Daily Chat: Thursday 7th March 2013

Daily Chat: Thursday 7th March 2013

Good Morning Everyone :-)

It seems like ages since I opened the Daily Chat :-/ Thanks Andi for 'doing the do' and opening up shop :-)

I've had a busy couple of days and have only popped my head in to see that all is well. You are all doing fab and reading through all your supportive posts has been great. It's really nice to see how well our community is growing. I'll make some time for a good catch up today. I have a meeting at 10 but shall be around properly from then. Will make sure I put the kettle on and offer brews all round beforehand :-)

I hope everyone's day is off to a good start, remembering that it is how you see things that will reflect on how your day goes :-)

Thats both the good news and the bad news, so please make the right choice and see the right things :-)

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  • Good morning Emjay and everyone.

    You beat me to it today - was wondering where you'd been hiding. ;-) Back from my last pt session for a few weeks. I know I'll still be exercising but will have to try and be extra good on the eating front cos I don't want to put any back on while I'm away although a skliing diet does usually involve lots of carbs. :o

    Off to start my packing, see you later. :)

  • Morning Andi - where are you off to this time? How long have you quit

    for now...it must be coming up for a year? Can't wait for the time when I can

    say that!


  • Hi Dawn, I'm off to the same as the last couple of times - St Anton in Austria which is where my sister lives, I am a lucky so-and-so. :) It's just over 10 months now - can't really believe it myself! Day 4 for you, you just show how strong you are to your friend, I know you can do it this time - don't ever give in to it then you'll get there. :)

  • Thanks Andi - No going back this time. Have a lovely holiday!

  • Thanks Dawn, good luck while I'm away. :o :)

  • Good morning everyone,

    It's nice to see you Emjay, i'm glad you have just been busy, i still can't switch my worry button off :D :D :) i hope you have a great day and manage to get a rest :)

    I'm sure you won't put any weight on Andi, it won't be able to catch you as you ski downhill :D :) hope you have a good day packing, do you leave in the middle of the night again :o

    Hi Dawn, I hope you have a great craving free day :)

    i'm off to get a cuppa, have a good one everyone :) x

  • Hi Sue, like usual, keep getting distracted whilst packing. :o Not so bad this time, I will (hopefully) get some sleep tonight, don't have to get up til about 5 - normally awake about then anyway. :)

    Weather's yucky rain here today, just as well I hadn't planned to run this morning. :)

  • Hi Andi, your the same as me then, easily distracted :D :D :D Hope you get some sleep tonight, me, I'd be up all night, worried in case i slept in :o :D :D

    We have rain as well, wish the summer weather would hurry up and get here, you picked the right day to stay in :)

  • Afternoon Everyone, I'm only just back at my desk and the kettle is just about to be popped on...

    Dawn, it's lovely to see you around again. Remember to learn from your practice quit attempts and you'll be all reet :-)

    Andi, I hope the packing is going well. Are you away tomorrow? I've only ever had a go at dry slope skiing but would imagine it to be quite energetic. Does your sister ski too? :-)

    Sue, thanks for worrying about me xx I have some nice bickies here, you joining me for a cuppa? :-)

  • Thanks Emjay - I have indeed learned from my last attempts...lol! You can not 'just have one'! Onwards and upwards....and this time I've really changed my whole mindset to the

    quit. Reading the Allen Carr books helped!

  • Hi Emjay, I just have a couple of things to do then I'll be there, I never refuse a cuppa :D :D hope you have a great day :) xx

  • Hello girls,

    Well all clear for 3 months from hospital. Daughter still not sorted, but I am sure they will find out whats wrong eventually.

    I cant believe I have nearly put all my weight on now. They say that is good. So what did I do to celebrate went and had a 7 item breakfast.

    Watch out andi I will have to join you with the exercises at this rate.

    Off for a cuppa without the biscuits. ( no it wont last ) :)

  • Hi Jilly, that's good news for you and what a way to celebrate! As I'm off the hook at the moment I'm being naughty today - just been round friends and had 3 choccy biccies and am having pizza for dinner! (Sssshhh! Don't tell on me!) :o :D :D

    Hope they find out your daughter's problem soon. :)

  • Hi Jillygirl, I'm so glad everything went well for you :) I hope your daughter gets better soon, tell the doctors to hurry up or I'll be visiting with my spears :D :)

  • Thanks Sue, Those spears of yours certainly did the trick for me. We are all just like one big family. :) xxxxx

  • JillyGirl... Fantastic news, really crazy how much has hapened over the past couple of months for you... Unbelievable! Anywhose, I found this after I googled Hylda earlier....

    :-) :-)

  • wow! thats fantastic, I needed that good laugh. I will show sarah it , cheer her up .

