Daily chat 29/1/13

Good morning all.......

Hope we are all chirpy thus morning and have survived the morning so far

Im just heading out to woek soon, just made the tea and got the tatties and veg ready too :)

Rwally think im starting with the cold, feeling run down but fingers x'd it is just the stopping smoking that is clearing things out

I wonder how jilly is getting on today....... hopefully we will hwar from her soon please people think of her today.

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  • Good Morning Sarah and everyone,

    The weather is freezing here, hope it's better where you all are. I'm still trying to get rid of a headache; that's 3 days now :(

    I hope things are a bit better for you today Sarah, have you tried the breathing exercises that Emjay posted, they really do help

    I hope you all have craving free day, shout them away if you don't, come on here and moan, and take it a day at a time, it's much easier than thinking weeks or months ahead. Wherever you are on your journey stay strong, you can do this :)

  • Hi Jillygirl,

    I hope things go okay for you today, i'll be thinking of you and your family as always

    love and hugs

    Susan xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Sounds yummy john, wish the other people here would eat paella, i would love to make it.

    Its stew, tatties and broccoli here tonight, nice on a cold, wet and windy day :)

  • You two sound like your having yummy teas tonight, just fish and chips here, something easy with this sore head i have

  • Mmmmmmmm fish and chips sounds good, shame we had chips last night!!!

    Stir fry tomorrow night, spag bol the next night and god knows what on friday, thats out cheaty night ;)

  • Your organised Sarah, I have know idea what to eat the rest of the week, mind you hubby will be working so it will just be me for tea, I'll probably just have a sandwich :)

  • Ya the kids like to know what we having, the dont like the answer 'I dont know ' coming from my mouth lol

    Going to be mac cheese (homemade) finished off in the oven.

    Rather looking forward to tea this week :) and nothing too fattening either, full of vegetables which is good.

    I think we should have a recipe corner on this and then that would help keep our minds off the fags

  • One was started by Jillygirl, we would all add healthy recipes, it was in questions so its probably at the bottom of the list now, we could ask Emjay if she could put it at the top again; it would be good to get more ideas :)

    I get i don't know from my hubby if i ask him what he wants to eat, it's so annoying, you'd think he'd learn :D i asked him once if he wanted tea or coffee, he said both, so that's what he got, tea and coffee in the same cup :D :D :D

  • Hahaha that woukd be disgusting but its funny

    Ya i hope emjay does that.....

    Kinda quiet on here today isnt it??

    No Pete, emjay, chuckles, jilly (good reason, hope she's resting), wonder where everybody is........

  • I was wondering that as well Sarah, we know Pete won't be on till later cause he's at work, i thought Kazz would have been on, they must all be busy today, as.long as they don't want me to get them a cuppa :D :D

  • Hey up Sarah and Sue,

    Would just like to add my bestest wishes for Jilly today and send her big hugs!

    I woke up at 5am and couldn't get back to sleep! Got up went to work for 6 hours, came home and had a snooze! I feel so tired this week! Made tea, a pasta bake and popped on the computer.

    It's a shame some of the threads 'drop off' the main list. Perhaps some of the threads could be made 'sticky', so they stay on the main page, or perhaps there could be a 'next page' on the homepage. Healthy recipes are needed when stopping smoking.

    Sue- Your tea and coffee in the same cup reminds me of a lady who used to live over the road from us when I was little. When she asked her hubby what he wanted for tea, he always used to say 'a grass sandwich'. One day he got one, you should have seen his face lol He never asked for one again!

    Am going for a shower to try and liven myself up...

    Hope fully back later


  • :D :D :D I wish i'd seen that man's face Chickles, that's brilliant :D

    Another good idea about making some of the threads 'sticky' we'll need to see what Emjay thinks :)

    I'm sorry you've been tired this week, it must be so difficult when your working, hope things improve for you :)

  • Hi everyone, Just found this in my email inbox. I subscribed to Zen habits a few years ago and get emailed every blog entry. Mostly I don't read them as I can't be bothered, this man is far too well organised for me but this one caught my eye, it's quite useful to anyone who's struggling a bit with cravings and wondering whether its all worth it. Its not about giving up smoking but it does make a lot of sense in that anyone who's just given up smoking is well out of their comfort zone. It's well worth a read and a think about. After yesterdays black moods I woke up this morning with the thought that if I'm going to succeed and survive this stop smoking stuff I'm going to have to start changing my whole attitude from a very negative thinker to someone who sees the glass as half full so to speak.

