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Daily Chat Thursday 31/1/13

Hi there everyone,

Thought I'd give opening chat a try, as we don't appear to be 'open for business' yet today!

I hope that everyone is beating off those cravings with a sharp pointy stick!

Tea is cooking here, roast chicken breasts wuth honey roasted parsnips and potatoes, roast sweet potatoes, peas, swede and carrot crush and yorky puds for my daughter, with lashings of gravy. Smells delish!

Hope you've all managed to stay smoke free!

Catch up later xx

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Oh no Mad- poor you! Have you had a anti-histamine yablet! Red face and itching, reminds me of when I had Scarlet Fever when I was 34! You have a sore throat with that as well.

See how you go and if you don't get any better, off you go to hospital!

John- those ceramics look brilliant! I hope that you have a good nights sleep tonight and if you fall asleep, we can pop and nick your cakes :)


You could have given us one John, you'll get fat now :D :D :D


Hi everyone,

that's me just in, had a busy day shopping, had a bar lunch then went to my daughters with arm loads of clothes for my grandson :)

Mad so sorry your not well just now; keep an eye on it and like Chickles said if it doesn't get better go to the hospital, i hope you get better soon, take care :) xx

Your tea sounds yummy Chickles, I'm to tired so just having a takeaway, probably a Chinese lol

Your ceramics look lovely John, i hope you get a better sleep tonight, i didn't sleep well either so i know how horrible it is

I'm off to order my tea; will be on later :) xx


That site looks good John, might have a look at it myself, I'm always looking for new recipes, the only problem I have is I can't eat gluten, which can be annoying sometimes.

Vida sounds like me :D :D :D


I'm not a big fan of desserts, I prefer starters. Did you enjoy your takeaway Sue?

Gosh, tis very quiet on here today.

I do hope that everyone is just 'busy' or 'resting'


I did thanks Chickles :) it made a change from cooking :D

It is quiet, I think everybody's sleeping today, a few haven't been getting a good sleep lately, or they know something we don't :D :D


I've been stopped smoking for 5 months tomorrow and I still have very vivid dreams. I woke myself up shouting in my sleep the other night lol I also woke my daughter up one night as well, shouting in my sleep. I rather like remembering my weird dreams :)

Hope that everyone sleeps well tonight!


Don't know where you got to Pete, but I hope you've had a good day :), not to many cravings I hope, although i know you could fight them off :)

Jillygirl hope you've had a good day, plenty rest :) take care, luv ya :) xxxxxxxxxxx

Well I'm off to bed to bed, i'm really tired so I hope i get some sleep tonight

nite nite all, sweet dreams luv yas :) xxxxxxxxxxxx


Hope that you have a good sleep Sue! Sweet dreams xx


I had a quick look at some of those John, there are a couple that have tempted my taste buds! I think I might have a yoghurt as all of a sudden I feel peckish...only got healthy stuff in, sigh...could just eat cheese on toast. I love cheese, but alas it's not good for me. How come that everything I like is bad for me lol


Nite nite everybody, I hope you all have a nice nights sleep and the sweetest dreams ever :) :)

You all take care now :)


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