Daily chat: Saturday 12th January 2013

Daily chat: Saturday 12th January 2013

Good morning everybody.

Looks like you're all having a lie-in this morning then. After my computer gremlins of the last couple of days it seems to be working again today - don't know what that was all about!

Down south today we have a nasty, grey, wet, miserable day - just right for hibernating. Have a good day everyone and see you later. :)

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  • Good Morning Andi, you just pipped me gal, just found a pic to put on but your's looks better :) :)

    I hope your fit and well Andi :) it's a lovely bright and crisp morning here in Derbyshire :)

    Are you packed and ready for your hols ??

  • Good Morning Mad, got these for you gal 8-)

    Yes i had trouble getting on Google on Thursday night :( :P

  • I'd manage to get on, just catch up with the posts then as I started typing the computer cut out on me - gave up in the end. Seems to be behaving itself today so far though.

    We had a fabulous sunny and warm day yesterday and had a nice stroll along the prom. 8-) :) I don't think the weather will come in like they forecast (unless you live where Sue does maybe :D ), they're just scare-mongering as usual. :D :D If it does come then I'm thinking (purely selfishly, of course :D ) then it can start after 9 a.m. on Monday morning cos by that time I should be well on my way. :) I did get caught out 3 years ago when it started snowing as I arrived in Gatwick and all flights were cancelled. :P :D

  • Good Afternoon everyone, i am just up, wish i'd had a lie in though, had a bad night, but i am ready for anything now :D :D

    the weather here is dull and grey in Dundee, wish i had your sun, Pete and mad, enjoy your walk mad :)

    What you up to today Pete? whatever it is have a great day :)

    I'm away to have a cuppa, will chat later :)

  • Good afternoon Sue, I'm sorry to hear that you had a bad night gal :( but hey your ready for anything now :) :D

    I'm just pottering about today, got to order my seeds and plants for this spring & summer, just looking through the catalogue now :)

    Enjoy your cuppa :) :)

  • Hi Pete, have you got any heating in your shed? :)


  • Yes I've got a small fan heater, so I can have a warm now and again :) but i aint got a cumfy chair like that one :( :o

    Hey can you remember when we were talking about sweet peas :o :) well i've found those Sugar & Spice :) so I will be ordering some of them in plug plant form, that will save me having to chit the seeds :)

    It gives a good write up on them too :) :)

  • Whenever I've grown sweet peas from seed I've never chitted them and they always grew ok. :)

  • Hmmm I posted on here earlier but now it's gone.

    Hello everyone

    Nice to see we have a couple of new people on the site today.

    Great pic. Andi and at least those polar bears have got nice warm coats on with all that snow around brrr. I hope you are wearing a nice warm coat for your walk in the park Mad. I am doing my housework today so that's exercise but I'm going to go for a walk later as well.

    Sorry to hear you had another bad night Sue :( but good that you are ready for anything now :) you need to be with all the shanannigans going on here :)

    I know of men who have a shed which is where they escape to to get away from her indoors, is that what your garage is for Pete? :) to get a bit of you time. Don't start getting all technical Pete 'chit the seeds' I don't know what you are talking about :o

    Hopefully this post will go.

    I'm off to do some more cleaning now, can't wait, just love cleaning :)

    Speak later. xxx :)

  • I'll let Pete answer that for you as he's professional! :D :D

  • Ahhhhhh so you've only got 1 brain cell as well then :D :D

  • Oooooo that many I'm impressed gal, I really am :o :D :D :D

  • Hello everyone , Thought I would have a peep on site and see whats happening.

    Oh Pete I love sweet peas , but hubby finds the fragrance too strong for the house. (misery guts) they are lovely flowers. Yep you got em all wondering with your chitting My grandad was a gardener and used that expression. Nope wont tell. leave that up to you. :P

    Hope your all staying strong and positive. loves ya. xxxxx

  • Hi Jillygirl :) :) :)

    How you doing gal ?? I hope you doc sorted you out with some more pain killers :)

    Hey have you got a corner in your garden that you can plant some sweet peas, so in an evening you can go and have a sniff :D :D ( without hubby :)

  • Oh Yes! I always grow a few. Not doing bad with pain etc. just hanging in there. Got this far I aint giving up now.

    loves ya. xxx :)

  • You take care Jillygirl, and thats the way to be gal, you've beat the fags now you can beat this :) :) yehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :) :)

    Luvs ya tooooo gal xxxxxxxx :) :)

  • Hi Jillygirl

    It's great to hear from you, I think it makes everyone smile when you come and have a chat. :) I hope you are feeling a little better these days, wishing you a full and speedy recovery.

