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Almost the weekend: Stay as positive as possible

Almost the weekend: Stay as positive as possible

Thursday already which can only mean it's Friday tomorrow. Another weekend upon us again.

What does this mean for you then? :-)

- Another smokefree weekend under your belt? - This means that you are getting stronger each day and as your body's health is improving, your confidence is growing too :-)

- A step closer to your quit date? Is it Monday? - a common day for new quitters. If you have your quit day approaching, remember the importance of planning towards it. This way you are more likley to stay quit for good :-)

If it's not your first weekend, think about how you managed to get through the past ones. Think about the times you found it more difficult and still got through it, was it as bad as you thought? Think about the coping strategies that you used. What got you through first the morning time, the afternoon and then the evening - equalling a full smokefree day? Again, its really important that you think about it and then plan to remain smokefree.

If you have relapsed, try and put that moment behind you and learn from it. See it as a way of discovering how those sneaky little (or big) cravings work their crafty little way into your life - sometimes quite unexpectedly :-x

Remembering that all those past quit attempts are simply a practice attempt for the real thing :-)

I was listening to the radio earlier and a song came on 'Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive' by Jools Holland and Rumer. You should listen to the words. I was thinking about it when it says 'Don't mess with Mr Inbetween' - I think that this part could relate to the cravings, just let them be... deal with them by welcoming them in, don't try and force them out as they will return. Face up to them and then show them the door. Remembering that each craving you have, and deal with in a positive way, then you are a step closer to staying stopped.

Anywhose, lots of catching up on here to do so shall pop the kettle on if anybody fabcies joining me :D

ps. word has it that the gremlins have gone although I am still copying and pasting until I feel a tad more confident :-/

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mmmmmmmm thanks Jillygirl I'll just have 4 pieces as I'm on a diet and they look quite small :) I would love the recipe for thse, they look gorgeous. I'm hungry now.

Thanks for the post EmJay, it helps to read things about staying positive, I'm struggling a bit this week. A couple of people have said I'm not the same person since I gave up smoking and I have to admit I don't feel as happy as I used to. I imagine this will pass given time and sooner rather than later I hope :)


thanks for all the tips Im getting on here, been a godsend

on day 3 today and I have to say the cravings are getting worse, mainly in the afternoons

yesterday afternoon was bad too, today I have nearly slipped, if Id found fags in the house I'd have smoked one so thankfully I didnt find any!

I was dreaming of fags last night, dreamt that my hubby had found 40 in the car and wouldn't give them to me! lol

I've been doing some housework this afternoon, the kitchen is smelling nice again and looking clean, our bedroom is lovely and clean too, will leave some work for tomorrow though because I know I will have the same problem tomorrow afternoon.

This will be my first weekend with no smoking, I know we have plans for Saturday afternoon but only for a hour, dont know what we will do for the rest of the weekend.

maybe have a quiet night in for a change and do nothing much, maybe clean up the house and look at holidays again, unfortunately Florida is a no no with the husband, that was one of my motivations for stopping smoking too which is a bit of a pain in the bum but never mind


Hi Orkneysarah,

Well done on getting to day 3, I know how hard the early days are, your doing really well :) I kept busy then as well, sometimes i did crosswords to keep my mind and hands busy, that was a help for me.

I'm sure you will find another holiday to save for, have you done the list that many of us have done, the reasons why you want to stop, that's good to keep you focused on your goal :) I know you can do this, if the cravings get bad just come on here and have a good moan, we'll all help you through this

Stay strong :)


I too would like to say thanks for all the tips and support, I love reading what you all write and it helps me to keep going.

OrkneySarah, last weekend was my first and I took it hour by hour, I cleaned and washed curtains and got rid of the smell of stale smoke, the weekend went quickly and I felt so pleased I had done it, that it gave me a boost for this week. I know we are all different but I hope this helps a bit .



Hi Sarah

You are doing really well. My worst times were always the afternoons. I used to get quite agitated and I would go for a walk round the building where I work. it sounds a bit pathetic when you want a cigarette you go for a walk instead but it did take my mind of the cravings. I promise you that those cravings do wear off. eventually and it doesn't take too long before the cravings are little niggles rather than full blown cravings.

I kept away from alcohol for a while when I first gave up because I just know I would have had the odd one or two if I was drinking with friends.

You sound as if you are managing to keep yourself occupied. If your husband doesn't want to go to Florida maybe there is somewhere else you would like to go and he would like to go as well? Or something you want to buy for yourself with your well deserved savings.

Keep going Sarah and really well done on getting to day 3, that's fantastic. xx :)


Im glad that Im not the only one who suffers in the afternoon.

I have never smoked in my house so I dont need to clean the smell of smoke from curtains or furniture.

We will definately be going foreign this year but it was decided last year that we would go to Florida and now the husband has said no, just when I stop smoking to save up for it, kinda made me want to go and get a packet of fags!

I havent actually written a list of why I want to stop smoking but I keep reminding myself when I am desperately craving one that I'd be going back to the start if I even have a puff of a fag and then that Im already noticing the difference in smell, taste smell of clothes and Im also reminding myself that I am going to save over £2k per year.


Hi ya Emjay, long time no speak gal :( :(

Just to let you know I have now got my starter pack of champix :) :)

I will start tacking it tomorrow Morning, so hopefully, I will be smoke free on Saturday the 26th January 2013 :) :) and this time I aim to stay smoke free :) :)

I will keep you posted on the out come of champix, and how it affects me :o

Thank you for all your help Emjay :) :)


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