Daily Chat: Friday 29th March 2013

Daily Chat: Friday 29th March 2013

Good morning everyone and a Happy Good Friday to you all. :)

It's a nice, bright, sunny one here in the south and the thermometer has just crept up to zero. :o I remember one Easter of my youth when a group of us went camping, had a heatwave and spent the weekend on the beach and in the sea! That won't be happening this year. :D :D

A nice walk in the country might be nice to get the lungs breathing in all that fresh air and blow those cobwebs away. Let go of all that nasty stuff in there and don't let it back in again by saying to yourself and others that you now CHOOSE not to smoke any more. :)

When the going gets tough over the long weekend, well just come on here and let off steam, we're all in this together. :)

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  • Morning Andi, sunny here in Derbyshire (for a change no snow) however it is bitter outside. I am on Day 12 and thanks to everyone on the site finding it easier than ever before.

    Having a lazy day today as got three chidlren and 6 grandchildren coming tomorrow and guess who is cooking!! More and more new members seem to be joining the site, which is great and the ones who have been on here for some time give good advice and continue to make me laugh with their jokes and phictures. Smoke free day to everyone. Take care and keep smiling suecx

  • Hi Suec, you enjoy a relaxing day cos it sounds like it'll be a bit manic for you tomorrow! :o I hope you had your hot cross buns for breakfast today. :)

  • Hi Andi and all,

    I've just seen your daily chat, they do say 2 heads are better than one, and i think we have the best 2 today :)

    Just as well your having a lazy day Suec, you'll be run off your feet tomorrow, it will be great with all your grandchildren there though :) I'm just gonna be lazy all weekend :D :)

    Have a great smoke free Friday everyone :) xx

  • Hi Sue, do you think hot cross buns come under cakes? If so then JC needs to eat loads if he's got to put weight on so if anybody has any leftovers I'm sure we can send them in his direction. :) Maybe an odd one in Mad's direction too as she always says she wants our excess pounds! :D :D

  • OMG hot x buns, my second greatest addiction next to smoking, and as I don't smoke, looks like hot x buns have hit the number 1 spot :)

  • Hi sinfree, that's just what you need in this cold weather, I've already had 2 :D :D

  • Hi Andi, I'd say they were cakes, they could both have my excess pounds as well, that would plump them up :D :D :D

    They can get more cakes at the party on here on Sunday, remember to get your party dress out :D :)

  • Hey Sin, that'll keep you warm when you get out spinning those pedals later! :)

  • Am still psyching myself up to that, it's brrr cold. But people are out stealing my Queen of the Mountain cups so I'd best get out there soon.

  • Ewww I hate Hot X Buns, give me fruit scone with jam and cream!!!!

  • That sounds yummy GeordieQuitter :) think i'll need to go to the shops now :D :)

  • Hello all, well been for my indoor exercise round Tesco`s supermarket. Then went round a d. i . y shop with hubby. had lunch and now sat with a cuppa. Geordie quitter if you want to join me :- dreamstime.com/fruit-scones...

    Andi I will take your advice about the house sale, I wont say anymore until I sign on the dotted line. :)

    See you all soon. xxxx

  • Hi Jillygirl, you've had a busy day, like i used to have, now i just cosy under the duvet, for a few weeks anyway :)

    enjoy the rest of your day :) xx

  • Hey all

    Happy easter and happy friday :)

    Today is the last day of school for 2 weeks and boy am I happy about that.

    Ive had a good couple of days on the not eating rubbish, only been eating at meal times.

    Wednesday night me and the kids went out a walk (they took their scooters) went a walk round the block which is about a mile

    Yesterday I was really busy with housework which keptmy little feet busy and my mind of the ciggys

    This morning was productive too, got the fridge and microwave clean and tea made and then went to work.

    After work I went a walk......, 3.4 miles later and my thighs are feeling not so good but my it did blow of some cobwebs and fingers crossed I will get more miles done in the holidays with the kids!

    10 weeks (nearly 11) since I stopped smoking and really not feeling much benefits yet but Im sure it will come now the weather is better

  • Hi Sarah, I'm glad your feeling better now :) You've had a busy time, and here's me tucked up in my duvet :D

    Well done on reaching 10 weeks (nearly 11) :) :) you'll soon start to feel the benefits, and there will be benefits going on inside your body, it will be cheering you on :D :)

    have a great rest of the day :) xx

  • evening peeps been meaning to pop by all day,first time now with the feet up and a beer :) anyway today is the 9 months smoke free day,am well pleased about that i had no plans,just to stop.i am quite confident that this is now a permanent thing and i am 99.9% certain i wont be taking up the evil weed ever again.so i wish you all a nice smoke free Easter and you all stay strong :)

  • Hi Ken, that's fantastic, 9 whole months! It sounds like an awful long time but in the scheme of things it's still only a blip on our lifetime of smoking. :o I hope you don't take it up again - we all know now that no matter what life throws at us it is possible to carry on without having a cigarette. :) Keep on keeping strong! :)

  • Aup Ken, its nice to see you again pal :)

    9 months now :o wow how time fly's eh, you stick with it, cos you've got this far now and you just dont want to think about going back to the weed !!

    Am so so glad for you :) magic :) and I'm proud of you too :) speak soon.

    Pete :)

  • Hi Sarah, glad to hear you're keeping at it - soon be 3 months for you and you're obviously a lot calmer now than at the beginning. :) I bet that jar of yours is overflowing by now! Good to hear that your enjoying the outdoors with your walking, especially with the kids - you never know, you might even try that running soon! :o :D :D

  • Hi Ken, that's brilliant you've got to 9 months, I can't wait to get there :) with your positive outlook that should be you a non smoker for life :) :)

  • I'm getting tired now, was up far to early this morning, 6.30am is to early for me, so i'm off to bed now, see you all tomorrow, stay strong everyone

    nite nite, hugs, :) xxxx

  • Nite nite Sue, sorry I missed you gal :o :( hopefully will finish earlier tomorrow, so will have a chat then eh :) enjoy your kip gal and keep flippin warm luvs ya xxx :)

  • Nite nite Sue, sleep well and sweet dreams. :) xxxx

  • Aup Andi :)

    Are you still awake or you gone noddin :o :D :D

  • Hiya Pete, still awake, my American friend phoned just as I spotted you were home. :o :)

  • When are you going away again then ?? :(

  • Had a bit of a todo this afto, was in the warehouse having a nod, errrrm getting an order ready and Matt came running in, shouting - come quick - come quick his dad is hurt :o :( so I grabbed the first aid kit and followed him !! his dad had broke his ankle, but this is on the top floor of the mill - 6 flights of stairs !!!! Luckily I went on a course a few months ago, so we tied him in a stretcher and had to man handle him all the way down stairs, ha ha even got the boss to help us :D

  • Sue I think you deserve a duvet day, Im sure I'll be needing one of them myself one day!

    Well done Ken on 9 months, huge achievement, cant wait to get to that date myself ;)

    Andi I am feeling a bit better thank you, my mind is wandering a bit and Im a little confused but thats just the tablets I think.

    I am not taking the champix anymore so we will see how I get on with that

    We are heading out again tomorrow afternoon, thinking to walk to the beach (there and back is about 3 miles)

    Im thinking maybe to try and do 3 miles a day after work (4 days a week) which should be do-able ;)

    The money jar is taking a while to fill up, only been putting loose change in there at the moment but I have been putting my wages and family allowance in the savings a/c. I do put money in my jar every day but its usually about £1-£2 per day which is better than on fags

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