didnt get the job jan, sure you will get something soon.

On the house front, the couple that were interested are on holiday, but are having a second viewing on saturday tea time. They are serious about putting an offer in. So I am trying to think positive, and hopefully get the flat I have eyeballed. Just have to wait.

I think that you all ought to have a shouting competition, to get rid of those nasty cravings.

Wonder who can shout or scream the loudest. :D



Fingers crossed they put offer in Jilly, nothing worse than not knowing and waiting.......


Hi Jillygirl, I'll keep my fingers crossed that the sale goes through for you :) a shouting match is a good idea :D :D i'd never win that though, you wouldn't hear me behind a wet paper bag :D :D :D


Hi everybody, you've had a chatty day.

Jan, sorry you didn't get the job, hopefully another one even better will come along and you've got all that work in the kitchen to distract you from you know what.

Jilly, I'll have my fingers crossed for you so you can get your flat.

Dawn, sounds like you're doing grand, glad those patches of yours are working for you.

Sarah, wow, booked your holiday, I'm sure you're not the only one in the house who's excited. Are you going to Orlando?

Simba, great that you made a start today, good luck.

Sue, hope you had a relaxing day after being so busy after the last couple of weeks.

John, if you had a choice, which country would you like to live in?

Hope I haven't missed anyone out. :o :)


Ya andi, no sure where we staying though, not booked hotel, cant agree, hubby wants 1 bedroom hotel room for 2 weeks with a 11 and 9 year old, Im thinking another room which would be £200 more for the fortnight and a bit of extra room but thats no use apparently

Might leave him home and it will save even more money and space


I stayed there once, we were in a motel-type of place but have you considered an apartment? It'll work out cheaper food-wise if you can self-cater cos you won't want to eat rubbish all the time. My experience also is that a restaurant meal is so big that you eat half then and take the rest home in a box and eat it the next day with a nice salad. You'll probably need a car to get around in too. :)


We are going to stay in downtown disney...... its quite easy to get around from there, hubby not keen on the idea of driving over there (i know i wouldnt be willing to, I dont even drive on mainland scotland lol)

We probably will be eating out a lot of the time anyway so we are prepared for the expense in food costs, always the same isnt it when on holiday........


Good evening everybody :) :)

I hope your all well and staying smoke free :) had to work late again, so will nip and see whats bin happening today on the chat :) speak soon :)


Sarah i think leave him at home if he doesnt think you two deserve a room to yourselves :) lol I know its all money..but sharing with a six and nine year old especially when all sooped up on disney excitement..come on hubby :)

Well painting is almost all done ,tomorrow hood,oven and hob turn up oh and larder doors,they will have to sit in dining room until units and worktop turn up on saturday..when im away house and dog sitting ! so sons and their dad and my dad are all taking charge of delivery and hopefully..seeing as how its mothers day on sunday :)) they will get at least half of it in situ for me..but who knows ..i'll just wish and wish and wish lol.

Todays been a real moo..i came close VERY VERY close but its half nine at night and thanks to mr wrigleys and co codoamol and gabapentin..i survived ..i could have bought some patches,should have done really i guess,but hey ho..oh chuppa chuppa lollies have great sticks for biting on and putting in mouth lol.

Anyway..onwards.. i really dont want a slip this time,I also do not want to put weight on,well bah a few pounds..my weight has always been my issue for not stopping as Ive always had a battle all my life with weight and feeling 'butch' not 'feminine' ..northan stock my nan called it :)

Thursday tomorrow and quit meet..thank god :)..

night all sweet dreams



Nite nite Jan, I think you'll sleep well tonight. ;-) :)


Aup Jan, gosh gal you have bin busy :) mind you I think if you can keep busy, it does take your mind off erm you know what :o :) Your a trooper gal, all that work that you've done gal, should have bin done by a bloke :o and I admire you for that Jan :) :) I really dooooooo :)

Your doing really really well Jan :) and !! you've ran out of patches to help you :( :(

Jan I know you have the determination and what it takes to get through this hard time , then see what happens at the quit meet tomorrow :) :)

Nite nite Jan, sweet dreams gal xxxx :)


night Jan, sweet dreams, and a big well done in staying strong tonight and chasing nic away, that's brill :) :) xx


Hi Pete. :)


Hi Pete, did your boss show his face today then, well I'll send my spears his way tomorrow :D :D :)


:) :) :) Yippee . just found a patch in my handbag..must have put one in there last time lol

ok im happy.

