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Daily Chat: Sunday 27th January 2013

Good morning everybody :-)

Thought I'd pop on and say a quick hello and see how you are all doing. Let's of posts and plenty of chat going on which is good to see :-)

I'm actually away for a couple of days and did put up a blog on Thursday night to let you all know, but for some reason it's not even here! I wonder where it's gone?

Any whose, you're all supporting each other amazingly well :-) I thinks it's fantastic to see how much support and advice that you are offering to each other.

I'm on my iPad at the moment and can't pop up a picture, so you just have my mug to look at!

Have a lovely Sunday everyone :-)

Remember to stay strong!


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Good Morning Emjay and everyone else who pops on, and everyone who doesn't pop on today!

Can't believe that the snow has nearly all gone, yay! Sunshine and showers today! I've got cleaning and ironing to do, deep joy! Not going out today. I've got dry eyes and today they seem worse than usual. I've put the drops in. I swear blind the central heating isn't helping matters. Chest ache has reappeared, which the docs think is gastric acid reflux and indigestion, so am off spicy food, fizzy drinks and caffeine (again). So for tea today, seeing as Pete missed my usual food chat yesterday :) lol, is roast chicken, mashed potato, swede and carrots, peas, baby roast taties, gravy and Yorky puds for my daughter!

Am away to get some jobs done and realise that I will need to pop out to get some parsnips! Grrrr.

Have a great day!



PS... Emjay...hope you're having a lovely time wherever you are!



Good Morning Everyone,

Gremlins took your post Emjay, the little devils keep slipping in under the radar :D :D hope your enjoying your break away :)

Hi Chickles, hope your snow is gone soon, all ours has :) yaaaaa :D :D

I see your gonna be busy today, i did all that last night so i could have a lazy day today :) :D as for tea, i don't have much appetite just now so who knows what i'll have, your tea sounds yummy :) I hope your chest eases soon Chickles, that can't be fun :(

I'm off to have a cuppa if anyone wants one :) xx


I guess I'm just having a 'feeling sorry' for myself day! I feel very tired, but hey am still smiling and motivating myself. I guess shovelling snow yesterday didn't help! This weather, although it looks lovely, drains me when I have to walk in it etc.

Good idea with the water Mad, I used to have some of those ceramic thingies that filled with water and went over the radiator, I'll see if I still have them.

Thanks Sue- it doesn't hurt hurt, it's just uncomfortable. Am at the docs tomorrow to see the nurse for my yearly health check, so I'll whinge at her about my ailments lol

Have done the living room and stairs. The kitchen was already done. Ironing and bathroom to do, then a snoozette methinks.

BT were supposed to be here yesterday afternoon, re my ongoing saga! They didn't ring or anything! The engineer has just foned me now...he's on overtime and on his way! I am so not in the mood for a 'lippy' phone engineer lol I shall count to ten and chill lol

Laters xx


Hi mad, i didn't see you there lol

These Gremlins are bad today, although it seems to be okay now, hope it stays that way :)

What ever your up to today, i hope it's a good one :)


Hello Emjay and everyone, Hope your all ok. The snow has just about gone. But still not going out as the wind is really strong, so best not risk it yet. Family coming up later this aft, so that will keep me busy enough. catch up later. xxx


A good afternoon everybody :) :)

Ha ha erm a little girl rang our local radio station this Morning to say that her snowman had been stolen from her back garden :D :D that really tickled me.

We still have some snow but the roads are now clear :) the sun is out 8-) but very strong winds, the same as you Jillygirl :(

Chuckles, we've got a sort of Chinese/Indian allsorts diner today :o cos one of the freezers has decided to call it a day :( so thats my job for this safto, strip her down and see what up with it :o :|

Emjay you enjoy your weekend away gal :P :D cos were big Girls and boys now and can look after our selves :o :D :D


Your right there Pete , us girlies certainly look after you. :D :D xx


Oy flippin jillygirl :P :P take that :D :D

you flippin girlies think your it, and know it all, but of course us boys know you dont :P :D :D :D xxxx


Oh no re freezer Pete! let's hope you can mend it! If not, it'll be a new one!

Jilly- you're right it is windy in Leeds, just popped out and it's bitterly cold even though it's 6 degrees!

