Well the sun has his hat on this morning which I didn't expect, weather forecast did not sound promising for this weekend, up bright and early this morning got loads to do job wise today and loads of ironing too which I really don't like but never mind. Hope everyone has a calm weekend and Mr Nic doesn't pay you all a visit stay strong and to all you newbies out there wishing you all well, it does get easier but you have to work through it a day at a time. Not easy I know but we can all do this together. Have fun peeps and stay strong, hope you like the pic

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  • Good morning Kaprin and everybody :) loving the pic gal :)

    Yes Kaprin, its lovely and sunny here tooooo 8-) :) although we must of had a lot of rain in the night cos both my 45 gallon water butts are full to the top now :o

    Yep ave got loads to do today and will try to get out on my bike again later :| If I could I would nip around and do your ironing for you, but ave just got tooo many jobs to do :D :D :D

    See's ya soon :)

  • Sorry but what is this "ironing" that everyone is talking about? Is it like "cleaning"? Is it something that comes after you've quit smoking for a bit? :P

  • Well if you will wear lycra all the time Chris you will never need an iron ;D

    As to cleaning..... yep am stilllll waiting for this symptom :D

  • Aup Chris, yeah its a sort of side affect after quitting the smokes, thank goodness its a Woman thing :o us blokes dont suffer from it much :D :D :D

    I've heard that us blokes cant do it, cos you have to be able to multi task, as in ironing, chopsin on the phone, drinking coffee, watching tv, flicking their hair back and moaning all at the same time :P :D :D

    Hows your day going pal :o

  • HOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO you are one cheeky monky mister....whaddya mean I can multi task???? lol :D

  • Hmmmmmm ;) :|

  • I'm doing fine thanks, Pete. I'm watching telly and all the real men in lycra cycling around Yorkshire. I wish I was that fit! Still, since quitting the smokes, I'm doing a bit better than before....

  • mmmmm does that mean you aint a real man Mister Beardy Chris :p :D :D

  • Compared with those guys, no, I ain't a real man.

    They cycle hundreds of km up and down mountains - I can't do that! I get knackered cycling half a dozen km to the shops and back :)

  • yeah but at least you have a bike...... (middle child syndrome..never had my own bike)..6 is better than none :D

  • also there all very skinny looking.... I like a man to look like a man and the only 6 pack I want him to have is the fat coke kind and he's carrying it :P :D

  • Whoa there monky getting cheeky now practice makes perfect you want to try a bit more x

  • Yeh a bit like cleaning don't think men tend to do too much of that do they? Well not in my house anyway

  • Kaprin you just ain't got them trained right :D

  • I was a bit mean he does a lot really bless x

  • :D

  • Mister monkey it hasn't stopped raining down here...... was hoping to cut the grass today but that aint gonna happen :( Oh well looks like Im gonna have to do my course assignment today as its due on Tuesday :(

    Hope everyone has a warm, rain free, smoke free day today :D

  • Who flippin mentioned grass cutting :P :P huh, suppose I will have to go do mine now then, had forgot about that :o :D :D

    Droopydraws, am sending you some of our sun down to you gal, sooooo, then you can go and cut YOUR flippin grass toooo see :P :D :D

  • Ok am now watching the british grand prix..... so don't worry about the sun eh..... :o

  • A thought you were getting on with your course assignment :o huh, typical flippin Woman, changes her mind like the weather :P :D :D

  • Er yeah pretty much :D :D

  • You too gorgeous in Lancashire x

  • Tell you what forget about the bike ride and get over here happy for you to do my ironing monky x

  • Well I would if I could, you know that Kaprin dont you :o ;) :D

  • Morning Kaprin..... lovely pic hun :D

    Enjoy your ironing :o -x-

  • Hate ironing but needs must x

  • Hello everyone,,, news of the day,,,, Monky has big butts ;) ;) haha. Eh Chris that cleaning bug hasn't hit me either but I'm still waiting for it lol. Sorry you've got rain Droopy it's gorgeous here in Lamcashire :D :D

  • Sorry Kaprin forgot to say hi to you also, lovely pic to :)

  • LMAO ..... don't know how I missed that one :D that's gonna be some bum wiggle he has there :D

  • OYYYY, flippin Fresher, how come I've got big butts seeeeeee :P :) :D :D

  • Haha what can I say,,, you said it haha :P

  • Sooooo, you saying that I've got a big flippin butttttt then gal, I will have you know that I exercise my butt every day see :P :D :D :D

  • Well Hello and a Good-Morning to Everyone... Luv the pic Kaprin! Sunny and Bright!!!

    As per the cleaning bug... Well it took a "bite" out of me and haven't been able to shake it. But on the bright side... home has never been cleaner and its certainly kept me busy and my mind occupied! Cloudy and overcast here with a chance of rain... But keeping positive with rays of sunshine here inside the office, working on yet another Saturday :D

  • Oh poor you thankfully only work mon to fri but that's more than enough need to win the lottery then I can retire and really enjoy my time x

  • Ditto... to that winning the lottery stuff!!!

  • yeahhhh, ditto to you tooo, cos I could do with some of that stuff :) :) ermmm, money I mean :o :) :D :D

  • Hi Kaprin, love the pic and as you so rightly say - one day at a time :)

    Thanks Fresher for pointing out monky's big butts :D

    Poor droopy has middle child syndrome :O

    Chris likes Lycra and poor Kate is working :D

    See I learned a lot from this post :D x

  • lol :D

  • :D :D

  • ;) :) ;)

  • Nite nite everybody, I hope you all have a lovely nights kip with plenty of zzzzzzzzzzz in it too :) :)

    Sweet dreams all and I hope they all come true :) :) xx

  • Nighty nite mister big butts ........ oops sorry mister monky :p sweet dreams :)

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