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One week

Well I still have my chest infection but it is subduing a little more each day, The antibiotics have helped my body fight off the plague and my abstinence from can only have helped. The NRT lozenges have really helped, I know that in the near future I will have to wean myself off those but right now, I am really pleased with myself. I have found the support of my fellow quitters has also been a major boost to my will power as you are all in the same boat and understand exactly where I am at. I still find myself stuffing zebras up the chimney in order to ward off evil spirits, then again, I've always had problems with reality which has sort of help me blunder through life... I have to go and cut some chips now.

Love, oddness and the urge to fly


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Hi Fags

I'm glad your chest infection is getting better and as you say, not smoking will have helped a lot and hopefully you wont get another in the future.

You should be very proud of yourself, you are doing really well so keep up the good work. If stuffing zebras up the chimney helps ward off the evil spirits and cravings then you go for it :D Where do you get zebras from at this time of year, thought you could only get them in Summer :D

Enjoy your chips. I could just go a chip butty.


I just imagine them and Woosh, there they are. Sometime I have Tom Jones do the washing up........ Thanks for the positive vibes....



Hi Fags ..WELL DONE !!! :) hope you were singing whilst doing the chips . Sorry you still have your chest infection BUT not smoking will have helped a hell of a lot. Best wishes for the coming week :) jan


Well done Fags :) your doing great :)

hope your chest infection clears up soon, there nasty :)


Hiya Fags, absolutely fabulous that you've got through that first week. :)

Cor, I could just go a chip butty now. :o


Has your wife cottoned on yet? :D


Get well soon. :)


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