Night Andi,pete,sarah,dawn,jilly and all .xx


Hello everyone, flying visit for me tonight, lots of i-player to catch up on,, ;-)

Jan, well done you, and without a patch too.... Now make you you get to the chemist nice and early to stock up, unless your planning on going cold turkey ;-)

I've always worried about my weight too, hence the current obsession with fat burning exercise! Still struggling to walk properly after Sunday's visit to the gym... Learning .... Everything in moderation!!!

Thursday, another day on our journey...

Well one Dawn, another day over...

Andi, guessing you're off on your travels tomorrow... I hope ou have a fab time...

Monky, Monky another long day? Just as you arrive home I'm off to bed...

Big hugs everyone, another day smoke free :-) :-) :-)


Hi Suze, I'm off on Friday. Fat - same for me too. :) Nite nite, sleep well. :)


nite nite Suze, sweet dreams :)


HUH just my flippin luck eh

Nite nite Suzzies, you get some good zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz down you gal xx :)


Hi Jan, not surprised you've come close you've been very, very busy.

I have quit the Champix. I decided it was junk, not worth the packaging its wrapped in. Still craving but hey have never been anything else. Have had one lozenge today and I think I had a couple yesterday but not had a Champix tablet since Monday morning. I forgot Monday night, then On Tuesday I had seriously bad day (what a flaming waste since it was gorgeous yesterday and now it would appear we're back to winter) , erm snow flurries and -4 temps forecast for Sunday and Monday - fantastic so the weather is getting to be a repeat of last year. Anyways. yup, had enough of the Champix rubbish, far as I'm concerned it was a great big waste of space. Feeling very bitter and very angry and very let down at the mo which is no good an attitude to have as that's going to get me nowhere, but am determined I am not going back to smoking, maybe I will feel better when I've been to work tomorrow and Friday.


Hey hey Sinfree, am so so sorry the champix hasnt worked for you :o but am just wondering how many fags you've smoked, since your quit date ??

I presume none :) :) so what stopped you from smoking then ??

Champix is the best NRT that I have used :) but !! i'm not saying it's bin easy, cos I've had a bad day or two :( but got through it :) :) quitting smoking is not easy :(

You say that you are determined, so keep focused and positive :) and you will do it :) :)


Hey sin

Are you sure quitting the champix is a good idea just yet?

I know you have always said you didnt think it works but you talk about being bitter and angry.... we all feel like this when we stop smoking but maybe it has something to do with not taking your tablets?

Im the same as monky, I couldnt do it without champix (everybody is different though) and maybe it has been helping you more than you think..........

We all have our days that we feel like shit but then we have the good days and 1 year down the line if you have still stopped it will be worth it and you will have gone through the horrid time so much better for it

We wouldnt want you to start again and be back to square one and have to go through all the hard work again


Hi Sinfree, i understand why you feel angry just now but don't let that derail you, stay strong and determined, have you tried other nrt, something else may work better for you, i know you can do this :)


Falling asleep here so I'd better go and hit the sack.

Nite nite all, sweet dreams. :) xxxxxxxxxx


Nite nite Andi, am so sorry I havnt spoke to you tonight gal, ave missed ya, hmmmm going to miss ya loads when you go away :( :( sleep well Andi, and charge them 2 batteries up of your's :) :) luvs ya xxxxxx :) :)


nite nite Andi, sweet dreams, love ya :) xxxxx


Aup Sue :) :)

How are you gal !! you stay strong and kick them pesky piggies outa that door eh :) :)


i'm fine Pete, you stay strong as well :)


sorry Pete but I'll have to go to bed as well, i'm sitting here nodding, nite nite, sweet dreams, luv ya, hopefully will chat tomorrow :) xxxxx


Nite nite Sue and am sorry for being late :( you go and get tucked in gal and have a nice nights sleep, and you take it steady, you listening to me gal :) :) will speak tomorrow and luv and huggs to ya gal xxxxxx :) :)


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