    : D :) xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Why on earth were you googling 'Hylda'? This takes me back - not sure if you were born then. :D :D

  • Andi dont be giving your age away. your far too young. :D

    I sent emjay a message , which said she knows you know. Now does that make sense. :)

  • Wink, wink, say no more. hehehe :D :D

  • :D :D :D good one Emjay. I don't remember that :o :D :D

  • I will do mad :) it's good to get a laugh :)

  • Now thats a good idea , mad. I am already a sad person I love watching Laurel and hardy too.


  • bet you watch buster keaton too. cant beat the oldies. :)

  • I reckon we ought to have a weekend watching all these. worzel is brill. As for showing our age like I say you can`t beat us oldies. :)

    Wait till Pete starts, see what his favourites are. :P

  • Can't you? :D :D

  • :D :D :D

    Oh, I can't remember the name of the one I'm thinking of. :(

  • Who mentioned Worzel??? Just because we share the same hair.... :-)

    Oh brilliant, I love all the oldies... Laurel and Hardy, Worzel, don't get me started on sitcoms.... The Good Life, Porridge, Faulty Towers, Open all Hours, Some mothers....

    Am I now showing my age? Now you all know what i do in my precious spare time ;-)

    Jilly what great news for you, really pleased... lets hope your daughter get well soon too..

    Andi how exciting... hope em bags are packed.... :-) Now you've got me thinking about pizza and I haven't been running in over a week.... bad me!

    I'm off on my holidays in a couple of weeks too, very exciting! Week staying in an old castle in Pembrokeshire with Gar (my better non smoking half!) and his family, followed by a week "on farm" with my own family in Ireland. Can't wait, very exciting. Only prob is my cousin in Ireland well he's a chain smoker, and we always spend time visiting pubs (if thats what they're called!) up in the mountains... he's a dreadful bad influence....

    But I'm gonna be strong :-)

    Jan, Dawn hoping you've both had a successful non smoking day... and got to the patches before baccie got you....

    Just thinking about my my viewing delights tonight....

    Pete, Monky ;-) Madimad was wondering which Last of the summer Wine character would most catch your personality.... I was wondering too ;-) :-)

    Or maybe theres a different show that would be more fitting.... Faulty.... The Good Life.... ;-)

    Have a super evening everyone, apart from my Jo Malone package arriving, my day's been pants, so heading for a glass of wine......

    Love ya's :-)

    Suzzie Suze xxxxxx

  • Hi Suze, your holidays sound really good. I guess you'll be doing lots of walking then - I'll keep my fingers crossed that it won't be too wet for you. At least in Ireland you can't smoke in the pubs either. Hopefully the only problem you'll find with your cousin is the smell. :o Every time I go round my friend's house now I stink when I get back home. :o :( :D :D

    I think you'll have some lovely places to run in whilst away including lots of hills! ;-)

  • Evening All :-)

    I'm much too young for that Hylda lady but after googling, it did make me laugh :D My all time fave has to be Norman Wisdom :-) Little House On The Prairie brings back some great memories alongside Worzel!

    Suze, a well deserved break that sounds lovely. Your Irish trip will just need some thought and planning and you'll be grand :D

  • Good evening everybody :) :)

    Emjay, I see you've woke up gal :o good on ya :D :D

    Mad, does this answer your question, a pic of Jilly & I :D :D


  • Nah, aint brainy enough to be Cleggy Mad :D :D

  • Good evening Pete, i love the pic, i'd forgotten about that one :D :D

  • Yeah, Jillygirl posted that erm erm some time ago :D :D that was when we were young, and could jump up on a cars bonnet :o :D :D

  • Andi, you done your flippin packing yet gal, huh it takes you flippin Women ages :o :D :D

    How long you going for this time ?? was it 6 Months :o hurrrrraaaayyyy :D :D :D

    Sue get that oven door open gal, cos am - erm - running your way gal :D :D

  • Hi Pete, well done I was looking for that pic. By the way dont think I need the wrinklies anymore. just a new hairstyle when it decides to grow back properly.

    go on then whats your favourite tv character?. :) xx

  • iiiiiiiiiiiiiYaaaaaaaa Jillygirl :) :) :)

    Hmmmmmmm maybe you could try wearing the wrinklies on your head :o :D :D

    Hmmmmm I think the 2 Ronnies took some beating :) but there's loads of old ens I loved to watch and laugh with :D :D :D

  • :D :D It's open Pete, hurry before Andi gets you :D

  • Am in :) erm your oven that is :D :D before Andi comes out with something :o :D

    Hey it's nice and cosy in here Sue :) :)

  • I made sure it was warm in case you needed to hide :D :D :D :D

  • Just love it Jillygirl, of course he was one of them :D :D :D :D

  • going to say nite nite now. eyes getting heavy. luvs ya all. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Nite nite Jillygirl :) you get a good nights sleep gal :) you will soon be on top form again :) :) luv ya Jillygirl xxxxxxxx :) :) and please give my luv and huggs to your Daughter, Sarah xxxx :) :)

