Some days are sent to try us!

I have been free of the evil clutches of all things Nic for 16 months now and most of the time I don't even give it a thought but today I could quite happily give in to temptation!! I wontbdo so as I don't want to waste all my hard work and lose my shiny badge in the process but it does go to show that there will still be those days that make you crave :( the final straw on a bad day was the new hubby slotting the milk in the fridge on it's side so now everything is swimming in the white stuff!!! One silly little thing and that devil sits grinning on your shoulder. All I can say is thank goodness it's not October and I can console myself with a nice glass of wine :) cheers all and have a lovely evening x

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  • Well done lilymay on sticking to your quit, it's difficult at times no doubt about that :)

    Enjoy your glass of wine and hopefully hubby will clean out the fridge :D :)

    I guess the devil appeared to test you and you passed the test with flying colours and showed him YOU are the boss and YOU are in charge, good for you hun :) x

  • Lilymay, Big well done on showing mr nic who is boss. I know I was about 16 months when I got a brief craving, like you I didnt want to waste all the hard work of quitting . You will soon be a 2 year winner stay strong. Xx

  • Hi ya Lilyyyyy :)

    Well done Lily for keeping focused and positive on your quit :) :) and not giving in to temptation :) :)

    I think that Mr nic will always be lurking in the background, at some point, juuuust incase he can tempt you back and finish you off :o :(

    Lily, look gal, us blokes arnt as clever as you Ladies at keeping tidy and things :o :( soooo, just stand back a bit and think to yourself, '' what a flippin prattttt he is '' and try to have a laugh about it :D :D cos we cant help it gal ;) :D :D

    Take care Lily :) :) xx

  • Lol Monky, to be fair I can't stay cross with him for too long, he's currently planning the birthday cake for two of our cats who are one tomorrow....what exactly can I say to that :) :)

  • He sounds like a star to me! I'm telling my hubby, bout the cakes that is, not the milk :D

    Well done you on flicking that little devil off your shoulder. No good smoking over spilt milk :o

    Enjoy your wine :) x

  • Hmmm, very tasty :D :D :D

  • Hey Lily I was gonna tell you to trade him in for a younger, newer model :O and then he goes and does something like planning a cake for your cats birthday :P Man you cant live without em....apparently :P

    Well done on not giving in, you have come tooooo far now, besides hubby married yer coz yer stopped smoking didn't he ;) ;) :)

  • :D :D :D

  • Well done Lilymay for staying strong :) :)

    You let Mr Nic no who is the boss and that he come and tease you from time to time but you will win every time :) :)

    It good for us newer quitters to be on guard at all times :) :) ..thanks

  • Maddening isn't it. I was walking into work from the car park this morning and saw a cigarette end on the floor. I don't know why but I had an instant craving - I did manage to shake it out of my head straight away but it goes to show, any little thing can set your mind off on a nicotine crave.

    Can't blame your husband for the milk though - I'd blame the milk company for not designing the top well enough not to leak (not that it something I've done a few times in the past) - :)

    I think that the longer we go, the less and less those little niggles will hit us until one day we might have one and it'll make us laugh at how insignificant it is.

    Shame I couldn't have had a glass of wine though - don't think my boss would have liked that this morning - haha.

  • Mr Edd, my sister smoked for years, she gave up when she was expecting her first but smoked again until her second child. She has been quit for almost 17 years, her partner smokes, her son smokes and she could have 50 smokers in the house and it wouldn't bother her - until I lit one up, then she would crave like mad :O

    I have been craving like mad for the past couple of weeks, no idea why... maybe its the weather :O

    Cravings can hit you at anytime and we need to be on our guard coz he's one crafty git :O :)

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