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Daily Chat Tuesday 13/11/12

Good morning everyone,

Hope you haven't all been gassed in the night as I come on to catch the gossip and there is no one about.

Anyway I'm still alive after swallowing mouthwash. Just waiting around for a delivery. I think it's getting easier now with the not smoking, have longer periods where I don't think about it. So hope you're all ok and will be coming out to play before much longer.

Have a good day everyone.

Ps I can't do the pictures so apologies.

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Good morning Aaron,

I've been wondering where everybody is this morning also!

8 days for me today and I feel great. Going for CO check

tomorrow and will probably reduce my patches - am on the

25mg 16 hour ones at the moment. So will see how we go after


Dawn xxx


Hi dawn, well done on 8 days, i think the first week is the worst. Good luck with your CO2 reading, it will be fine. I went yesterday and scored a 1, last couple of weeks was a 2. Two weeks ago I got a bit of a mean woman at boots who, looked at my score which was 2 and said "Umm, 2 is OK, I always get suspicious of people who score 1 because they might be cheating!" So I innocently said "well how can you cheat?" and she looked at me as though i was trying to find out how to cheat and beat the system for next time and was rushing off to buy 200 Marlborough lights! I mentioned it last week to the normal nice lady who gave me extra inhalator cartridges and said that someone else had said the same thing to her, so I wasn't being grumpy or over sensitive. I haven't seen the nasty woman since.

The last thing you need is unpleasant and judgemental healthcare professionals when you're trying your best!

Anyway I haven't 'cheated' and even if you had you would only be cheating yourself.

John - if you're really desperate I saw some lozenges on sale for about £5 you can't go without I would hate to run out, it gives you confidence knowing there is something there as reassurance.


Hi John,

If you walk through loads of traffic it will definitely be higher. I'm sure someone once told me non smoking score is anything up to 5 or 6 anyway.

I agree anything that helps with the craving we should be having, we are already doing so well I don't see any harm in having things to make it a bit easier. I just hope that over time I will not need them and will forget about it but even if I need some gum or whatever for years it is better than smoking, so not putting any pressure on myself.

It's nice that you're stil close to your wife's cousin and I love paella so I'm sure you'll have a good time making it and eating it!


Hello everyone, By it is quiet on here. Sorry wasnt on here yesterday but having a bit of a down day. But Hey another day and we all look forward. :)

Aaron glad the mouthwash has gone. and thanks for opening up the daily chat. Dont know where the others are. :O

Dawn 8 days thats brilliant , :) keep on thinking positive you non-smoker. :)

John good luck with the clinic tomorrow. I am sure you will be fine. You really sound like a good cook , all these recipes you keep doing. I shall have to open the cafe again when I have sorted myself out. meanwhile we all like new recipes to try.

Hope those love birds are still enjoying themselves. You take care. :) xxx


Good afternoon everybody. :)

I was wondering who would open today, well done Aaron - you don't really need to put a picture up but if I can find something suitable I'll stick it up. :) So glad that you survived the mouthwash. Are you sure you weren't testing it as an alternative form of nrt? :D :D

John, paella sounds lovely - I think we'll all want to come round for some so you'll have to invest in one of those giant frying pans that they use abroad! :| Maybe the deep breathing exercises will also help with the cravings until you get your mouth spray fix tomorrow. :)

Dawn, 8 days is really good but will they reduce your patches already? We don't want you to weaken again so make sure you get the ones you need. :)

All your talk about CO2 readings - I've never had one or been offered one so wouldn't have a clue what mine would be.


Hi jillygirl and andi,

Yeah if you can find a good pic, put it up,

Dawn I too was wondering if you were thinking about cutting down on the patches too soon, I asked about it when I was in week two and they advised not to try cutting it down until about 4 weeks. Also apparently the biggest problem with NRT is that people stop using it or cut it down too soon as think they don't need it any more which only proves that it is actually working. That definitely made sense in my head! Anyway I'm sure you know best what to do.

Andi - funny you should say about the mouthwash as alternative form of NRT, it is quite strong and certainly refocuses your thoughts away from any craving so in a way it could be at least a diversion. I was thinking "I know there's alcohol in that so maybe it will be a good day after all!" lol


Hello everyone - Andi and Aaron, yes I think your'e right.

I'll stay on these ones for now as I do think it's a bit too soon

to cut down. Jillygirl, hope your'e feeling better today, I was

wondering where you were yesterday and thought maybe you

were having a bad day. Hopefully today and tomorrow will be

better ones for you.



