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End of day 4 and now its getting tough!!!

Anyone else have this where the first 3 days are easy then it starts to feel tough, cravings worse, more having to talk yourself out of smoking? Im using NRT but feel craving worse now than in the beginning.....its all in my head I know but thought the first 2 days were the worst?!!"

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i think the first week is the worst tomorrow i have managed 2 monthe without smoking never thought i would come this far


Hi ya Tracey, thats just soooooooper gal :) :) 2 whole months smoke free, you must be on cloud 9 gal :D :D yipppeeeeee dippppeeee doooooooo :o sorryyyyyy got a bit carried away then, its my age gal :o :|

I hope your mams feeling better :)


no she is really ill now dont think i will ever smoke again


Oooooooh am so so sorry to hear that Tracey :( hey please give her my love and huggs wont you :)

Take care Tracey :)


Ah well done :-)


Aup Jo, its lovely to see you gal :) your doing fantasticly well on getting to day 4 :) :) stay with it Jo, cos youve got what it takes to get through this :)

People !!!! we are all different Jo, some people find the first couple of days the worse, then others like you find the later days of the first week harder :( but it will only last a couple of days and will get easier for you :) the more you say no to nic, the faster it will get used to the idea, that you dont want it :)

Your doing so so well Jo, dont you even think about giving in to nic eh, cos your loads stronger and far more determined than he is :) :) and this is what YOU want !!

Just sit back and praise yourself, yes cheer and clap yourself for beating nic for 4 whole days :) and if you can do it for 4 days, then why not another 4 days, and another 4 days :) :)

Treat yourself Jo :) your doing so well :) :) speak soon.

Pete :)


Hang on in there jojo.

Be strong.

You will start feeling the benifits soon.

Good luck kevin


Oh, so very well done Jo. I have stopped for 3 weeks last year and it honestly did get easier. My mistake was throwing it all away by taking "just that 1 puff"... and I became a Smoker again. No matter how hard it seems, don't resent not smoking, or you'll be fighting it. Don't fight, just accept the new way of living. Of course it'll take time to get used to it.. So what... you're not having killer smoke swirling around your lungs today - now that is Magic! Keep on keeping on, xx


Hi guys! Thanks so much for all of your words of encouragement, they are keeping me going!!! Im not much of an online chatter but just wanted you all to know that, thankyou!!!!!

Im nearing the end of day 5 and no easier than yesterday im afraid but not giving up. Hopefully tommorow is an easier day :-) xx


Thanks Mad :-) x


keep at it am 3 weeks tomorrow its hard but it does ease

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