TUESDAY - DAILY CHAT - 08/04/2014

Happy Tuesday Everybody!!!!

So how is everybody feeling today? I have to say I’ve been feeling a bit down for the past few days mainly due to a very uncomfortable mouth, which I understand is another sign of the body recovering from the effects of smoking. I am now happy to say that even though it’s not completely back to normal, this morning it feels so much better than it did and I am seeing light at the end of this particular tunnel!

I hope everyone else is getting through the bad days and looking forward to the good ones as they continue this uncertain but exciting journey!

My new motto is Never give up giving up! You will get there in the end

Have a really lovely smoke free day everyone

Bye for now

Chrissie xxxxx

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  • Good morning Chrissie , So glad your getting there. Your doing fantastic. Have a lovely day and dont work too hard. :)


  • Hi Chrissie and all,

    Its a beautiful day here in Kent, sun is shinning, all the office appears to be away today....not sure where as I have been off for over a week, but I am the only one in the building lol :) ... leaving me a note might have been helpful huh :)

    So I have nothing to do all day, so got my Kobo and puffer and i feel a bit of bridget jones and a feet up day coming on lol!

    Hope everyone is well and strong today xx

  • I just spotted this Al, are you reading Bridget Jones's latest book, I got half way through but got distracted by better books. It's not as good as the other two, you think?

  • oooh i have a new badge :) x

  • Congrats! Al

  • Good morning all. Norfolk is quite nice at the moment but the wind seems to be increasing. Off out for coffee and then home to wait for an engineer to come and fix my new cooker which is causing me problems. I have not had any results back yet so hoping no news is good news. Still feel a bit down but maybe the fog has lifted a bit. Still ok on the no smoking front but still hoarse. Hope everyone has a good day.

  • Hi KC,

    Pesky cookers, especially a new one!!!! fingers crossed for your results, enjoy your coffee x

  • when do we get first badge at one month??? I want a badge :p

    Im shocked at how im finding all of a sudden my thoughts are now NOT of smoking all blooming day..thanks god..that first week was a nightmare!! Im coping without the patches too :) I hate writing this down as I seem to suddenly so quickly suddenly have a wobble again!! xx

  • Hey Mindermummy - I'm with you - I want a badge too and I want it to be pink and sparkly when it gets here!!!! Hint hint EmJay!!! :P

    So how did you sleep last night hun? I hope you had another great night - it does make life easier when you are not so tired out! :) :) You are doing so well in that you are not using the patch all the time, well done you! :) :) And I'm thinking that talking about it and facing those wobbles helps to get it out of your system!

    I'm doing really well during the day but I am used to not smoking at work nor even when I'm travelling there and back now, but I do like the e-cig when I get here and tonight I actually delayed using it when I got here - not for very long but I put away my shopping first and made myself a coffee and got changed etc and to be honest I was okay, but I used it anyway!

    Anyway, now your sorted I need to find out if I'm on the wall of winners :)


  • Pink and sparkly sounds perfect :p

    Sleep last night was ok actually ;)

    Glad your mouth getting better, seen no change in my gums, thanks god. Haven't even had a puff of e cig today...thou now I have spoke about it...may have to..lol.

    Def talking on here about my wobbles does help!! ;)

  • I know what you mean, talking about it on here kind of gets it out of the system for a while! I've been chatting to my daughter this evening and we did talk about my stopping smoking and she was lovely about it, but I do sense she's not 100% sure yet, probably because we've been through all this before :( - so I've got to keep going just to prove it to my girls!

    I couldn't find us on the Wall of Winners but I got a bit confused there actually - so I'm assuming there's a special place for us PIPPs! :D :D :D xxx

  • Ahh bless you....try and prove them wrong, it's different this time :)

  • Aup Mummy PIPP and Chrissie PIPP, ermmmmm, I've got a little pressie for you both :o :D :D

    I hope you like em :)


  • Ha Ha Ha - I love it! :D :D :D xxx

  • Afternoon Everyone :-)

    I can't believe the time already and I'm only just making my way over here on to the daily chat!