Hiya everyone. Do I think that you've all been having a nod this afternoon? I know Dawn goes to work but you've all been very quiet. That's a good way to deal with those cravings though - sleep them away! :o :D :D

Jilly, so glad to see you back today and feeling a bit better - I guess it's all head stuff at this stage of play, shame your grand-daughter is at school, I bet she could be a good distraction for you. :)

I went out for a coffee with a friend and a mooch round the shops for my distraction from the gloomy weather then just before dusk the sun came out. :)


Yoo hoo!

Gosh, I haven't had time for a snoozette, been working, and sorting some bits out at home. Cooking tea, beef casserole with lots of veg, which will be ready in 10 minutes...

A friend of mine got burgled and had her car stolen last night! There are some horrible, nasty people about! They don't think of the repercussions and the effect that it has on people.

Hope everyone is doing well. For some reason I had a thought today that I fancied a ciggie! It passed, thank goodness! I was proper ratty this morning as well, but that has passed too!

Will catch up later, after tea and my daughter's chemistry tuition...

Laters all


Lovely to see you Jilly!


Good evening xxx

You are right Andi, I went for a snooze under the ping pong table, beats walking round it, not that you would agree, you would be jogging round it and leaping over it :) Well maybe when your ankle is better.

That beef casserole sounds wonderful Chickles, you should be careful what you say or you might end up with us all on your doorstep :)

Well done on 8 days Dawn. I do think 8 days is too soon to cut down on your NRT. I usually have 5 or 6 niQuitin minis a day but yesterday I had 8. I don't want to make a habit of that but if that is what it takes to get me through the cravings then so be it. I am going to go to a local Stop Smoking Service Emjay told me about when I want to start reducing the NRT for the extra support. You do what ever you feel is right and comfortable for you Dawn.

We missed you yesterday Jillygirl and it's good to see you back with us today and feeling a little better and with your usual positive words :)

I'm going out now so I will speak to you all tomorrow. Have a great evening, and keep strong, you are all doing so well, and should be very proud of yourselves. We are like a team on here and I'm proud of you all.



Hi everyone , well it seems a bit more like normalon the site this afternoon, everyone chatting. Thank all of you who had such kind thoughts and words for me. I just didnt want to make everyone else miserable yesterday. It was def a moaning Monday for me. Like Andi says I need distracting so finished my christmas shopping today. Also got myself some new jim jams and a big tube of white choccie buttons. I thought S*d it! I am going to treat myself. :)



No Pete thatsnot me and I certainly dont wear high heels with my jim jams. :D

OK off for my bath now will call back later. :)


Aup Jillygirl, its great to see you here gal, huh looks like a just missed ya :( :(

Hmmmm about these stil---- erm high shoes gal, as your hubby put one on cus i can only see one :o :D :D or have i got to put my specs on :)


Put your specs on! 8-)


Oh dear Jilly, what on earth is this pic going to do to Pete? He'll be all a-tremble, especially with those stilettos. :o He'll need a lie-down in a darkened room - but I bet he'll eat his dinner first! :D :D


Hi Andi, ahhh so thats how you spell stiletttttos, thought it was :D and i will have you know that i dont tremble :P well only when them spears come a flying at me :o ;| as for lying in a darkened room, huh got no chance of that, cus the cat jumps on me, or a get scared :D :D

Sounds like you had a nice day out gal :) :)


Got my specs on, cor it looks like a nail Jillygirls trod on, gosh no wonder she isnt feeling to good :o :)


Yeah Pete, was originally going to do some gardening (hahahahaha!! :D :D :D :D ) but as the weather was so dull I went out instead! :|


Nice one gal, so you should enjoy yourself :) dont you bother about me, i will get through somehow, not sure how but i will :( :D :D :P


Right, now I know you're home safely I've got to go out so have a nice evening and see you tomorrow. :)

Nite nite all. :)


Nite nite Andi, you '' ENJOY '' gal, let your hair down :) :)

Speak tomorrow xx


Hope your day went well Pete. What do you think of the jim jams , never mind the high heels. :D

Going to get a bit of supper now as hubby bought some chestnuts and they are ready. Yummy. Before you ask heres your share. :D


If youve gone to bed by the time I get back nite nite everyone. luvs ya. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx :)


Well, another busy evening here. Chill time for an hour afore bed. Gosh Jilly, those jim jams are lovely, I'd break my neck walking in those shoes though :)

Tea was delish, am still pogged! Which is good, as I won't want any nibbles, not that there's anything to nibble that I like. Am being strict when I shop! There are some biccies, but I don't fancy any.

Hope that you enjoyed your chestnuts Jilly! I haven't had chestnuts for years! They look proper yummy!


Nite nite chickles. by the way chestnuts were really nice. see you tomorrow. xxxxx :)


Hope you've all had a nice day and an enjoyable evening. Off to bed in a bit so goodnight, we've made it through another day!


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