  • nite nite Jillygirl, sweet dreams, luv ya :) xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • I need to go as well, it's past my bedtime :D

    nite nite all, sweet dreams, luv yas :) xxxxxxx

    have an ace holiday Andi, see you when you get back, luv ya :) xxxxxxx

  • Nite nite Sue, I hope you have a lovely sleep :) :) and cheers for hiding me from Andi :D luvs ya gal, a do xxxxxx :) speak tomorrow :) :)

  • Glad to hear of your great news Jilly, I really do hope that your daughter gets down to the bottom of what is wrong.......

    Good with the no smoking here this week again, nearly at 8 weeks :) hopefully the weekend will go quickly like the past 2 days have :

    Our holiday is nearly all sorted, kinda getting excited and really is huge insentive to stay stopped ;)

  • Aup Sarah, not spoke for a bit gal :( sounds like your getting on ok :) and yeah, sorting a holiday out is a great incentive for you :) :)

    Thats just great that your near to 8 weeks quit now gal :) thats just magic, it is :) :)

  • Hi Sarah, wondered where you were today. Glad you're getting on ok and nearly finished sorting your BIG holiday. :)

  • Hi Pete, packing's finished. :) When I get back this time I'm going to wash everything then re-pack it straight away which will save me time for the next trip. :|

  • Aaaggghhhh where did you come from, pant pant, :o :| you scared the living daylights out a me gal, thought you'd gone to bed :)

    Hmmmm that depends on how big your suit case is :o :D :D

  • Jilly, Sue, sorry I missed you both, hope you sleep well and I'll see you when I get back.

    Sweet dreams, Lots of love and hugs, Andi :) xxxxxxxxxx

  • I grew up with the lookie likies of Hylda and Stan.

    They were honest simple people who new how to live and enjoy life.

    I miss my gran and grandad but will always cherrish the memory and watch the programs just to remind me of happy days as a young boy.

  • Tom, thats so right pal :) I too miss my gran & grandad, ha ha cos i used to get shipped off to them at weekends to give my mam a rest, lovely lovely memories :) :)

  • Hey Monky!!! ;-)

  • Or should I be calling you Compo?? ;-)

  • :P :P :D :D

    You can call me what you want gal, but not late for my dinnnnnns eh :D :D :D

  • I might be a cardboard cut gal :D :D :D

  • Love, love, love it JillyGirl :D

    Hey Sarah, fab news on booking your holiday to Florida, good on you :-)

    Pete, how come you let me nap for soooooo long?! I'm supposed to be on craving watch for some of you! :-)

    Andi, what date did you say you're back? Have a lovely, lovely time :D

    Tomc, that's a lovely thing to say. It's great the way old films, music or even some smells can bring back some fantastic memories :-)

  • Emjay, I didnt wake you cos you needed a power nod gal :o ;) although it was a long one :D :D

    But it worked cos you look about 21- erm 22 now eh gal :) :)

    Corrrrrrrrrrrre ;) :) :)

  • :-) :-) nighty nite Pete and everyone xxx

  • Nitey nite Bella :) :) hope you have a lovely dream :) :) luv ya loads gal xxxxxx :)

  • I'd better get to bed - don't want to oversleep and miss my bus! :o

    Nite nite Pete and everyone else. Keep strong and try to stay positive with no setbacks while I'm gone.

    Love you all, Andi :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Nite nite Andi :) you get a LOVELY night kip gal, love you loads Andi xxxxxxxx :) :)

    Hmmmm you could miss the bus and stay here a bit longer :o :) :) cos I would put up with you, if nobody else will :) :)

    You take care Andi, and I hope you have a fantabilosooe time in Austria :) :) :)

  • Andi have a super hols, we'll miss u xxx

  • Andi have a super hols, we'll miss u xxx

  • Ya what :o

  • Ya what :o

  • You're s barmy as the rest of us Pete.... Ya what what? :-/

    Hey Mad, how are doing? Any sightings of your swans lately? :-)

  • No but she's seen some UFO's :D :D :D

  • Aup Mad, hmmmm so your under 7 stone, so that means you will fit in a size 8 :) :) why dont you get a modelling job then :o cos you could earn loaddddddds a moneyyyyyyyy :) :) :) :)

  • t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn...

    Corrrrrrrre :) :) hmmmm just thinking about my poor ticker :o :D :D

  • Ha ha ha ha Just love it gal :D :D :D

  • Nite nite Mad, you have a nice nights sleep gal :) yeah dancing wears me out too :o but what the heck !! speak tomorrow and luvs ya xxxx :)

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