    Anyways here's the link: zenhabits.net/discomfort/

  • The Zen link was very good indeed! Thanks for that Sin. I do meditate, as part of my Angelic Reiki, but don't do it as often as I should. We're having a full day of Reiki on Sunday, so I am really looking forward to that. The 'discomfort' element of things is so true! On the list there I things which I alreday do, but things which I don't do, but will do in my own time :)

    Thanks again, that was really beneficial!

  • You're welcome Chickles, glad it was of use to you. I thought the idea that a lot of the time stress is caused by us thinking we're not good enough. That is so true and yet I very rarely realise that the whole reason I'm stressed is because I think I can't do something because I think I'm not good enough. This is what I love about positive thinking books and psychology and stuff, when you read it you have that lightbulb moment, it all seems so obvious you can't imagine why you didn't think of that yourself.

  • Thank you ;)) just been over and read this ..Im another one for the positive,meditation,self help..bridget jones :) and because of you ive just signed up for the emails and tend to go and read the archives . Hope your days been a good one

  • Hi, glad you found it helpful. How have you been since your blip at weekend, have you managed to stop again? I've been a bit better today thanks, probably mainly to the fact I've been out more today instead of mopesing around the house all day.

  • No havent gone for quit since..have cut well back and am planning quit for friday as i have a weekend away where i cannot smoke..hopefully will do the job :)

  • That sounds yummy John, you better get Amor and Vida on guard in case i come and pinch some of that :D :D :)

  • Hi sinfree, Thank you for this link :), I've just read it and it makes a lot of sense to me, I will certainly be thinking about this a lot, and like you changing my mindset, not just with smoking but with other things as well :) :)

  • Hi Sue, just been reading the latest entry on there zenhabits.net/bank/ , this one makes a lot of sense too. haha I think I'm having a Bridget Jones day today (remember her with all her self help books). As long as I don't smoke all the cigarettes she used to note down in her diary :-) Aww I love your profile picture of the two bears, its cute.

  • Hi sinfree, that's another good one, mind you I wish I'd done that with my money 20 years ago :D :D i wouldn't be sitting here now :D

    Thank you, I love that picture as well, I got it from the national geograhic web site, i'm always pinching stuff from them :D :D

  • Hey up Bridget, oops i mean Sin, lol

    Another good one from Zenhabits, once again really good advice! I shall bookmark them to read again! I aint getting up any earlier am up at 6am Monday to Friday lol

    Can't believe that it's the 1st February on Friday, yay, Spring is nearly here!

    I don't know why I'm so tired, probably the weather and a couple of nights waking up every hour!

    Hope everyone is having a great evening!


  • Hiya Pete, have you had a smoke free day today? am wondering?? If you have then that is probably why you're so tired. Takes a lot of concentration trying not to smoke, I'm always tired too. Mind you I keep waking in the night, maybe its the Champix but I seem to remember this happening last time I tried to stop smoking. Yes 1st Feb on Friday, I certainly hope we get a dry spring cos am sooooo fed up of the rain now.

  • Hi Chickles,

    You just got sinfrees nick name :D :D :D

    Oh i knew i meant to do something, bookmark them, so wish this brain fog would lift :D :D

    Have a great night :)

  • Where's Pete? lol

  • Sue, you can click on the links again and bookmark them :)

  • Thanks Chickles, I have to say i wondered where Pete was as well :D :D :D

  • Haha, am sooooo confused now. Am getting all mixed up, see I told you I had my Bridget head on today. So I was talking to Chickles but thought it was Pete because Chickles said Ay Up, well Hey Up (a posh ay up :-) ) . Yes Chickles, it will soon be spring but we have to get through February first :-(

  • Haha, we all get confused on here sinfree, so your in good company :D :)

    I'm just laughing at Chickles being a posh Pete :D :D :D that's brilliant :)

  • Am smiling at Bridget, I'm a Yorkshire Lass lol and 'Hey up chuck', is a Yorky saying, honest :) I say it posh 'cos I'm from Leeds, Ha!

