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Daily Chat Sunday 24th November 2013

Daily Chat Sunday 24th November 2013

Good Day everybody :)

Sorry I didnt appear yesterday, had bin to one of my Sisters who needed her conifer hedge trimming :o Hmmmm, as for trimming it, I ended up taking 5 flippin feet off the tops of it !! so now she can see the sun again 8-) :) Huh, although she fed and watered me, I aint got note in my back pocket :P :( she's a tight so and so, but I still love her to bits :)

Jillygirl, I hope your move went well, and you have got settled down in your new abode :) :) missin ya gal :(

Katycan, from over the pond, a big warm welcome to you :)

Martin, a great post pal :) I started smoking at the age of 13, cos it was erm, cool to smoke then, well as I thought !! My pals all smoked and the birds that I fancied did too :o sooooo, thats what I did !! That was 44 Years ago !! I've been lucky, cos all I have felt is beeing out of breath walking upstairs etc :o Like I say, am one of the lucky ones eh !!

Come on you wannabe quitters, get your life back, before its tooooo late eh :o :( This is the place to get it back :) cos there is loads of help and advise on here, whether your thinking about it, just starting, have quit for some time and them pesky cravings have come back :( then come on here and let us know !! Ask - Tell - Moan - Shout - Scream about it :o Somebody will be here for you, to help you :)

You know what they say about colds dont you, nip it in the bud before it gets worse, so, for all you people out their with children, please let them know what it does to you eh !! BUT PLEASE, dont tell them that they cant smoke, cos if you do that, they WILL !! I was a child once ! yes I know its hard to believe, but I was :P :D :D

I hope you all have a lovely smoke free Sunday :) :)

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Hi Pete and all,

I wish you all well on this beautiful autumn day.

Pete, I've posted an update about how my quit is going.

Take care.



Well its very quiet on here today. I've been on my bike this weekend. 16 miles yesterday in the freezing cold and just 6 miles today in the slightly warmer freezing cold. I also went to see if I could do a spot of Christmas shopping. I bought 2 jumpers in the end both for me :) Every year I say we should buy our own pressies then give them out for other people to wrap up for Christmas then everyone spends what they can afford and get what they want - simples. One jumper is called, according to Asda an eyelash jumper! All soft and snuggly with a white cat on the front. Mine is from Tesco tho so whether its known as an eyelash jumper there I don't know, maybe its an eyebrow jumper. The other is a man's thick knit zip up jumper with a fleecy/wooly lining to see me through January in my freezing house. I'd like to know why mens jumpers are always warmer and thicker than lady jumpers, we get cold too.


Ha ha ha ha Sinfree, your a one gal :D :D I just loooooooove the way you think :) :)

There is 2 reasons that mens jumpers are thicker than Womens jumpers, they are it helps to keep man flu away and like it says on the packet, its thick :D :D :D



My you are upper fit 6 miles

Yes I agree mens jumpers are warmer, I have even bought

worn them.


Oooooo, not you as well Teddy :o :D :D :D


sorry I was watching all the Life of Brian Video clips. Hi Teddy, you OK? I already have a couple of thick mens jumpers, they didn't keep the manflu away last time. It's a shame they're all in such dowdy colours though, couldn't men think about wearing I dunno nice pink or purple jumpers so I can wear them with a bit of style.


:P :P :D :D :D


Nite nite everybody, am heading off to nodd land now :o cos am creamcracked :( so I will love you and leave you, as one does, sleep well and i hope all your dreams are lovely ones :)

Katycan, I hope your still with us gal :)

Martin, I hope you've come through this weekend pal :) it can only get easier :)

Andi, if I've missed you gal, you enjoyyyyyyyy that holiday :) :) and I will miss you :(

Cleopetra, ( Sally ) look after yourself eh, cos your doing so well :)

Teddy, keep on your quit route eh, cos its working :) you stay with it gal :)

Sinfree, :P :P :D :D :D

I'm sending loads of huggs to you all :) and luvs ya too :) xxxx


Well am gonna go now. Football is on...........again.........so am going to go and read my book. Maybe your sister will buy you an extra thick wooly jumper for Christmas Pete, so you'll be nice and warm next time you have to cut down all her conifers. :D Night Pete and night teddy08 if you're still looking in. See you tomorrow.


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