    I'm off work today as I seem to be having a rather rumbly tummy and haven't been too good last night or this morning :-/ Always looking for the positive though and at least it's given me more time to be around here :-D I've also got the laptop back from my stepson, so now all is good in the hood :-)

    Chrissie, sorry to hear that you've been suffering with your mouth, but glad to hear that it seems to be clearing up now. Loving your new motto ;-)

    Mindermummy, I have your 4 Week Winner's Badge waiting here for you :-) Although you are already one ofn our winners anyway :-) I can't see your name up on our Wall of Winners - the place where every quitter is a winner. Let me know your quit date and I'll get it sorted :-)

    KC1946, I hope the cooker is now sorted! I'm assuming it is still under guarantee? My friend has just bought a new one because every-time she switched it on, the electrics cut out. It turned out that she needed a new element and by the time would have bought one and paid somebody to replace it she was told it would be cheaper to buy a new one. She's now a mum to a new cooker :D

    Al, have you found out where everyone is yet? Have they all taken annual leave due to school holidays? I hope today hasn't been too much of a drag for you. Although having said that, it's been nice having you back around :-)

    Big waves to JillyGirl and everyone else looking in :-)

  • Hi everyone, thought you might like a bit of a laugh so I'll tell you a funny story. I have a chair in my shed with a lovely cushion so I'd be all nice and comfy when I USED to go out for a smoke. I would bring coffee, smokes and my iPad. I didn't allow myself in the shed for the first week, in case I couldn't trust myself. Stuck my head in today and a stray cat was fast asleep on my cushion! I'm taking it as a sign to never sit in the smoking chair again! Hope this brings a smile to someone. X

  • Perhaps you could call the cat Nic or Nope. I used to go in the garage to smoke, there was no comfy chair tho, in fact there was barely enough room to stand, (yes, our garage is just like everywhere else in this house - cluttered) I used to crouch down and lean against the step, I'm sure it was all that crouching that started off my bad knees, anyway there was nothing much to do in there while I was smoking except gaze around at the mess but whenever hubby wanted to know where something was in there, I could bring up a mental picture and say its on that shelf near such a thing. Wouldn't have a clue anymore as I haven't been in there for over 12 months.

  • Hi sinfree, I'll christen him nic, thanks. So no more crouching down for you anymore! I bet you can look back and laugh at it now. Maybe you should just have a look in there and check for any furry creatures ha ha

  • sad to say but I miss it, wouldn't be the same without a cig though. As for furry creatures, I've got 3 of them inside the house - 3 dogs. We have had a blackbird that built its nest in the garage a couple of times as there used to be a big gap under the garage door where they could get in. Sadly though where the window is in the garage we never bothered putting a window sill there and a couple of times the babies have fell down the cavity when they were trying to fly, so we blocked it all off as it was very sad to hear them when there was nothing we could do to rescue them, aside from demolishing the garage which I drew the line at.

  • Briarwood that is brilliant, and so funny!!! I think you've lost your spot for the time being as Mr Stray Cat has taken refuge, and now you'll have to call it the cat's chair!!! :) :) :)

    Did it feel like a long time ago since you had been there? xx

  • Good evening all :) :)

    Hey, Emjay, somebody has gone and nicked the '' latest activities '' :o the rotten bounders them :P :P eh !! :D :D

  • Aup Monky - not they haven't it's still there? You should have gone to specsavers man! :D :D :D

  • What "latest activities", have never seen that in all the time I've been using this website. I know someone has replied to me cos I get an email on my phone, the only other way I can see what's new is to open a new tab on my browser and type in Quitsupport.