  • Erm scuse me Sue, but aint got a porn star tash lolol

  • :D :D :D :D :D

  • I'm now laughing when I think what Pete might say to having a porn star tash :D :D :D

  • Good evening everybody :) :) I hope your all well :)

    Jillygirl, i do so hope the days gone well for you gal, and your having a nice rest :) :)

    Sarah, thats lovely gal you opening up the Daily chat :) nice one, just missin a nice pic to go with it, but never mind Rome wasnt built in a day :o :D :D

  • Hi Pete, how you doing this evening :) I meant to ask you, how is your finger now, I hope it's still not going numb :)

  • Aup Sue :) my finger seem to be fine now :) it was just that day :o I must be getting old Sue eh :D :D

  • No it's not getting old Pete, your still a slip of a lad :) like me :o I mean I'm a slip of a lass :D :D :D

  • Ha ha ha Sue, that reminds me of that song that Johnny cash sang,

    A boy named Sue :D :D

  • :D :D :D :D I forgot about that song :D :)

  • Sinfree, now do i really look like a Woman :o i do hope your not losing the plot gal :D :D

    hey gal never mind eh you just keep taking the tablets :) :D :D

    I've managed to keep smoke free all day :) but had some bad times with it :( stick to it gal, cos your doing great :) :)

  • Aup JC, I do hope you've had a good day :) and that sounds lovely john, i hope it tastes as goog as it looks eh :P :P yum yum in my tum :D :D

  • That's brill that stayed smoke free all day Pete, what a star you are :) cause you also got through the bad times, you can do that again now, just shout the cravings away, punch a pillow and pretend it's your boss :D :D

    did you see the stuff sinfree put on, you should have a read it's really good and gives you something to think about, I've bookmarked them :)

  • Yes I did see that Sue :) I have copied it and pasted it to M S Word so i can print it off :) and yes thank you for that Sinfree :) :)

    How you been today Sue :o

  • Hey up Pete,

    Well done on staying smoke free! Stick with it chuck! You can do it!

    Sue- well done re the bookmarking lol :)

    John- Love the spoon rest!

  • Whoooooooops, erm thought you'd gone to bed gal :o :D :D

  • I've been fine thank you Pete, am still nursing a headache, but hey ho, i'm sure it will go soon, i'm not letting it get to me anyway, am still laughing and joking :D:D

  • Aup Sue are you feelin alraight gal :o

    Cos it seems a bit mad on here today, just read through some of chackles posts, and am sure she has lost the plot as well as Sinfree :D :D

    Who's Bridget ???? and whats a porn stars tash like :o :|

  • Bridget is sinfrees nick name don't know the rest, I'm taking the fifth :D :D

  • Well I'll have to love and leave you all, am getting tired now

    nite nite all, sweet dreams, I hope you have a good nights sleep Jillygirl

    love and hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Nite nite Sue, you enjoy your sleep and perhaps you will wake up in the morning without a head ache :) :) I hope so anyway :) sweet dreams Sue and luvs ya gal xxxxxxxx :) :)

  • haha, its been funny on here tonight. That's good Pete that you have not smoked all day, keep up the good work. Who's Bridget? Here's another link en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bridg...'s_Diary_(film) (Hope this link works, not really sure why its showing as a secure link) Anyways been looking at lots of self help books and positive thinking and all that today which always reminds me of Bridget Jones Diary and the sequel The Edge of Reason. Although it wasn't very apparent in the films of Bridget Jones Diary, in the books she was always referring to her self help books which were quite popular in the late 90's. I just loved both books they were much better than the films, real laugh out loud books.

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