Good day

Good day

I saw a waterfall on my home from work yesterday. I have traveled along this road hundreds of times in the past and never seen this waterfall.This is because it is only visible through a hedgerow which is bare at this time of year and I have never been past this spot during daylight hours at this time of year. During spring/summer/Autumn when the hedgerow is leafy, you cannot see through it. Anyway, I stopped tonight to take a closer look and discovered a magical mill pond complete with an island. It must have been there for hundreds of years and appears to have been built to drive a watermiil at some point.

Other than that, just a regular day apart from I won a yodeling competition which I had entered by mistake (twice??)and got the first prize, a caravaning holiday in the Bermuda Triangle with either Ant, Decs or Preston from the ordinary boys.

Not a bad day all round

Fags :D

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  • That all sounds pretty average and normal to me, by the way give Ant & Dec a kiss from me

  • Hey Fags, now are you sure there was't a few otters hiding out scared they might end up in the fridge ;-)

  • well what a very average,nothing out of the ordinary,verging on mundane day youve had Fags .lol :) how lovely what a sight to see ! Oh think it would have to be Preston..and glad you didnt say justin beeber ..youd be waiting forever (lol )(not the way for a start behave justine tut tut.

    Anyway fags glad you had a good day :) :)

  • Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :D :D

  • Morning everyone, terrible weather here in Chesterfield. Foggy and rain at the same time. We need to see some sun!! soon be 21st March, the spring equinox and things should get better. Day one of cutting down, NIC is there trying to tempt me, would normally have had two cigs in first half hour but have kept strong so far. At hospital this afternoon so not going to stress myself up trying to leave have cigs until this afternoon which will be a milestone for me. Each of these will soon build up to make a wall to keep NIC out. Take care everyone and keep smiling x

  • Gosh it must be raining something terrible where you are!!!

    You should have a rummage arround, you may find the HOLY GRAIL , is their a pub neer bye??.

    Have a nice day.


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