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Tomorrow is another day

Tomorrow is another day

I have just had a ciggie outside in the freezing cold with snow in the air and have decided that will definitely, positively be my last never mind not smoking tomorrow tonight is better!

Sorry but I am not clever enough to put videos or films on here - it's taken me years to learn how to put photos up so will make do with writing a bit out of column of our local paper which I find amusing (downright funny in some cases) and hope that others may do too!

Superior Advice

The ancient Mother Superior was dying in a convent in Ireland.

The nuns gathered to give her comfort on her final journey and offered her warm milk. When it was refused, one of the nuns took the glass back to the kitchen and remembered the bottle of Irish Whiskey in the top cupboard. She added a generous amount to the milk and took it back.

This time the frail Mother Superior took a sip. Then another, and another until the glass was finished. Her eyes brightened and she briefly rallied and the nuns took the opportunity to talk to their spiritual leader.

"Mother" one asked. "Please give us some of your wisdom before you leave us"

The Mother Superior raised herself on one elbow, looked at them and said: "Don't sell that cow".

I do so hope that this does not offend anyone.

Roll on tomorrow as at long last I feel that I am ready for the battle!

Best wishes to all.

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LOL :):):)


Buttons, just love it gal :D :D

I wrote a blog for you, dont know whether it makes sense to you or not :o I hope so :)


and there's more where that came from!?

Thank you monky - yes I have read your blog a few times today and why shouldn't it make sense - it does to me.

Thank you also to madimad - I took my dogs out before I went the c thingy so I should have known better at least walking them I don't seem to feel the cold.

One day at a time that's all I or any one person can do and will let everyone know tomorrow evening how it's gone!

Best wishes to everyone for the rest of the weekend and remember tomorrow is Monday and if you didn't work Mondays then Tuesday would be your Monday!



Brill buttons, keep them coming. Keeps your mind occupied when your on here. Like you say one day at a time. At least your thinking positive. :)


Lol thanks Buttons that was a real chuckle :) good luck for tomorrow :) xjan


Love it Buttons :-) and your pooch photie too :-)

You sound like you're ready for this... Let's march on with it then...

We're with you all the way :-)

Remember to stay positive!


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