Good morning everyone,

Well i am on child minding duty today, and so happy i dont smoke anymore. I used to feel like a school kid ,sneaking a quick ciggy. Now my granddaughter doesnt have to put up with the smell of secondhand smoke. As smokers we can be rather selfish. Anyway I hope your all having a good day and happy smoke free people. :)

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  • Hi Jilly

    Yes well .. we have all been going on about getting larger and trying to face up to the next challenge of getting back to normal size again !!! Don't think anyone wanted to add this to your daily chat so I will .....

    Hope your day is going well - best wishes



  • Good Afternoon Everyone :D

    Daily Chat seems quiet today although the rest of the posts and questions seem relatively busy :D

    It's a bit manic here at the office for us at the moment, we have lots going on including preparation for Lung Cancer awareness month which starts tomorrow and both Eye and I have presentations to prepare ready for conferences in London and Scotland over the coming weeks. No rest for the wicked as they say :-/ but that's how we like it :-)

    I'm about to grab a quick cuppa if there's anybody out there :-)

  • Whoops-a-daisy :-) There you are :D :D We must have crossed posted :-/

  • Hi everyone :-) Have been busy today cleaning some windows and blinds, trying to keep busy !! But just had a cuppa and then reached for the e-cig :-( :-(

    No exercises done either, will have to make up for it tomorrow :-/

    Well I'm getting up off my fat bum and going to start cooking, Gammon, egg and mushrooms with buttered potatoes, YUM. :-D :-/

    Hope everyone has a great evening, :-)

  • Hi ya Sunny :) hey, at least it was an e-cig, and not a fag :o soooo a big big well done to you :) :)

    Re your erm, lack of exercise today, you do know that tomorrow never comes dont you :o :| :D You enjoy your gammon and co :) 1 of my faves as you say, yum :P yum. Speak soon and you enjoy your evening eh :)

  • Been out with my daughter trick or treating... I accidentally ate a lot of sweets!! Now sat on the sofa feeling fat but happy!! Hope you all have a great evening xxx

  • Hi ya M,

    Hmmmm, soooo, you accidentally ate a lot of sweets then :o and now sat on the sofa feeling happy, huh, typical flippin Woman :D :D , M, you enjoyyyyyyy gal and have a lovely evening yourself :) :) xxx

    By the way, got a new name for you, '' Pinkydinky '' :o :D :D

    Pete :)

  • pinkydinky?! please explain! I tried to change my name but it was taken, think I'll stick with this one as a reminder of how I'll feel if I go back to smoking!! :-)

  • Great Not so misery guts

    I have got stuck into numerous snacks & bottle of wine ... so also feeling life is not so bad !!

    & business has also NOT been too bad this month...

    Have a good smoke free evening everyone



  • Glad that everyone is doing well.Strange thing, In the early days of my quit I used to LOVE the smell of someone else's smoke, I passed a chap in the street today and the smell of his smoke made me feel physically sick.Funny how things change, still early days for me, nearly into week 8, but definitely better.

  • Aup Snowy :) thats just great gal, coming into week 8, just ace :) :) I'm on my week 8 now, so far so good, as they say :) erm, myself I dont mind the smell of smoke, I quite like it really :o this is where we are all different. I think Andi22 still likes the smell too, and she has been quit for about 18 months now :)

    Take care Snowy, and speak soon eh, Pete :)

  • Good evening everyone, nice to see you're all staying positive and strong - except when it comes to the grub! :o :D

  • What grubs that then ?? :o

  • Good evening everybody :) it sounds like you have all been keeping positive today :)

    jillygirl, I bet your loving the child minding duties eh :)

  • Hey, Jonathan, get a flippin rowing machine pal :o :D :D

  • Great suggestion but not sure I can reach the oars anymore !!!

  • :D :D :D

  • Good evening Pete

    We have all been getting fatter on extra large portions of pizza, fries, bread & cheese, crisps, pudding with extra thick cream etc etc + at least a few pints or bottles of wine to wash it all down, so do you think this health drive is working ??



  • Ermmm, perhaps it needs a bit of fine tuning eh :D :D

  • J, I've given a few tips on a reply to that question. ;-)

  • Where you put these tips for J then ? cos they might help me toooo :o :)

  • Have you nodded off again Andi :o :P :D :D

  • I wish you all a lovely nights sleep with the sweetest dreams ever, and you all wake up to a positive Friday :) yeah, its nearly the weekend :D :D :D

    Nite nite everybody, luvs ya all :) xxxxx

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