Daily Chat: Friday 8th March 2013

Daily Chat: Friday 8th March 2013

Yaye! The weekend is here :D

The weather looks a tad unsure whether to share a bit of rain with us or not...

As it's Friday and for some of you it's not a school night :D please, please make sure you have thought about any coping strategies you may need to put in place if tonight is the night to be enjoying a drop of your favourite tipple :-/

Have a safe journey Andi and a lovely slippery slopey time on your jols :-)

Fancy a cuppa anyone?

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  • Good morning Emjay and everyone,

    The weather is sharing rain here, by the bucket load, i might have to get the boat out later :D :D Love your pic this morning Emjay, you can't beat a good laugh :)

    Whatever your all doing hope you have a great craving free day :) x

    I second that Andi, have a safe journey and a fab time :) xx

  • Good Morning Susan :D

    When I saw the pic I thought of all the amazing people on here :-) and you certainly get a laugh or two :D

    The rain is trying its bestest to sneak through these grey clouds here :-/

  • Hope you don't get our rain Emjay, like i said you'd need a boat :D i need to go out later as well, don't think i will now :)

    I love that we get loads of laughs, it brightens up the day :D :D

  • Well it's day 5 and i'm off work with the worst cough and cold

    I've had in my life! Still at least I' not smoking...the thought of one


  • Hope you feel better soon. At least you will be getting rid of all that rubbish inside you.

  • Try some sugar free boiled sweets Dawn. Although there are a few sniffles going round now, this cough and cold could actually be a positive sign of recovey from smoking :-) You're doing really well :-)

  • Morning all! Just thought I'd stop by and say hi :) Congrats dawlol on your quit. Believe it or not, the worst is already over - it's only going to get better, although feeling ill does help to stave off the cravings! I've had a MEAN cold this week myself, but for the first time since forever, I have NOT had a cough to go with it!

    64 days smoke and nicotine free and counting. Love the non-smoking me and would never go back now. I really feel as though I've actually given it up for good. Still get cravings but I just have to accentuate the positives as they say and they soon go. Back running too so I will soon have my waistline back in check. It's so nice to go for a run and NOT cough up half a lung at the end of it like I used to! A happy craving-free Friday one and all :)

  • Hey Fraz, Is your name on our Wall of Winners? I'm trying to make sure it's as up to date as possible. How is the running going? I'm hoping to start C25K again tomorrow W1R1 and will hopefully catch both you and Andi up!

  • Hey all, ITS FRIDAÝ YAY

    The weather here is the same as yours emjay and its very cold and windy.

    Looking forward to a weekend of doing not much (not that we can with the battering the credit card has got this week, quidco and tesco points will be wothwhile though)

    For the first time since I have stopped smoking have I felt happy and not miserable and irritable

    Dawn there are a lot of bruck going round at the moment but it is common for some folk to get chest infections etc because of all the bruck coming out of your body (am I right emjay?)

  • hello girls,

    grey and miserable (bit like hubby. lol. ) :P day here today . joking aside its rained all day.

    went to tesco for my daily walk about. One way of exercising without getting too cold and wet. Bit rotten on the purse strings £20 later. when i only wanted bread and milk. When hubby moans I tell him at least I am here to spend the money. He doesnt argue with that.

    have a good smoke free day. xxxxx

  • three-little-pitties.com/se...

    Just been on this site which was interesting for any of you pet owners. I felt so guilty as i used to smoke when I owned a dog. We can be pretty selfish when we smoke.

  • I wonder if that is why my cat had runny eyes and nose and was sneezing? We had the cats stay in the garage and were not allowed in the house for a long time because they kept making a mess (blighters would NOT ask for out after years of doing so) and I was NOT putting up with that (my sons foom stinks even after being carpet cleaned numerous times, next step is getting a new carpet for him)

    Your hubby shouldnt complain about £20 on groceries, we spend £40 (at least) week on the kids after school activities and school lunches and that is not including the petrol/running costs of the car

    And as you said Jilly, you are here and got another all clear for 3 months and you dont smoke. He should be grateful for all that facts

  • Hi Sarah, Hubby doesnt moan well not for long. £20 wasnt for any groceries we have already done the main shop. This was on naughty treats like buns, and sweets. Oh I did buy something sensible toothpaste. :D

    Its strange how we dont think about our pets isnt it. My dog had a cancer on his face. He did live for nearly 14yrs. Now I wonder if its because we all smoked why he got the cancer.

