Day 25 Cold Turkey

Day 25 Cold Turkey

Hello everyone, hope the road to recovery is going well, I know how difficult it is. I'm very proud of myself for reaching this point but this is tempered by the fact that i have been further than this in the past and slipped up. One day at a time is very sound advice and I hope that, like me, you will soon have a nice suprise in that you will find you havent really thought about smoking for a day or so. Its called having your life back. Anyways, nicotine is a rubbish drug as it doesent really do anything for you, apart from want more of it.


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  • I am just ssssssssssssssooooooooooooo full of admiration for the cold turkey quit, just know that I couldn't do it and feel just a bit weak and feeble for not trying. I think Martin that you're a hero and just keep thinking of all that money that you're saving and what you can do with it.I'm still using my ecig but am now at 11 weeks (YAY) It's VERY VERY hard tho. Keep up the good work my friend and be very proud of what you've achieved.

  • Thank you yellowsnowdrop and good luck on your journey

  • You are amazing Martin, i could never have gone cold turkey, like yellowsnowdrop, l feel feeble for not trying. You'll do this Martin, one day at a time, we're all proud of you :)

  • You really are doing fantastic Martin and we are ever so proud of you! Choosing to take the cold turkey route is doable although it can be very challenging. It's just remembering to stay strong and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel... although sometimes it can quite often feel like the light is an on oncoming train :-/

    Well done to you :-)

  • Aup Martin :)

    As the others have said, you must be one hell of a proud man, it takes guts to quit smoking, BUT it takes a lot more to do it cold Turkey :) :)

    Like Jonathan, you've got what it takes pal :) :) just stay in the same frame of mind, and you WILL do it :)

    Envious Pete :)

  • 25 days without anything! Martin if you can do this you can do anything. And why would you slip up, the truth is, and I've been here before, is that when you do have one, it lasts a few minutes and you don't actually feel any better, it is a really really weird drug. I worked with a woman recently who had been working in a rehab centre for drug addicts, she said they could all quit the cocaine, heroin etc etc, the one thing that broke them was not being allowed to smoke. The bloody tobacco companies have got it cracked haven't they? Well sod them they aren't having any more of my hard earned pounds, ever again, as Jonathon says NOPE!! (Not one puff ever) :)

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