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Daily chat Wednesday 30/1/13

How is everyone today?

Not a good start to the day here, been awake most of the night with wind (outside not the flatulance type ;) )

Think it was up to 130mph at one point in the night, a lot of schools closed and no transport to take them so a nice cosy day at home here, just wish I wasnt so tired, at least I went to sleep early last night (about 9pm) so got 3 hours sleep before the wind picked up.

Hopefully the power will stay on or it wont be much fun having 2 kids at home moaning when Im starting with the blasted cold

Is it really windy with anyone else???

Anyone got plans for today?

Hows everyone feeling today?

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Hi Sarah,

lovely to see you opening the daily chat. The wind was pretty strong here in yorkshire but it seems to have calmed down now.

Well had my chemo yesterday. What a long day. 8.30 to 5.30 just sat there having all these different thing pumped into you. This morning I felt a bit sickly and tired but I think I will be coming round slowly. Time will tell.

Typical hubby asked me what I fancied to eat, just when I felt sickly. I think you know the answer. I know he means well,

Anyway have a good day. xx :)


Awwww glad to hear from you Jilly,

Wow that is a while for your chemo, what did you do all that time??

Im sure your hubby was trying his best and thinking you maybe needed something but Im sure it was the last thing on your mind..... do you go for another round?

Just take it easy x


Hi sarah , yes I go again next week mondayand tuesday . This carrys on until mid april. Next they testyour blood etc one day then day after is a 5minute session. Week agter see the doc. Then do it all over again.

Got very windy and rainy again. Mightas well stay in. Xxxxx


Good Morning Ladies and everyone else :-)

I'm back in the office as normal, tried to have a good catch up last night but there seems to be gremlins hanging around still. There have been a few queries sent to HealthUnlocked (HU) regarding this and we have been told that they are currently 'working hard behind the scenes to improve the site to make it easier for us all to use :-)

The way the site is designed at the moment only allows for 10 blogs and 10 questions to be shown at any one time. This means that as new ones are added, the rest fall off the bottom and go into the archives. It would be brilliant if we cold have 'stickies' as you would find on most forums, this is also soemthing that has been asked of HU. Until this happens, I will continue to re-post anything that I think will be helpful to you. If I miss anything, please just give me a little nudge and I'll do my best.

Good to see you about Jillygirl, you're such a brave person and have sailed through the past couple of months amazingly well - That was a long day for you. I wonder if you can take an anti-sickness tablet if you feel much worse? I see there was a mention of healthy eating yesterday and think it's about time we opened Jilly's Cafe again. I'll have a little search for it and try and add all the recipes under the one blog rather than as seperate comments :D

Sarah, thanks for opening up the daily chat :-) It's nice to see newer members getting the day started :-) Glad you cleared it up about where the wind was coming from ;-) It is quite blustery here too. As for my plans, I have quite a bit of catching up to do and a few posts to pop up. I hope you are staying strong and tryi9ng to be as positive as possible. Given time, it will get easier :-)

Big waves to everyone else :-D


Hi emjay, hope your ok.yes I have loads of anti sickness tablets. So fingers cross they work. Yes it would be good if youcan re-open the cafe.will look out for more ideas.



Good Morning everyone,

It was really windy here last night, about 80mph, calm compared to yours :D, it's all calm now thank goodness, have a great day with your kids Sarah, hope the power stays on for you :)

Hi Jillygirl, 1'm so glad the chemo wasn't too bad for you, even though it was very long :)

hopefully you'll be able to eat something later on to get your strength back, you have a nice relaxing day Jillygirl, and a nap later, you'll probably need that.

sending big hugs to you xxxxxxxx


Not been really relaxing I doubt, such a sore head and feeling miserable, here's hoping for better sleep tonight.

Just been looking at radio orkneys photos on facebook, some of the photos are awesome!!!

Weve now got a river and a pond in out garden, our ditch needs dug out!!!

I got the wind speed wrong, it was 103mph no 130! Me being blonde again I doubt.

Anyway,Jilly I hope you get on great with this round and wont need any more, keep your chin up and we'll be sending you loads of good thoughs.


Hi John. I know what you mean about getting no help, my dad was the same, although he did get free prescriptions once he was over 65, but other things annoyed him, i used to say that you either need to be a multi- millionaire or have no money at all, everybody in between has had it :D :)

have a great day :)


It looks like you will John, hate to think what the pension age will be when my two get there


Hi everyone!

Tis proper blustery here this afternoon and raining too, with bits of sunshine now and again. Snow has been forecast for Friday, just in time for the weekend...grrr lol

Jilly- Goodness what a long session of chemo! I'm not surprised that you feel sick- hope that the anti-sickness tablets start working soon! If it aint nice it's doing you good, that's what my nan used to say re medicine. It will be blasting all those nasty cells away! You are one remarkable lady! You're best off staying in today Jilly, it's awful out there at the moment. I'm just in from work and I'm not going out again today!

I llok forward to seeing Jilly's café reopened! I love trying new recipes. The Hairy Bikers have a diet cook book out, I just might buy it! My friend got it for Christmas and her hubby has lost 1and a 1/2 stones in a month and she has lost 10 pounds! The book can be my February treat for me :)

Am away to dust and vac the lounge and do a spot of ironing. Am out all day Sunday, so am ironing as I wash...

Hopefully will pop on later



Ok ppl, how about you kot trying out that clapshot I was talking about???? You could have it with cold meat or sausages or mince or corned beef topped off with some beans.....