Well the BT engineer arrived to install my BT Infinity, which was installed on 4th January! The problem is, that the engineer found a fault on the outside bit of the line! The records didn't say that! The line has been tested again, plus from the exchange box, and the problem is outisde in the street! Deep joy...the engineer has just phoned me back and they have put the job straight to the underground team, because I wasn't a happy bear! I didn't go off on one, was polite and smiley and made him a cup of tea as well! 'Always look after your workmen'. So the saga continues. If they have to dig my garden up, then they put it back to how it should be!

I shall keep you updated re events! Anyway this BT Infinity is really good! I'm not paying for it yet as I'm on the old package until this fault is rectified.

Right, am away to clean the bathroom!

Enjoy your freezer fixing Pete, and enjoy your visitors Jilly.

Hope you're enjoying your lazy day Sue!



Aup Chicken :)

I had BT infinity put in last summer, and also had trouble :( but it all got sorted in the end :) and is worth it :) :) I see you made him a cuppa :) hmmmm dose that mean he was a bit of alright then :D :D

Time for me to go I thinks :D enjoy cleaning your bathroom :D :D



Make sure you mop the floor when you`ve finished. :D :D



Love the pic gal :D :D

I will have you know that I allways clean up after me :o :) erm dose that sound rite :o :|


Hi ya Mad, and the answer to your question is nope !!

I'm on day 10 now of taking champix and nothing is happening :o :o

I rang my adviser up yesterday, co s i couldnt get to see her for the snow, and she said some people stop within a few days of taking champix and others may take 2 weeks :o

So I suspect I'm a slow one :( :( cos I am a bit slow in my ed :o :|

Speak soon gal :)


You pick a day between day 8 and 14 to stop and stick to that

I think it can be bad for you to carry on smokingn while taking these tablets for longer than the 14 days so i maybe would get advice from your doctor about that one


Hey Pete, I always make my workmen a drink! If they're here for a few days like decorating etc, I make them lunch if I'm home too. If not I leave a sandwich in the fridge.

The BT Infinity is working fine, it's proper quick. There is a fault on the line outside, probably water in a joint or something like that, it's just below acceptable levels. It sounds like they'll be doing some digging in the street! C'est la vie :)

Bathroom is cleaned. Am having a coffee before my next job. I normally whiz though it, it's taking me some time to get started today! Work tomorrow, so am going to have a shower and wash my hair after tea, then I can just have a quick shower in the morning. My hair is quite long and I can have an extra 30 mins in bed if I wash it tonight :)

Am only working 4 hours tomorrow, then it's the nurse tomorrow afternoon. Have got a quiet week socially. Good job really, I'm not drinking at the moment either. Am determined to get this indigestion/chest problem sorted. Will do some meditation and self-healing too.

Coffee finished...back inbetween next jobs :)



Chickles thats lovely gal :) i just hope i get some nice customers like you when I pass my plumbing course :o :|

Ha ha I cant wash my hair at night cos when I get up in the Morning, its all stuck up in the air :D :D


I do hope you get your indigestion/chest problem sorted. :) :)

Click-dank-pisssssz just got my erm canoffee :D :D rite back to the freezer :o :|


Bye bye JC :D :D


Love it mad :D :D

Your just ace gal :) thank you :) :)


Hi everyone,

Wish i'd been doing something exciting to tell you all about, but alas no, my brother came up and it was the usual, he wanted to borrow money, said he had no food etc, and that he's pay me back on Thursday, I didn't give him any, I know he's talking rubbish, it's probably to pay a debt he has, plus the last time I lent him money I never saw it again, I just wish he would leave me alone, I'd do a moonlight flit to the other end of the country except I have a grandson on the way so naturally I want to stay close to my family.

