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Good morning all,

Mid week and how is everyone doing.? Here are a few reminders of why we ought to quit and stay quit. Not easy but the help is here for you if you need it.

Smoking takes an average of at least seven years off every smoker's life, which works out to five and a half minutes per cigarette.

The risk of lung cancer drops considerably after five years of not smoking.

People with emphysema who have smoked still lose some of their breathing capacity but the rate of loss goes way down once they've stopped smoking.

Even People in their 60s who have lots of smoking related problems live longer if they stop smoking.

Quitting smoking substantially lowers the chance of esophagus, mouth, pancreas, bladder, and cervix.

If you quit, you've got a lot less chance of getting some other major disease, including coronary heart disease and cardiovascular disease

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Morning Jillygirl, these reminders should certainly help people quit, and keep their minds focused :)

It's freezing and frosty here this morning, brrrr, time to get the thermals out :D :D

well i'm off phone hunting, i left my phone on my chair last night, as i always do, got up this morning and it's not there, invisible man must have taken it :D :D, so i'm off to solve the mystery

will chat later :) x


Hi Sue, Just let you know the gremlins are back. I just sent you a reply and it vanished.

Better get the pasting brush out.

Good luck trying to find your phone. Sounds a bit like our house. :D

Cleaning house this morning before I go to hospital, as we have a viewing tomorrow,and we are out with some friends tonight. So dont know what time I will get back on line.

Poor Pete working over again, I bet he`s p....d off. Hope he finds another job soon.

catch up later. :) xx


Hi Jillygirl, found my phone :) it had fallen down the back of the chair, i'm sure the gremlins pushed it there :D :D

hope things go well at the hospital :), have a great time tonight, you deserve it

I feel really sorry for Pete, his work is taking the p**s, wish i could have stayed up to cheer him up, but i was just too tired,hope he gets another job soon

I'm away to have a cuppa, will chat whenever you're back on, if posts go on :D :D


Good Morning Everybody,

Lovely reminder of all the benefits of stopping smoking Jillygirl. The benefits and reasons for stopping far outweigh the excuses for carrying on :-) Hope all goes well for you today at the hospital.

Sue, hope the mystery of the missing phone has been solved :-/ How are you feeling today? I hope you are staying positive and thinking about how healthy you will be when your little Grandbabba comes along and you'll have the fitness and energy levels to be running around and playing at skipping (just like Jillygirl!) :-)

Kazzachoc, how are things for you today? Is it the regular lozenges that you are using or the mini lozenges? If it is the mini lozenges, maybe you could try the 1.5mg ones instead. You can still use up to 15 a day. They are slightly smaller than the regular lozenge but easier to manage. You also have a choice of either mint or cherry flavour.

If it is the regular lozenge that you are using, then how about trying the 2mg ones instead?

With regards to feeling as though you will be getting more nicotine from them than if you smoked, the delivery of nicotine is at a different rate for different smokers because people smoke differently and so will inhale at different levels, some more, some less. So, when using NRT you are getting a more controlled dose of nicotine. Keep us posted on what you decide :-)

Remember, there is only one way to use lozenges (or most other form of NRT) However, there are many ways to smoke a cigarette!

JohnUK, I hope your appointment went well yesterday. You have come such a long way and are putting in every effort to stay stopped. Keep your happy memories feeding your motivation to stay quit :-)

Remember that whatever stage of quitting you are at, you are all winners :-)


Hi Emjay, as you'll have seen i found my phone, thank goodness :)

I'm fine today, so far, don't think i'll manage to the group though, this cold weather is playing havoc with my joints, there all really painful and stiff, think i need to go back to the doctor again

have a great day Emjay :) x


Hey Sue, if you can't go along to the group just make sure you have enough NRT to see you through to next week. Wouldn't like for you to have a slip up because you haven't got your goodies :-) If you can, maybe give them a call to let them know you can't make it.

Is there anything in particular that you take to help with your poor joints? My friend has just started using Aloe Vera juice and swears by it, apparently it helps with a lot of things and is a good all round remedy.