    I can't say that I have ever come into contact with sweet peas so I don't know what they smell like but I think I recognise them from your picture.

    Take care, loads of love and hugs t o you xxxxx :)

  • Rite Ladies, - chitting seeds and I did say chitting :P :D :D

    Sweet pea seeds are very hard !! and to have the best flowers you have to sow the seed in October or February, to obtain the strongest and healthiest plants :) at this time of Year the compost is cold and damp, so some of the seeds just rot :(

    So what we do is put the seeds in dishes of water enclosing the seeds in kitchen roll or similar, then put these in a dark and warm room, as in your airing cupboard, and you check them every day to see if they need more water and if you can see any shoots appearing :) when the shoots appear, then you pot them up into compost, this way they are already growing when you plant them :) then keep them on a window sill until its warm enough to plant them outside :)

    I tell you now that you will see the difference :) :) you will have flowers to cut for the house from late May until October- November

    Its worth paying a bit extra for the named, erm scented varieties :) :)

  • I always thought that chitting meant nicking them first, especially with sweet peas! :o

  • Andi, yes you can nick them first before sowing them, but as i've said they are very hard seeds, so is difficult to do that :( it's a lot easier to soak them :) :)

  • You ' Mad ' flippin would do :o :D your just a tipical flippin Woman, and if your going to steal something, then nickit !! :D :D

    Mind you I do suppose nick & nick do sound alike somehow :o :o and if you wernt an expert on these matters, then you could quite easily get mixed up :o :P :D :D :D

  • Potatoes- we chit similar as in, well I used to put them in egg trays, best side up in the airing cupboard until they erm sprouted, then they would be ready to plant out in the garden, especially the early varieties :) :)

  • I thought you meant nicking as in stealing them from other people's gardens then Andi :) It would save going to all the trouble of chitting them and waiting for the roots to grow. :D

  • I did wonder if chit was a typo :D

  • Aup JC, huh in bed until midday eh, alright for some thats all I can say :D :D

    You enjoy your walk John, if you have the weather that we've got today 8-) then you will enjoy it :)

    Speak later JC :)

  • Yep they look like the Sugar & Spice Sweet peas, Andi told me about these :) :)

    Hey you keep on hanging in there gal, cos we're here if you need us you know :) :)

  • Kaz, you enjoy your cleaning gal :) and keep off the chocy cake :D :D


    Just wondering if you may be able to help Sinfree on the questions - about Champix :o :) :)

  • Hiya Jilly, nice to see you about. :) Hope you're not too bored and that your antibiotics are now kicking in. Perhaps we could send in some of our spears to help out too. :)

  • Pete, I was wondering how you got on at your quit meeting this morning (if you went) and if you've seen the doc yet about trying champix. Not seen any reports back but you were talking about it before. ;-)

  • I went to the Chemist this Morning, but my advisor is off work with a cold :( but as I told Mad, I managed to see another Lady about it, and she kindly looked through all the prescriptions, but could not find one for me :( so the Lady said that she would phone me as soon as it comes in :)

    So if they get my prescription early on in the week I will have time off work to get it :) cos i'm ready to quit now, am cheesed off with smoking :P :( :(

    I'm getting a bit annoyed now, but I know there doing there best, just cant wait thats all, cos when i get the Champix, I've got to smoke for 7 - 10 days :P :P

    But I have got to try it :) :)

  • That's a shame cos I thought your new date was supposed to be on Monday. :(

  • That's the problem with having to wait to see advisors and sorting things out. You are ready to give up now but then it takes weeks to get to see someone and I know one time, by the time I got to see someone I had changed my mind :)

  • Haha, have loved reading all the comments on here, you obviously all get on really well together. If Pete gets his Champix next week and I manage to get some too on Tuesday we should be able to compare notes.

  • Yay to Day 2. Day 1 is nearly over, and not been toooo bad. Struggling with everyone's names at the mo so can't remember where you are up to with your stopping John but have a good day tomorrow.

  • Hiya Sin, that would be really cool - you and Pete could be quit buddies. I was one of those once - he's had quite a few of those now though - one of them even came out in sympathy with him so she could quit along with him for her second time! :D :D :D

    Think I'd better scoot off ............ zzzzzooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!

  • Yes that would be good. Sorry I disappeared, I got sidetracked on another post and then ended up on Google, then totally depressed myself reading medical stuff - tsk. My other addiction is the internet :-0

  • I also need lessons from Pete on smiley faces, half the ones I know don't seem to work on here.


