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Daily Chat: Thursday 28th February 2013 (not the 18th!)

Daily Chat: Thursday 28th February 2013 (not the 18th!)

Good Morning Everyone,

Welcome to the last day of February 2013. Hopefully you will all look out of your window tomorrow and see the Mad March Hare dancing about :-/

March brings in with it National No Smoking Day, always the 2nd Wednesday in March each year, so falls on the 13th this year. Maybe this could be an incentive for some of you to set a quit day, or even have a practice at stopping for just one day and see how it feels. You may find it's not that bad after all ;-)

A new month ahead may give you something to focus on :-)

I've got a cracking easy going exercise that you all may want to have a go at, shall pop it up in a blog in a moment :-)

Remember that any cravings that you do get are a positive sign of recovery. So please see how many you can get under your belt, knowing that with each one that you overcome - you will get stronger.

I'll also pop up a new 'Wall of Winners', so please check to see if your name is on it. If it's not, let me know :-)

Have a lovely smokefree day everyone :D

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Good morning Emjay and everyone,

It's another nice day sunny day here, hope your weather is good as well :) can't wait to see the exercise your putting on, hopefully i can do it :o :D :D

I have a busy day today, going out shortly to pay bills and get shopping in, then meeting my daughter and her hubby for tea, looking forward to that :)

Have a great smoke free day everyone :)


Good morning all,

What a glorious morning! Such a shame I have to iron! I can't believe that I've been stopped smoking for 6 months tomorrow! My daughter is cooking me my favourite tea!

Just thought I'd pop in and say hi, as I haven't been about for a while.

Have a great day everyone!



:-/ Ooof! :-/


Good morning everyone, yes the sun's disappeared again and now it's raining! :(

Pt session this morning and we went for a run on the prom which was lovely but blooming cold. He said he could see a difference in me this week so all my hard work is finally starting to pay off. :) Shame I'm going away again as I know I'll be nearly back where I started again by the time I settle back in in mid-April. I suppose you can't have your cake and eat it (in more ways than one! :o ) and I keep getting told I can't eat any cake, especially when I'm away on holiday - yeah, like that's really gonna happen! :D :D


Well hello everyone.

Its Thursday night which means its Friday tomorrow :)

I for one am very glad about that.

Been looking at hotel work in the paper, a local hotel was advertising for workers so mentioned it to the family and said I would work evenings to bring in extra pennies. I got a big NO from the kids (its nice to feel wanted from someone) and hubby asked if I really wanted to (which really no I dont) so he said no to then!!!!

Just thought it would maybe be good to do it for ME and get extra money to put aside for holiday instead of scrimping for it you know?

Anyway where is everyone tonight?

Well done on the pt session andi.....

Hope your tea with daughter went well Sue

So its a new month tomorrow, and with that its nearing the longer light and the spring weather (unless that was what we had last weekend and begining of this week!)

Hope everyone has had a good day


Hi Sarah, glad you had a good day. Nice to be wanted by the family :) and nice that you don't have to get the extra job if you don't have to. (Double :) ) I think they like your cooking. ;-)


No sure what it is..... they moan that I nagging and spend money, hubby was telling me the other day about jobs that is 3 days a week but I wouldnt get the holidays off so that counts that kind of jobs out the window.

Thought evening work would be ideal and I had it all worked out and we would have more money for Florida and paying bills.

Maybe I should just phone about it and see

Maybe he's just no wanting to be stuck at home with the kids every evening with no car and be in charge and the 'bad parent who lays down the law'


Hi all, just got back in from a very long but enjoyable day, so i'm in my cosy Jim jams now :)

i hope you all had a good day as well, i'm off to get a cuppa now :)


Sue no sugar in mine thank you :)

Hi all,well what a day,plastering finsished electrics finshed except i think ive booboobed and probably need him back for another socket lol.

