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Good Morning, you lovely non smoking people.

How are you all today. Anyone doing anything exciting, ie:- Photography, baking, shopping, cleaning, hiding in the garden shed :D snow shifting.

Whatever your plans are enjoy.

The piccy is of the cow and calf rocks on Ilkley moor. snowing here this morning.

I noticed on the news they are going to start advertising the e.cig. People are debating whether this is good or bad. Interesting to hear you views.

Going to make a cuppa now, so see you all later on. xxxxx :) :) :)

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Good Morning Jillygirl, its lovely to see you open the Daily chat gal :) that tells me your getting better :)

We've got about 4'' of snow here in Derbyshire, just cant find that sledge anywhere gal :o :D I've had a bit of a snowball fight with the cat :o hmmmm not sure whether she liked it or not :D :D

Rite am off snow shifting now :( or maybe hiding in my garage :D :D

Speak soon :)


I am being very lazy today, not feeling too well so Im still in bed using my tablet :(

I will be going to see a friend later on who is just home for the weekend with her 2 month old baby girl, looking forward to that.

Otherwise I have no plans, might do some housework if my energy levels appear back, the champix seems to be playing havoc at the moment but if it keeps me off the fags thats all that matters.

My husband has a e-cig and he stopped smoking years ago with it, he does still occasionally have a fag, when he's having drink especially.

I used it on Tuesday for my 1st day of no smoking and it was great.

He ordered me one for myself and got me extra strong l + b flavoured nicotine, its awful, i havent smoked that brand for years and its just too strong, going to change the liquid back to cherry flavour today.

I dont think they should advertise it, it might encourage people to smoke that instead, if they are not allowed to advertise fag brands on tv they shouldnt advertise this either.

The drs should be up on their knowledge about them though and maybe tell people about them.

Shop around for them if you are going to get one, mine cost £52 but I had looked through quidco and I could have got it for £42 and 10% cashback on the item. Hubby keeps on forgetting about it, wish he wouldnt because it would save us a fortune.


Hi hope you dont mind me replying . Just that I was on Champix a couple of years ago . I was not bad for first couple of days but by the time I was on full dose I just didn,t know where I was I had taken a bad reaction to it. My friend who was on it at same time as me had no reaction at all, went on finished course and gave up smoking. you dont say how long you have been on them so i just thought i would let you know what happened to me just in case.


I am into my second week of taking them, stopped smoking on tuesday, im going to struggle on because i think im making progress with theno smoking.

Have my ups ans downs and have been tetchy but im getting there


I forgot mine at home yesterday when i went to work and it didnt bother me at all, your maybe right about the advertising indeed, and if it is going to help people anything is good.

Wishing that i had looked around for the e-cig now, £52 is a lot of money to spend on one but i'd spend that in a week for fags, shame that ive gone 5nearly 5 days and still not broken even though :(


The weather isnt too bad here, not much snow which the kids are upset about because they want to go sledging on the hill next door lol


Good morning everyone,

It's nice to see you opening the daily chat Jillygirl, I nearly turned into Bruce Forsyth there :D :D I'm not doing anything exciting today, wish i was, maybe some housework later when my hands are less sore, hope you have a great day Jillygirl, stay warm and cosy, maybe a duvet and a good film, that's what i like to do :)

Pete you had me laughing my head off at you having a snowball fight with monky

t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn... :D :D you got him good there, this is what my daughters cat is like

t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn... :D :D have a good day snow clearing Pete :)

Orkneysarah I'm sorry that your not feeling too well today hope you get better soon, seeing your friend and her baby will cheer you up a bit, you keep warm, and stay strong, I hope the Champix settles down for you cause it seems to be helping you :)

Hi mad, what are you up to today, I'm sorry that your snowed in it must be awful, I wish i could give you our rain to melt it all away, just stay indoors, if you can, and keep warm :)

Stay safe everyone, don't slip and fall and hurt yourselves, I'm away to have a cuppa will chat later :) xx


I think its the champix thats making me feel awful, extremely sore head and very tired.

Awwww sounds like everyone is having fun in the snow, kinda making me want to have more here too.


Hi ya Sarah,

Sorry to hear your not feeling too well :(

Erm you mentioned earlier that you were out of pocket cos you bought the E'cig, well you now know you can get them cheaper :) or if you can persuade your hubby to buy them for you :) that will be even cheaperrrrrrrrr :D :D

I dont know how many you used to smoke a day, but have found this blog that Emjay put on a few weeks ago. :) :)

How much have I saved?... or how much do I spend?

Posted by EmJay ROY CASTLE 3 Oct 20121 commentReport

Do you actually know how much you spend on your smoking habit? Even better, if you have already stopped smoking, have you noticed all those pennies turning into pounds?

