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One Whole Week

Well I can't believe it. It's been a whole week without a cigarette. But the main thing for me is that it has been a lot less stressful than I thought. My husband smokes and is not stopping and I have not been affected by him smoking outside the house in the evenings. I'm keeping a track of the money I save and i'm going to use it to make a weekly additional payment off my credit card. Not very exciting but very beneficial in the long run.

Very proud of myself. Keep up the great work everyone, this site is brilliant for keeping the motivation going....xxx

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WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!.....well done on getting through your first week :) :)

You are doing ever so well :) :)



Aup erm, After :) so, you've got through your first week then, a massive big well done to you :) :) Your doing ever so well and with a partner that smokes too :o I know what thats like, but at least he smokes outside eh :)

Yep, you just watch that credit card bill get less and less :) but maybe just once and a while, treat yourself to something really nice :) and I'm very proud of you too :)

Stay focused and positive now :)


Hiya After, welcome to quit support and congratulations on your first week quit :)

My hubby still smokes so I know what it's like but you're doing ever so well, keep up the good work :) :) x


Hey After, well done on a flippin fantastic week quit :) Am delighted for you hun :)

It doesn't matter what you do with the spare money, as long as you do something with it, cant wait for you to clear your card and then you can treat yourself to something nice :)

Keep up the good work hun :)


All the support I'm getting on this site is really helping. What a fabulous group of people here. Thanks to everyone who takes time to post. ....xx

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Hi ya After, this is what this lovely site is all about :) Helping each other :) :) xx


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