  • I dont have smoking in the house because of the kids but never thought about the cats

    I hate doing shopping, the last time I did a BIG shop in town it came to about £200 but only need to stock up on fruit and veg for the month

  • Just found a new job for Pete. what do you think. ?

  • :D :D :D that's brill Jillygirl, that's him down to a tee :D :)

  • I think I will have to come and hide at your house when he gets in from work. I must be getting better, hiding from Pete is a good sign.


  • You are back to your fun self Jillygirl, so your definitely better :) I think we'll both have to hide at my house, seen i just agreed with you :D :D I'll get the kettle on and bring the cakes out :D :)

  • sounds good to me. :)

  • I know lets, combine the two :D :D


  • those cakes look yummy. john must be out or they would have gone by now. :)

  • Has anybody heard from John? or am i not seeing him :o I do get confused sometimes when people don't post at the bottom :o :D

  • Hi mad, I hope they're both okay :)

    I hope you've had a good day so far :)

  • I just had a look just now, it seems strange that you would come on a free help site and talk about another one, I wonder if he mentioned this site on there

  • Oops didnt know that mad. anyway I did reply but agreed with you. My brain cell aint as quick as yours. :O

  • Thank you for that mad :) I didn't really go right into it, just read the what he said

  • Okay Pete hun. Weekend for you. What do you think of the new job I found for you. :D

  • Just love it Jillygirl :D :D :D I would save the cream for you gal :) :) and you could have it up to your chest, toooooo :) :)

  • oooooooooooH! like Cleopatra eh. :D


  • OH sorry john try and get something special for the weekend. :)

  • Hey John, you dunna be wantin clapshot on a Friday night pal :o you stick with the cakes :) :)

  • Does anybody know how I can copy that vid of Bennie hill - Ernie to my computer :o ?????

  • try right clicking and then copy video url. I think thats what I did.

  • Will try that Jillygirl :) :)

  • i just tried it again and it worked.

  • It wont let me copy it !!!! to my video's

  • wish I could help you Pete, it's so frustrating when that happens

  • sorry Pete not a clue :o my one brain cell can't stretch that far :D :D

  • So Jillygirl how do you get a picture on the daily chat, i've tried several times to do this and it's never worked :o :)

  • mad you took the words right out of my mouth. :)

  • mad you took the words right out of my mouth. :)

  • :o

  • Thank you mad :) I'll give that a try :) i didn't know to click on browse :D no wonder it wasn't working :D :)

  • I'm off to bed now, I'm sitting noddin

    nite nite everyone, sweet dreams, luv yas :) xxxxxxxx

  • Naughty nite Sue ermmmm I meant nite nite Sue :) :D sweet dreams gal and luvs ya tooooo xxxxxx :)

    Speak tomorrow Sue :) :)

  • Nite nite sue. sweet dreams. see you tomrorrow. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Here you are Pete something to watch before bed. see you tomorrow. nite nite .

    and nite nite mad. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Yeah another goodn Jillygirl :D :D :D nite nite gal and a luv ya loads xxxxxxx :) you get tucked up in that duvet and enjoy your sleep :) :) :)

    Speak tomorrow Jillygirl :)

  • Ha ha ha another good one Mad :D :D

    Nite nite Mad, am off to bo bo's now erm I think :o :D you get a good nights sleep gal, speak tomorrow xxxx :)

  • Mrs Brown is fantastic, I think he/she is hillarious. Bikini wax and hen night episodes are by far the best i have seen yet

  • Emjay, just love your Daily chat opening gal, it is so so true, cos if you feel down in the dumps, then just watch or listen to something funny, and it builds you strait back up again :D :D it's better than any tonic you can take :) :)

    I wish you a lovely weekend cos your a lovely and helpful young Lady :) :)

    ( creep creep )

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