Have a look at the following cost calculator and see which way it works out for you;

Based on 20 cigarettes costing £7.00


£3.50 a day

£24.50 a week

£106.16 a month

£1,274 a year


£7.00 a day

£49.00 a week

£212.33 a month

£2,548 a year


£10.50 a day

£73.50 a week

£318.49 a month

£3,822 a year


£14.00 a day

£98.00 a week

£424.66 a month

£5,096 a year

I thought it might help you calculate how much you CAN save :) :)


WOW! Pete just worked it out I have saved £3929.82 over 9months.

Could have a good holiday with that. :) :) :)


Hey Jillygirl, '' WE '' could have a suppppperrrrrrrrrr holiday with that :)

think it's time I scarped :D :D


I already have my ecig and used it so cant put it back and grt cheaper one.

Ya i was doing the calculator thing the other day and was seeing what i could buy for that money each day/week/month and year, made me feel a bit better


Here`s some more info on those horrid white sticks. :- :(

Harmful Chemicals In Cigarettes Chemical Description Benzene

(petrol additive)

A colourless cyclic hydrocarbon obtained from coal and petroleum, used as a solvent in fuel and in chemical manufacture - and contained in cigarette smoke.

A It known carcinogen associated with leukaemia.


(embalming fluid)

A colourless liquid, highly poisonous, used to preserve dead bodies - also found in cigarette smoke.

Known to cause cancer, respiratory, skin and gastrointestinal problems.


(toilet cleaner)

Used as a flavouring, frees nicotine from tobacco turning it into a gas

Often found in dry cleaning fluids.


(nail polish remover)

Fragrant volatile liquid ketone, used as a solvent, for example, nail polish remover

Found in cigarette smoke.


Particulate matter drawn into lungs when you inhale on a lighted cigarette. Once inhaled, smoke condenses and about 70 per cent of the tar in the smoke is deposited in the smoker's lungs.


(insecticide/addictive drug)

One of the most addictive substances known to man, a powerful and fast-acting medical and non-medical poison.

This is the chemical which causes addiction.

Carbon Monoxide (CO)

(car exhaust fumes)

An odourless, tasteless and poisonous gas, rapidly fatal in large amounts

The same gas that comes out of car exhausts

The main gas in cigarette smoke, formed when the cigarette is lit


Arsenic (rat poison)

Hydrogen Cyanide (gas chamber poison)

Table 1 - Harmful Chemicals in Cigarettes.


Wow Jillygirl if that doesn't get people to stop smoking nothing will :o :)



That is an eye opener :o I tell you !!

How are you feeling today Jillygirl ?? WOW 9 months smoke free :) that is just '' ACE '' gal :) :) do you know what !! I just cant fault you :) :) well not yet anyway :D :D


Wait till I get my wig, and wrinkly stockings may be then you might fault me. :D :D :D

The mind boggles!


Aup Sue, have done my snow clearing for today :) now ave just come in for a cupanie :D :D

Ha ha ha love the pic gal :D :D yep she loves the snow :) :) but the cat we had before her, Tubsy, he did not like it one little bit, I tell you :( ha ha he used to tread very carefully in other foot prints so's not to tread in the snow :D :D

Are you still under your duvet :o :) keeeping nice and cosy I hope :) :)


Afternoon everyone :) I think advertising the e-cig will be good, I don't think it would make a non smoker want to smoke, I had never heard of them till just after I quit and it has made a huge difference for me personally, I think I would be struggling as with all my other quits if it was not for my e-gig, a few of my friends are also trying them and so far are doing well, the way I look at it is if it helps you then its far better than smoking cigarettes :) My brother is still not smoking and all he uses is the inhalator's without the cartridge, he says just drawing on it helps with doing something with his hands, like me he just used the patches for the first two weeks. I would like to know if anyone has change from smoking the tobacco flavour with nicotine to the tobacco flavour non nicotine and was the taste very different? I paid £23 for my starter kit as the web site has a 50% off voucher so not to bad and even if I but 1 pack of cartridges a week it still saves me a lot of money :) hopefully I will use it less and less as time goes on :)


Hi Pete, I worked that out as well and I've saved £849.32 :)

I had a cat like Tubsy as well, it was really funny watching her trying to avoid the snow :D :D

I've been down to the shops, so not under the duvet, i might get back under it later, we have no snow but it's really cold.

Enjoy your cupanie :D :D, I'm gonna pinch that word :D :D


Good afternoon Delina :)

Erm dont know much about E'cigs sorryyyyyyy but I have found one of Emjays warnings about them ; -

**Warning** E-cigarette users - Please read...

Asked by EmJay ROY CASTLE 25 Nov 20122 answersReport

Hi Everybody, I put on a post the other day but it seems to have not shown up.

I know that we have a few of our members who are using the e-cigarette. Although we cannot recommend the use of it (due to it not meeting certain regulations to ensure full safety as have other NRT and non nicotine products), it has helped a number of you to quit smoking and I'm sure that although it does have it's negative points it must be 'safer' to use than it is to smoke cigarettes, rollies, cigars etc...