Is that you in the photie? I love black and white photies :-)


Hi Emjay, i'm fine, got loads of NRT, i get it from my doctor, i did phone the group up this morning to let therm know, my joints are just to sore and stiff to move today, I'm trying different painkillers with my doc at the moment, and i take cod liver oil capsules, don't think there doing much though, i'll give the Aloe Vera juice a try, thank you for telling me about this :) arthritis is murder in this weather

Wish it was me in the photo, but no it's not, it's my daughter and her hubby, it was taken last year at a wedding, i love black and white photos as well, there's just something about them that's better

hope your having a nice warm day, will chat later :)


Good afternoon everyone.

Emjay, I am using the minis, I tried using 1.5 mg cherry flavourand they didn't seem to work that well so I bought a job lot of the 4mg, I wish I hadn't bought so many now but they were half price and I do like a bargain :) What is the difference between the minis and the lozenges? I will just have to carry on cutting them in half until I've used them all, but I am only having around 4 tablets now which is better. It's probably just me being thick but I don't understand what you said about there being many ways to smoke a cigarette, I only know one way, maybe I've missed out on something : )

I hope everyone is well and staying strong, I feel sorry for Pete having to work those hours yesterday.

I hope you have had a better day today Pete and you get home to at least have some of the evening to yourself.

Bye for now xx


I've just clicked on your photie and had a closer look, your daughter is a beautiful young lady Sue :-) Is she the one who is having a baby?

Hey Kazzachoc, the mini lozenges are just a bit easier to use as they are smaller than the regular ones, plus the difference in choice of flavours. If you've bought in plenty of the 4mg, then carry on using them. A tip that some of our clients in the Fag Ends community groups say that they do is when they feel they have had the craving satisfied from the lozenge, they take it out of their mouth and pop it to one side for later (maybe wrap it in something!).

With regards to the many ways to smoke a cigarette, have you ever watched how different people may smoke? Some people inhale in short sharp bursts whilst others take in very deep whiffs of their cigarette. Because not everybody smokes in the same way, the amount of nicotine they get from a cigarette is not controlled very well. Does that make more sense?

Poor Pete having to work so late last night. I really do feel for him. He's a good man though and so I'm sure some good will head his way sometime soon :-)


Hi Kazz, It's nice to see you on here :)

It's great that your still strong and still a non smoker :). I don't know too much about the lozenges i'm afraid, but i'm sure Emjay will be on here to answer you soon, when she was talking about the smoking i think she meant that some people inhale more smoke that others, not to sure about that though, even though i read it twice, my brain is still on holiday with Andi :D :D

keep well and strong Kazz

Will chat later :) x


Hi Emjay, yes she is having the baby, she was a bit shocked to start with, she didn't want kids till she was about 25, she's 21 just now, but she's happy about it now :)

I'm off to find something to do now, struggling a bit with the psychological part of addiction, i find if i keep busy it soon passes :)

bye for now :) xx


Evening All :-)

Hope you are all toasty warm wherever you are as it is absolutely freezing and damp outside.

How are you feeling Sue? Do you find you struggle more during the daytime or the evening?

Remember that if you are having a struggle, see it as a challenge that needs to be overcome so that you can move on to the next level of quitting.

It does become a lot easier :-)

It's taken me forever getting on here tonight and posting all the above! :X


Thanks for the advice EmJay, I will do that, put the lozenge to one side. Thanks for explaining about the different ways of smoking, I understand now, wont tell you what I was imagining :) Thanks Sue, you did know what EmJay meant, it's just me that's a bit slow :)

I had a struggle today Sue, like you and I was very close to going to buy some cigarettes, I went for a fast walk round the ping pong table which is in our warehouse area of our office and there is no one there so I don't have people wondering what I'm doing, it did help a bit but I have done a spreadsheet which shows how much money I have saved, how much I have spent i.e. on the NRT and also how many cigarettes I would have smoked had I not given up and since I gave up I would have smoked 270 cigs. That made me stronger just thinking that I have stopped 270 cigs worth of all those poisons and chemicals that were in the list Jillygirl sent to me from going into my lungs and body. It made me think how many thousands of cigs I have probably smoked since I started when I was 15.