On the plus side I was able to stay away from the cigs, normally he would stress me out so much that I would light up straight away, so I'm pleased at that :)

Sorry for the moan but it keeps me sane :D I hope your all having a great day :) xx


Awww Sue, I tell you gal, you can pick your freinds but not your family :( :(

A massive massive well done to you for keeping smoke free Sue, cos i know how he stresses you out :( :(

As far as i know there is only one bad apple in your family gal :( and your Daughter will need you when the time comes for him to pop out :) :)

Stay with it gal cos your doing just magic you are :) :)


Thanks Pete :), I do feel better now having got it off my chest :) he is the only bad apple, hey maybe he'll run away to somewhere else, you never know :D :D

Don't you worry about the Champix Pete, that will kick in soon enough, you'll get there, we'll all help you, you know that :) :)


Hi mad, I doubt if that will work with him, I've tried it before, he just doesn't care, think I'll just ignore the door the next time he comes :D :D


Sue you do that gal, just dont let him in eh :) :)


That's what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna be out an awful lot soon :D :D :)


:D :D :D :D good one


time to put the kettle on.....cake anyone :)



JC, you flippin had all 2 layers of em :o :( :D :D


Yay. that's my ironing all done a put away. I've got everything done, which surprised me.

Re your brother Sue, you did well not giving in to him. Just tell him no! I wouldn't let him in either. You did a great job too not letting him stress you out, a big well done there!

I've lent money in the past to friends and haven't got it back. so I don't lend anybody money now. If anybody asks, I just say that I can't afford it, end of. It must be more difficult with a member of the family.

John- I might have to purchase one of those hygrometers. I do have dry eyes and have drops, but they have deffo been lots worse this last week. Can't find the things that hang on the radiators, so have taken your advice Mad and put some little bowls of water there.

Even though I've been busy, today has gone really slow, probs 'cos I haven't been out anywhere! Good thing is I've noticed it's quite light tonight to say it's now 5pm!

Hope that your Champix kicks in soon Pete. I couldn't have the tablets because of other medication I take and medical history. Hope your advisor has some good advice for you. Has your smoking reduced since taking it?

No cake for me thanks Sue- but I'd love a decaff coffee please :)

Am away to watch Come Dine With Me afore tea...



Aup Chackles, :)

Gosh gal you have surprised me toooooooo :D getting all those jobs done :D :D

Erm just wondering, if you could lend me a couple of bob until the weekend :o :| :D

Am outa here zoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom :P :D


Hi Chickles,

Thanks for that, i was pleased with myself cause he is the one person who could start me smoking again, but now I know I can deal with him in other ways :)

I feel like the day has dragged as well,think it's because it's Sunday, they always drag for me.

It's pitch dark here, has been since about 4.30, it's raining as well, but at least that means th snow has all gone :)

I wasn't sure if you took milk in your decaf coffee or not so I gave you both

2.bp.blogspot.com/_gua_oUZe... :D :D :D

Here's a proper one


Enjoy your program :)


Hi Sue :) huh wheres my coffee then :o mind you perhaps I would like something a bit stronger :D :D :D


Seen you've been working hard on your fridge Pete, here you go


enjoy :)


Hi EmJay

I just came arcoss your blog, I like all the thing you are writing, please keep up the good work, everybody needs support and help.


Aup Lazerspike :) :) a big warm welcome to our quit support community :) :)

How are you getting on with your quit :o or are you thinking about it :o :)

Come and let us know, cos maybe you toooo could help somebody to quit :) :)

Pete :)


That JC got the cakes again!

Here's some more Pete, sorry I couldn't resist having some first :D :D



Suzie, they are gorgeous gal :P :) yum flippin yum alllllllllllll in my tum flippin JC :P :D :D


Hi Lazerspike,

Welcome to this wonderful site :), like Pete said come and let us know how your doing on your quit journey, we're all a friendly bunch, and you would have a few laughs as well :)


Gremlin alert!, my posts keep disappearing :o


Yes have noticed Sue, :o

Soooooooooooooooooo spears at the ready ====== >>>> Aime - fire -- :D :D

I think that showed them who's boss Sue :) :)


Thanks Pete :)

I was trying to say that you have another treat further up the posts, see if you can find it :D :)


Well everyone i'll have to go now, I've got visitors, yeh at this time of night, and me sitting in my jim jams :o :D

So I'll say nite nite, sweet dreams everyone, luv yas :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Nite nite Sue & Mad, I luvs ya both a do :) :) sweet dreams and God bless you both, cos your a couple of goodns :) :)

Nite nite Jillygirl, sleep well and charge them batteries up ready for that chemo :) :) missin you loads gal, love and huggs for you xxxxxxx :) :)


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