Work wise I have the government one lined up..BUT ..hopefully will have some more of my helping ones ..so may not have to take the other one..we will see :)

just winding down now and realised i can have a lazy day tomorrow ..yippee :)


Aup Jan :)

You have a lazy day tomorrow gal cos you've deserved it :) and its great to hear you got the job Jan :) :) speak soon

Pete :)


thanks Pete :) I just got to slay the demon :)lol


Hello Andi, Sue, Chickles, Sarah(?) and everyone... So another smoke free day draws to a close and tomorrow is Friday - yipeeee!!

Wow so many people have done so well staying smoke free for so long, great inspiration for me to stick with it.

Well done Andi at your pt session, running along the prom sounds fun, do you live by the sea? When I visit my sister in Brighton I love a Sunday morning run along the seafront... The best of fresh air...

I join a gym last week (£10 month it's cheaper than smoking!) and went for my fitness assessment tonight. Given I've smoked for long was delighted to hear my lung capacity was actually not bad... Not great but average. Oh my did the chap make me work out!!

Anyway have a super evening, my lovely partner has just cooked a healthy stir fry, and after the workout I've just been put through, I most definitely need it!! :-) :-)


Hi everybody :) :)

Yes Bella, it's Fridayyyyyy tomorrow yippppeeeeeee :) :) :)

Chickles/ Jan :) a massive well done to you gal for getting to 6 Months tomorrow :) :) does that mean were having a party then :o :| :D :D


Hey Pete,

Why thank you kind sir! Alas am not really in party mode, am feeling a tad under the weather, have been off colour for the past week or so. I think that I need to slow down a bit, which is easier said than done. I'm constantly on the go! On a lighter note have lost another half stone!

Am so glad that your mum is on the mend!



Hi Sue, glad you had a lovely day - bet you're exhausted now as you've had such a busy week, I'm sure you'll be nodding on that sofa in no time. :)

Jan, great you've got a job lined up - you'll need it to help pay for your electrics - you can never have enough sockets so always over estimate on that front. :)

Bella, great that you've joined a gym, hope you don't ache too much tomorrow. Aren't you lucky having someone to cook for you. I only get that luxury when I go away.

I live in Bournemouth but not right next to the seafront - it takes me about 10 minutes to drive there. They had great big tractors there this morning moving the sand around. Over the last year, every time we get strong winds the sand gets blown on the prom so they're forever having to clear it off - must cost a fortune on our council taxes. :o :D


Hi Pete, hope you had a good day. How's your Mum getting along? :)


Aup Andi, yes tar bin a good day, my mum is on the mend I think :) and no rain here at all :) :) today.

glad you enjoyed your run this morning, even though a bit chilly :) :)


Sue thats a flippin longggggggg cuppa you having :o :D :D


Emjay, gosh gal you have bin busy today :) just slow down a bit gal, cos you'll be doing yourself a mischief :o :D :D

You get some noddin done tomorrow :) do you hear me Woman :) :D :D

Rite am off to have a look at this new exercise that you have dreamped up :o ;)

Speak soon gal and take care, Pete :) :)


I think Emjay must be making up for sleeping the rest of the week. :o


:D :D :D

Emjay, I didnt say that gal !!!!!


That makes a change then! :D :D

I think Sue and everyone's gone for an early night.


I had an early morning again listening to that aussie scientist at 3 o'clock and not dozing too much til I got up. :o Let's hope I sleep better tonight - no alarm for me tomorrow. :) (doesn't usually work though. :( )


Just wondering Andi, do you take a drink to bed with you, like horlicks or hot chocolate ????




I was just wondering if it may help you sleep better :) :) and there's ovaltine although I cant get on with that :P :(


Nah, tried it before. I chucked a jar of ovaltine last week - nearly new - it was a solid lump! :o :D :D What a waste of money.


Think I'd better turn in now.

Nite nite Pete, sweet dreams. :) xxx


Nite nite Andi, and hope you have the sweetest dreams ever gal xxxxx :) luvs ya :)

You could try doing some press-ups before you get in bed :o :D :D they might tire you out abit :) see you tomorrow Andi, take care :)


Looks like Mad's gone missin again !!!!!


Nah, she's still around. :)


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