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Week 17

Last week, I wrote a blog post and lost the whole lot, which was really annoying as part of the reason that I am doing this is to chart my progress and to be able to look back and see how far I have come. Anyway, no matter as the progress continues.

I am now in Week 17 and I am so chuffed and pleased with myself.

I am no longer go outside to smoke when at work but I do go out anyway, to stretch my legs. I also take a book with me if it is during lunch and have taken to walking down the road and back up again while reading my book. It must look a bit odd but I don't really care. I always have my e-stick with me but don't always feel the need to use it. I think part of me is rebelling against the organisation I work for, because they love to see people tied to their desks and locked into staring at a computer screen and another part of me is looking for a replacement for the e-stick. I feel blessed that it has helped me to give up smoking but I would like a time to come where I don't feel that I need it anymore.

In my head, I think I am constantly looking for a way to really detach myself from this need that smoking once filled. Well they say that it takes 21 days for a new habit to form and as I clearly have some space to fill I guess I will look at what I can do to fill that space. A positive habit, of course. At the moment it is reading a book which interestingly is called, Straight and Crooked Thinking and there is definitely an awful lot of thinking going on which brings me to a close for this particular blog, as my thinking and typing could go on and on and on, right now...............


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Hi Cleopetra,

Firstly well done on 17 weeks. Don't worry you will get to a stage where you don't need any nrts. Everyone is different but you will get there.

I now find I want to go out more for walks etc., where before I would stay in and get on to the computer, and probably smoke about 20 to 30 cigs a day.

I didn't think I would ever be writing a blog like this , at that time.

So stick at it. Your doing great. :) :)


Thanks jillygirl. That's helpful to know. :)


Hello Sally

Congratulations to you on 17 weeks - that is really a super achievement. Know I faltered but I'm no on day six again but this time it feels right so I will always be behind you but quite a bit but knowing that you've achieved it gives me the lift I need to know that I can do it as well. Things to do to fill in the gap - crosswords either complete them or make one yourself which can be a bit of a challenge especially if you do it with one theme in mind but are also very rewarding. Believe it or not, a dictionary is fascinating reading I have found! Knitting or embroidery are also good but I find that walking with my little camera is really beneficial as not only do I get some exercise it helps to burn off, slowly I admit, the extra calories I have eaten as I can taste my food again and the pics you get are superb because you are actually looking as you walk. Hope I've helped even if only a little. You are certainly well on your way to being smoke free so keep up the good work.

Kath :)


Cheers Kath. :)


Hi Cleopetra,

Well done on getting to 17 weeks, that's brilliant :) Like Jillygirl said you will get there, i find that i read more as well now, any excuse not to do housework :D :D, and crossword puzzles as well as walks.

Keep going strong you'll get there :) x


Thanks Sue. I love your penguin pic, by the way. :)


Hi Sally :)

A massive well done to you for getting to 17 weeks quit gal :) :)

Its lovely to hear that you still get out at lunch time to stretch your legs :) thats good exercise too for you :)

I posted a blog on the question side, about losing comments etc :o about ''copy & pasting, it just may help you :)

Pete :)


Hey Pete. Yes, I did read your blog, hence I used my laptop today and did my blog on a document which I copied and pasted. Thanks for your supporting comments. :)


Sally. 17 weeks is fantastic and you should be proud. You are a true inspiration :D :D

Sue xx


Thanks Sue. I am quite proud and appreciate your kind words. :)


Well done cleopetra, you are well and truly a non smoker. You are a long way along the rocky road of giving up the fags. You have every right to feel proud of yourself.


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