Tough day

Wow, what a tough day. My second weekend without cigs were much better and this morning was the best i have felt physically since I quit, so my spirits were up... and then the cravings started at about 11 this morning, not as physically demanding as the first few days, just mentally really difficult. So the story about the 3rd week is true after all. At least the day is over now and I sent Mr Nic packing. Reading through the comments today really helped (as usual), so thanks to you all for making this forum what it is! The new members also helped, I kept on asking myself - "do you really want to start from day 1 again??" and then you also realise it will only get better and easier from here on.

Good quitting!!


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  • Your on it Karel, the question, 'do you really want to start from day 1 again?'...Nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! And thanks for reminding me of that. When people vouch it gets better, today I can join them - It Does without a doubt! Today I feel, not smoking is a removal of a habit that was making things harder not easier, waking up to that is a relief...and the rest follows. Thanks for post, stay close. iris/NOPE :O)

  • Well done you. You beat Mr Nic. It does get easier . Proud of you . That desire to smoke sneaks up when you least expect it, but you were strong and determined to fight it

    well done your a WINNER


  • Hi tictac, delighted to see you're feeling the benefits of your quit. Yes there's ups and downs, highs and lows but every day smokefree is a victory. Well done for sending mr nic packing today👍🏼😊  coz you definitely don't want to start day one again and with your great attitude you won't have to👏🏼👏🏼😊

  • Well done another smoke free day 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 

  • Well done tictac2 I am following your posts as we have the same quit day. I was told that a habit takes at least three weeks to break but will vary from person to person. Once the habit is under control the addiction needs to be tackled - how long is a piece of string.  I have laughed and cried at some posts on this website but am so glad this is available to all who need it.  I knew I could not do week 1 again and this partly was the reason I made it through week 2.  Onward and upward, wishing the new people the best of luck JC.

  • I find I keep asking myself the same question when I am on the brink of giving in to a craving.."you're going to have to quit going through all of this again for one puff really worth it?!?"

  • I completely agree with you both - the concept that if i am serious about quitting i will just have to go through those first 4 days again is partly what is keeping my quit alive and to understand it will never be easier. 

    My problem also is that I am completely unable to cut down and one puff takes me back to 20+ a day immediately. On previous attempts i could never get past 24 hours and have also used patches, but my mistake was I always believed the patches will get me through and I reckon that is where i failed ( I have no doubt the patches works wonders for others but i had to break the addiction), this quit also just felt different - I think this forum played a big part. 

    Yeah JC, it is nice to follow the posts of people that quit in the same time, there are a few of us in that period

    The thing about the habits is unfortunately that they take time and a lot of effort in the early stages, and yes 3 weeks at least. I reckon it will take a bit longer, 27 years is a long time and i have moments where the "craving" for the cig is almost instinctive, which is also why i cant have cigs anywhere near me, I admire the folks that can keep a pack in the cupboard. 

    I am ranting a bit it seems, will stop now, you can probably guess I wanted to have a cig, writing a "crazy" post is better. 

    Good quitting!


  • I am the same, cannot have them near me,  and I fear that one puff would go back to 10 a day for me .   I know people that have been quit 15+ years, that every once in a while do get that urge, but it's much more subtle and goes away much quicker.

    This  is absolutely one of the most emotionally and physically draining addictions to quit I think.

    And turning to this site, even when I am at work always helps even though it's only been 8 days as a non smoker for me.

    Keep up the great work!  Ranting and putting feelings out there really seems to help!

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