We are having a chicken stir fry tonight with loads of veg added and noodles, yummy


Just back from the shops, nearly got blown off my feet :D :D

Think I'll have to buy that diet book Chickles I could do with losing a few pounds :D enjoy your ironing, if that's possible :D :)

clapshot is nice John, i eat it a lot, so's paella to, depends what i'm in the mood of :)

hope your day is going okay Sarah, has the wind calmed down any, it's got worse here so i'm staying in now, your tea sounds yummy tonight :) I'm having stew and tatties tonight :)


The day is going ok

I'll get a copy too, certainly piled the lbs on the last 2 weeks, never mind though, the lack of fags will outweigh them ;)

We has stew and tatties last night lol

My stir fry is nearly ready, had a little taste and my it is firey, my lips are still burning, dont know if the kids are going to like it though:o


I'm sure the kids will love it, I always told my two they would like everything, and they'd have to eat it or starve lol, we always had clean plates from them :D :D

I think our wind speed is catching up with yours now, it's getting really bad out there :o :D

I hope your not getting any cravings today, just moan on here if you do, I still play all the daft facebook games i started in the early days, they were a great distraction back then, but now i help all my nieces with theirs :)


Alf is really fussy, he went from being the 'chunk' of the family, on solids at 8 weeks oldmand eating a 3 course meal at 10 weeks to hitting 18 months old and eating NOTHING and I mean NOTHING

Ruth eats loads of variety and would eat it if I hadnt singed the bottom of the wok!!

Will be a huge fight Im sure but with my mood she might not bother lol

If she does it will be shower and bed :p

My bad moods are worse now than my cravings, its a case of 'dont mess with me, the bitch bites back' lol


:D :D :D :D :D

Do you really bite :o :|


I know what you mean, my daughter went through a phase of not eating when she was about 2, i ended up putting sandwiches and stuff out for her and let her graze all day, it soon passed thank goodness, she was a fussy eater for a while but now at 20 she eats anything

Your bad mood could be part of not smoking, i had the same thing for a while, everybody stayed out of my road, and didn't speak to me unless i spoke to them first lol


Unfortunately Alf is 8, still not outgrown it but we let him off with it, not this week though, I do hope he does outgrow it but probably not coz his dad is really fussy too so that doesnt help

I think Stew has eventually fighured to not speak to me first lol


They learn eventually :D :D :D it just takes them a while lol


Stew is 37and still not learned lol


Ha ha ha your in for it my hubby is 56 next month and still learning, i don't think they ever do :D


Hi everyone,

I hope your all having a good evening here :) i'm away to have tea then dishes and my shower, will be on later :) xx


Enjoy your stew, I was gonna have a bath tonight but the kids used all the hot water lol

Relaxing in bed watching tv and thinking about my chores for tomorrow


Enjoy :D :D



Wakies Wakies you flippin lot :D :D :D

Finished a bit earlier tonight cos had to pick up my champix, got a Months supply this time :)

Gosh Jillygirl, you had a looooong day didnt you :o :( am sure your hubby was trying his best :o the next couple of months will fly by gal :) and then you can put your feet up, and say to yourself - job done and dusted :) :) take care Jillygirl luvs ya loads gal xxxxxx :) :)


OY flippin Sue, who says us blokes never learn :o !!!!!?????? erm erm erm hmmmm well perhaps your right this time eh :D :D :D :D


Sarah, I will try your clapshot :o :|

Would you please give me the recipe :) :)


Hi Pete,

the one time you finish early and i was out :D :D hope things are going better with your champion :)


Aup Sue, nevermind gal, dont worry about it eh :) :)

Day 13 for me and the champix, erm I'm still getting cravings :( but its early days yet, so am keeping my fingers crossed :) :)


I mean champix :D :D


yes I know you did Sue, dont worry about it gal :) :)


Hey I think our Andi comes home tomorrow, dosnt she :o :) :)


It should kick in soon,.hopefully, my two sister in laws used it and it took a while to work for them, now they don't even think about smoking, 5 years they've been stopped now :) so you hang in there, you'll get there :)


Yeh she does, don't know what time she gets here though :)


We'll need to have a party for her, who's bringing the funny hats :D :D


Sue ave found my hat gal :) :) just wondering how to get it off her:o :)



:D :D :D i love it, i'll have to get mine tomorrow morning when i get the computer back


Oooooo Sue am sorry, I didnt know you were using your phone :( :(

Lets see if I can find you a nice one :) how about this one :) :)


There's nothing there Pete :D is it an invisible hat :o :D :D


I love that hat, i'm having it before anyone else pinches it :D :D :D we'll need to get a funny one for Andi, wish i had my laptop just now to look for something


aww that's good John,it's great that Amor is more active and not hiding anymore :)


JC well done on your CO reading :)

Hey what you done to all the cakes then :o ;| :D :D


how about this hat Pete

images.esellerpro.com/2320/... :D :D :D


For Andi yeeeeeeeeeeeeees :D :D :D :D


she'll love it :D :D :D :D :D


here, i've had my bit :P :P yum flippin yum :) Sue get your bit gal, then JC can have the rest :) :) :D



yum yum in my tum :D thanks Pete


I'll have to go to bed now i'm sooooo tired

nite nite all, sweet dreams, luv yas :) xxxxx



Nite nite Sue, sweet dreams to you tooo Sue :) and luvs ya xxxx :) :)

take care gal :)


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