  • Sinfree, you are a one gal :D :D :D

    If you look at the top, on the green bit, you will see ''Communities'' click on that, then click on quit support and their it is :o

  • well bug**r me, I never knew that, you learn something new every day, I just tried it and it worked. :) thanks Pete.

  • eeee, that saves me some hassle that does.

  • Or, In the blue banner above the posts, on the left next to questions is a little house - that will take you straight to it! xx

  • Yep, I just tried that too, thanks Chrissie.

  • What is the wall of winners?! Never seen it...don't know where I see that?! My day was the same as chrissies ;) 24th march .xxx

  • Yes that is right - and it's now 8 april, so doesn't that fact that we've moved into another month count??? ha ha ha - I do like our badge from Monky though! xx

  • Aup Mum, I hope your well :) :)

    If you look on the right hand side near the top, you will see Wall of Winners, click on that, then click on Stoptober, as you go down there, you will see a high lighted bit, click on that and that will take you to the Wall of Winners :)

    You will have to wake Emjay up and tell her your quit date eh :D :D :D

    Speak soon, Mum :) xx

  • Guess what, I'm sat in my office at a nice tidy desk admiring its beauty. Haven't sat at this desk properly since 2011. You know whats really weird and just shows how ingrained habits are in our soul. When I used this as an office to actually work in I had a desk top computer. It's still here but for some strange reason it won't connect to the internet any more. Anyways am sat here using my laptop and I've found myself keep going to reach for a mouse when I come to scroll down the page or click, how weird, its just ingrained, desk - mouse, laptop on knee sat on sofa - no mouse. No wonder we get sudden urges to smoke long after we've quit, those triggers are well and truly fixed in our psyche.

  • Sin that is so true. When I've spent an evening on here and then I go to work the next day, I'm forever forgetting to go to the mouse instead of the keypad - it actually makes me laugh!

    So pleased that your office is functioning again though - that is a great achievement and something I should do (ie sort out all the paperwork that is mounting up again! :)


  • Am loving it. Now I need some real work to do in it. I do miss the days when I used to do hubby's book keeping and stuff, I even slightly miss work, slightly. I worked on reception and I miss answering the phone, don't miss doing the post though. Getting this room sorted is certainly an achievement for me, been threatening to do it for last couple of years. I even bought a new phone, it's a retro trim phone with a working dial and everything, a white base with a black handset to go with my colour scheme of black and white, when I've finished rubbish sifting and get around to actually decorating.

  • Well, I need to go. My laptop doesn't seem to like it sat on this desk, its been screaming all night and its getting on my nerves now. Plus I need to go sort my dried flower arrangement for my office. Plus am going to get in trouble in a bit cos I keep going to bed at 12.30 every night and poor hubby been sat down stairs on his own all night, but he has been watching football in peace without me moaning at him about why can't football supporters watch football in silence. Well night every one, sweet dreams and hope those that haven't been sleeping too well get a good nights sleep tonight.

  • Hi Chrissie, glad your mouth is improving a bit. I wish mine would. I'm doing salt water rinses and bought hydrogen peroxide (which I used last night) but it's really painful. I know this can be a problem but I hope it doesn't last much longer. What are you using to clear it up?

  • Hi Briarwood, well it has improved but to be honest it's still pretty sore at times. Mine is like the whole lining of my mouth is tender and inflammed - I'm using the listerine total care mouthwash and got some gel for relieving the blister /ulcer on my tongue which is so painful (that is caused by the broken tooth!) The trouble is my whole mouth is so sensitive I can't face going to the dentist to get the broken tooth fixed!

    The good news is that as I walked up the steps to my flat tonight, I deliberately made myself think about cigarettes, and I did not get any type of trigger or craving. This relates back to the beginning when I came home on day 3 I think it was and I had the most incredible trigger on the steps (because I was almost home - cigarette time!) so that trigger is obviously dead and buried! Wey Hey!!!

    Ah I hope your mouth feels better soon - maybe we should so to the dentist together? xxx

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