  • Oy I was just noddin then :o :P :D

    And yep, I'm somewhere alright, erm not sure where yet :o erm yep am here now, all eyes focused and 1 brain cell on the go, ready for anything :D :D

  • About time too - that's my trick! It was the call of the tinnie, I bet. :D :D

    Sin would like a bit of advice about the e-ciggie thingumy over on her blog and I said you'd help her out as you've got some experience of it. :)

  • Andi are you ok gal !!!!!!!!!

    Just that you dont sound like the Andi I know :o :o

  • Eh???

  • Hey Sinfree, it's great to see you on here gal :)

    And I would love to compare notes with you :o :| and talk about the Champix as well :D :D

    Speak soon gal :)

  • haha, OK Pete - here's to Champix then. ;-)

  • Sinfree, dont believe a word that Andi20 flippin 2 says, cos she's got at least 5 brain cells :o and is way way above my expectations of a Woman, cos am normal :D :D :D

    Rite am off to find a hiding place Whooooooooooooosh

  • I don't understand! :o

  • Andi Sinfree isnt going for the E-Cig :o itss the Champix that she is going to try, the same as me :) :)

  • Put your specs on - she also has an inhalator (like you do :o ) and needs some advice on how to use it best so as you are now a bit of an expert on it I said I would get you to help her out with it - okay? doh! :o

  • Kazz will be watching Casualty but I haven't got a clue what Sue might be doing. Have you eaten all your bread already? :)

  • Oy JC less of the slow :D Andi was right she knows me well I've been watching Casualty. Haven't a clue were our Boozie Suzie has got to but she didn't sleep well again so maybe she is having a snooze. Yes did you save us some bread and don't say you don't share that either because it's bread not cake :)

    I'm sure if we were sneaking cakes, your cake radar would have picked it up, it's unbelievable the way you can smell a cake a mile off :P

    That all got a bit confusing them about the inhalator :) Andi you are a woman above Peetie's expectations as you have 5 brains cells :D :D Is that another insult saying that most women have less than 5 brains cells hmmm, spears at the ready me thinks D

  • Think Sue must have been whisked off somewhere as she never came back after her early morning cuppa. :o :D

  • What do you do with sweet milk and what is it, milk with sugar in it? Is it a drink?

  • just checking in case you need to share it with me :P

  • Just clicked on the link, I missed that so it's sweet milk bread, well I will give it a whirl :)

  • Don't think I will! :D :D

  • I'm not making it Andi I'm going to get JC to share it with me, just one piece to try it, I'm not greedy :D

  • Hello. :) I thought I only had one or two of them brain cels so don't know where he got five from - perhaps he nicked them! :D :D (Think he's hammering those tinnies tonite tho! :D :D

  • Yes I thought you must be growing more because I'm sure Peetie has said that you only had 2 in the past. He is unusually quiet and I don't like it when he's quiet, means he's up to no good. If he is hammering the tinnies he might be snoring in the chair soon :)

  • I think he said that's what happened earlier when I was calling him. :)

  • Yes you woke him up :D Then he didn't know where he was or what he was talking about.... nothing new there then :D :D Good job he is asleep means I don't need to hide :D

  • Blimey, you might be having to play with him all night if he wakes up again! :D :D :D

  • Nite nite John - I would say sleep well but you probably won't til tomorrow - whatever - enjoy your zzzzzzzzzzzz s whenver they come. :)

  • Night night John, sleep well and speak to you tomorrow. I am not surprised there is nothing sweet in your fridge, can't imagine anything sweet lasting long in your house. You could just be bluffing though :)

    Why me having to play with him all night if he wakes up?? Why can't you play with him? You're the one with 5 brain cells :)

  • Dont worry Kaz, am off to bed now,

    Erm Andi, I dont know where you got Sinfree's E'Cig from, but have looked and I cant find it :o :o but if i've got things mixed up, then I do appoligise to you Andi, am sorry gal :(

    Rite am off up the wooden hill now, so I will say nite nite to you all, and I luvs ya all too :) sweet dreams and have a nice kip xxxxxx :) :)

  • Night night Peetie, sleep well you deserve it. I think Andi meant inhalator not e-cig it's late so it's easy to get muxed ip :) I am worse than that first thing in the morning, well when I say first thing I mean up to around 11am :)

    Until tomorrow xxx :)

  • Erm ... I'm off to bed in a minute, hope I can sleep ok as I won't get much, if any, tomorrow night.

    I'll say nite nite to you all now and sleep well, see you tomorrow. xxxxxxx :)

  • Night night Andi, I hope you can sleep, speak to you tomorrow, if you can't sleep then you can stay up and play with Peetie Weetie when he wakes up. xxx :)

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