Stay strong Sue, it's hard to stay positive at times but as you know, everyone here is on your side and we all want you to win this battle and you will, you have all helped me so much and we will beat this together as a team.

I'm hoping to have a decent night's sleep tonight as I had another bad night last night, I think that is partly what is making me feel down and making me struggle a bit because I am so tired. I'm sure my body will adjust soon, I just need to bear with it for a while I think. I should probably do some exercise to tire myself out, I hate exercise though so I will need to psyche myself up for that. I have Wii Fit so I will dig that out at the weekend and give it a go.

I hope you are home Pete and not still stuck in work again.

Speak soon, night night all xx


Hi Kaz, its lovely to see you again, and i hope Emjay has sorted you out :) :) your doing so so well, you are :) :)

Exercise may help you in two ways, like you said you went for a brisk walk around the ping-pong table, i say this because my worst time is the weekends, and i found out that when i get these really bad urges for a ciggie, i get on my rowing machine and give it some hammer, and i tell you, it does wonders, not only do i get rid of the cravings, but erm how do i put this, erm i feel as though i could take the world on !! ha ha although i'm puffing and panting afterwards :o But like you say, it might just help you sleep as well :) :) on this shift i'm on at the moment, i havnt done any exercising, only at the weekends :) so dont go telling Emjay, or the others will you :o :|

Thank you so much for thinking about me Kaz, like all these lovely people, no not people, friends on this site have, God gal was i p___d off last night, this morning, what ever :X :X I'm sorry for boring you gal :( :P all the others get it so you will toooooo :D :D

Hey you keep strong Kaz, cus your going to do it this time, and for ''good'' :) :) nite nite and sweet dreams gal xx :)


Hi Emjay, I'm boiling hot here, and no heating on, think i need my thermostat turned down :D :D

I'm fine now, usually if the cravings happen it's in the evening, just decided to be different today, i just look for something to do, like housework, go a walk, or do a crossword, then it usually passes quickly cause i'm not thinking about it :)

looks like we need Pete on here with his spear :D :D,

hope you had a good day, apart from the gremlins :)


Hi everybody, only about an hour late tonight so not so bad :) :)

Now then Sue, them flippin gremlins back again !! got my spear --------> at the ready, and my good eye to aim with, so if i see any of the little blighters, there for it gal :D :)

Rite going to read up on todays blogs, and see what you've all been up to :o :)


Hi Pete, glad you weren't kept too late tonight, or i was gonna turn that spear on your bosses, see how they'd like that :D :D

hope your day wasn't too bad :)


Now then Sue, hmmmmm thats an idea gal :D :D spear my bosses :o

I 've had a good day really, very busy though, but i like to be kept busy, and thank you so much for asking :) :)

Just wondering Sue, whether you could do something more on your computer, like Kaz has made a spread sheet on how much money she has saved etc. :) :) and maybe that would keep you more occupied and may help when you have bad days whit them piggies :( :)


Gotta go now Pete, need my beauty sleep :D

thank goodness it's nearly Friday, we've all missed you on here :)

Nite nite, sweet dreams, luv ya :) xx


Sue am sure you dont need your beauty sleep gal :) :) and as for you all missing me on here, i've missed you all lots lots more gal :( :(

Nite nite Sue and loads of sweet dreams for you, now then gal you get to bed, and get some shut eye, luvs ya too xxxx :)


Jillygirl, i hope all went well at the hospital, just wondered if they found more than 1 brain cell or not :D :D

Good luck with the house view tomorrow and i hope you've had a wonderful night out with your friends, huh its alright for some, going gallivanting about and spending poor hubbies hard earned cash :o :P mind you i bet he loves spending his money on you gal, cus i know your a goodn :) :) Speak soon Jillygirl, you have a good nights sleep, and a still luvs ya gal xxxx :)


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