However, it really is important that you please take note of the following warning about leaving e-cigarette battery packs unattended whilst charging;

"Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service(MF&RS) have recently attended two separate house fires where the cause was identified as a ruptured lithium-ion battery pack from an ‘electronic cigarette’ kit.

MF&RS are keen to raise awareness of this issue to other FRS and would welcome responses from any Service who may have experienced similar fires.

It should be noted that both electronic cigarette battery packs were on USB charge at the time of failure."

Please do not go to bed or go out and leave your e-cigarette charging in your laptop.

Stay safe! :)


Hey there Sue :)

Just bin thinkin, with alllllllllllll that money you have saved :) you can buy a reindeer and sleigh to take you shopping :) :)

Madam your sleigh awaits you



:D :D how did you know i loved reindeer, are you psychic :o :D :D


Johns not here so tea and cup cakes for everyone



Aup Sue, gosh there's a few cupcakes there gal :) :) but am sure we will erm dispose of them somehow :D :D without JC :D :D


We sure will Pete, half of them have gone already I'm sure you can eat the other half :D :D, it is the first time JC hasn't been able to jump on them first :D :D


Yum yum Sue :P :) well there gone :)

your tooooooooo late JC cose theyve gone, as in yummy yummy in our tummy :D :D


Johnycakeface, where are you :o :|

I bet he's gone oldboyavanting about :D :D :D especially having 2 young birds to look after eh :D :D


I'll bet he has Pete :D :D, wonder where Kazz is, hope she's okay, she might just be busy i suppose :)


I reckon Kaz might be with JC munchin on cakes as we speak, cos I think Kaz could twist JC around her little finger :D :D :D


I flippppppppin new it Sue, there in cohuites together :P :D :D

Hmmmm am sure somebody will tell me how to spell co----- :) :)


I'm sure they will Pete, but it won't be me, I don't know what it is :D :D :D


Mad ha ha ha yeah of coarse I went to school gal :D hmmm I bet I went 5 or 6 times :D :D

Well I must have done cos I know how to spell THE & AND so there :P :P :D :D

Hmmmm so thats how you spell it, erm I will rite it down on the back of my hand so I dont forget it :D :D :D


He went to the same school as me mad, we're just to busy to always remember stuff :D :D


yeah Sue, we understand each other :) dont we :D :D

Mad I think your in cahoots with JC, cos I think he's got more than 1 brain cel :o :D :D :D


I agree Pete :D :D, and yeah we have more important things to do :D :D



words said are so true gal :) :) and I agree with you 1000000000% gal :) :)


Hi John, I'm glad you were able to get a good sleep :), you mist all the cakes though :D :D :D

here's one for you, and it is a cake, promise



Glad im not the only one having a lazy day.

Not done much today, visited a friend which was nice coz it passed the afternoon.

Still feeling a bit sick now, am pretty sure its the champix, i took one at 4pm and i couldnt eat my tea. Think i had 5 chips and 1/2 king rib.

I have lowered my dowe of the liquid in my ecig

Hopefully i will not lean on that as much as i did the real fags, keep to the lower dose and i might win this time


Hi Orkneysarah, You will win this time, just stay positive :) It could well be the Champix that is causing you to feel sick, I don't really know anything about this but others using it will probably try and help you with it

Have a good night and stay strong :)


Im feeling a bit better now so pretty sure its the tablets.

Lying in bed thinking ineed food!!!!

Fruit bowl here i come lol

Im going to do a 'to do' list for tomorrow too coz i cant have another day of doing nothing!!!


Aup Sarah, am so sorry your feeling sick gal :(

Look am not sure about this, but i think you eat first, and then take the tab :) :) well thats what i'm doin :) :)

Rite gal, you are a very young Lady :) and in your prime of life, :D :D Me ave pasted that stage of life, erm maybe :P :D :D take it easy, dont be so hard on your self :o try to relax a bit :) if you get et up :o then go in your shed and tell that pooooooooor lawn mower what you think of life :D :D :D :D and give it HELL :o :)

you've got to kick yourself up the backside, wake up, say you are doing this, cos you can :) :) :)

Rite young Lady, after i've cooked Sunday dins, and had my lay in, if you aint up and about doing something then :o :) well your a topical Woman then :P :D

Pete :) :)


Feeling lots better Dave ;) lol

Just had a tough afternoon, in the better weather hoefully i will be able to go out waalking, tht sould make me feels lots better physically as wel as mentally.

I think you will be right about the food part, will try that tomorrow :)

That is my dy 5 nearly done :)


Well done Sarah for getting through day 5, your a star


Take it one day at a a time and you'll get there :)


Hi everyone, I really need to go to bed now, I'm sooooooo tired, have been most of the day,

nite nite all, sweet dreams, luv yas :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hey Sue, luv ya gal :) :) you take it easy and get into that duvet gal :) :)

See you tomorrow xxxxxx :) :) sleep well gal :)


Nite nite all, and lovs ya all

Sweet dreams and try to keep focused on your quit eh

Nite nite all :) :)


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